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Transportation includes all of the varied means of getting around the RuneScape realm of Gielinor.

Efficient transportation[edit | edit source]

To get through RuneScape in an efficient manner, you should consider the following things:

  • Train your Agility for faster restoration of run energy.
  • Use weight-reducing gear to run for longer periods.
  • Train your Magic level to unlock teleport spells, or purchase teleport tablets instead.
  • Complete quests to gain access to transportation methods such as spirit trees, fairy rings, gnome gliders and certain spells.
  • When travelling a lot, consider joining world 330, if your house is in Rimmington. Teleport to your house, exit via the portal, and look if there are any high level hosts available. Join their house, and use their installed teleportation methods. If the hosts have maxed out houses, they often also have rejuvenation pools, restoring your run energy. Especially for low-level players, this method opens up an extreme range of teleportation options for the price of just one house teleport.
  • Create an overview of all the teleport methods you have access to, by downloading a recent version of the RuneScape map, and editing it in paint. Everytime you need to go somewhere, just look where the closest transportation method you have unlocked is located at.

Foot travel[edit | edit source]

Walking or running is the basic method of travel. A player's Agility level and the amount of weight carried determines how long a player can run. The more weight you carry, the shorter distance you can run. Additionally, pressing the Control key and clicking on a part of the map temporarily turns on run.

Agility shortcuts and obstacles[edit | edit source]

By taking shortcuts, a player is able to reach a destination faster. The higher the Agility level, the more shortcuts are available. There are also obstacles, which are similar to shortcuts, but have one major difference: using these agility obstacles is the only way to get to that certain area.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

A player teleporting

Teleportation is the instant travel from any location to a specific location elsewhere.

Air[edit | edit source]

Carts[edit | edit source]

Water[edit | edit source]

Players can sail by sea between:

By river

Miscellaneous methods[edit | edit source]

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

  • Ardougne teleport lever teleports the player into the deep Wilderness - can be used to navigate from Edgeville to Ardougne
  • Wilderness Obelisks teleport players from within the Wilderness to other parts of the Wilderness