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Released18 April 2005 (Update)
Also calledFour Diamonds translation
Quest itemDesert Treasure I
ExamineA rough translation made from archaeological etchings.
Value250 coins
High alch150 coins
Low alch100 coins
Weight0.51 kg
Advanced data
Item ID4655
Translation detail.png

Translation (also called Four Diamonds translation and Translation Primer) is part of the Desert Treasure I quest, given to you by an archaeological expert at the Digsite after you give him etchings given to you by an archaeologist. It gives some information of the diamonds you use to open the pyramid and their origin.

After doing the quest, you can also find the book on the shelves in your house.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Translation.

This is a rough translation of the stone tablet brought to me by courier earlier today.

The cuneiforms of this particular tablet are far different to anything I have previously seen in my career as an archaeological expert.

Where possible I have given as accurate a translation as possible, but some of the words I have attempted to translate hold different meanings depending upon their intonation and context; Due to my unfamiliarity with this language, I have given possible translations for these words wherever I have encountered them. Wherever I have a word in brackets, it is a word which has many meanings depending on the context, although the general meaning should be clear to even a casual study.

Hopefully this translation will help you in your excavations Asgarnia, and as usual I look forward to seeing what relics you bring back to the Museum of Varrock this time!
Your friend, as always,
Terry Balando

Translation follows:

(There are some missing sentence fragments here, presumably from a stone tablet preceding this one which you have not yet discovered)

...the permanent (exile/journey) of the people ended.

And so it came to pass, that deep in the (fiery/uncomfortable) desert, the gods (argued/decided) amongst themselves that the (fortress/home) would be the (selected/chosen) place that would (imprison/conceal) the (wealth/power).

Thus (guarded/protected) by the (unusually archaic word here, I believe it means either the sick or the dead depending on context) and (defended/trapped) by the (diamonds/crystals) of (this word is untranslatable). So it was that the gods left the four (diamonds/crystals) as the (key/secret). (Guarded/Protected) by the (again, this word has no modern equivalent) and held by the (worthy/strong) so that the (wealth/power) might forever be (imprisoned/concealed).

There seems to be some further missing information continued onto a further tablet, but from this preliminary translation I think you may be onto something very big indeed!

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