Trapdoor space

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Trapdoor space is a hotspot in the Throne Room of a player-owned house that is only visible to the player when in building mode.

Creation Menu[edit | edit source]

Key[1] ConstructionConstruction icon.png Level Trapdoor Materials Experience Cost
1 68 Oak trapdoor.png Oak trapdoor Oak plank.png Oak plank x5 300 2,410
2 78 Teak trapdoor.png Teak trapdoor Teak plank.png Teak plank x5 450 4,965
3 88 Mahogany trapdoor.png Mahogany trapdoor Mahogany plank.png Mahogany plank x5 700 11,635
  1. Press this key on your keyboard while in the Creation Menu to build this item.