Treasure Seeker

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This article is about the relic in Twisted League. For the relic in Trailblazer League, see Treasure Seeker (Trailblazer).
Treasure Seeker detail.png

Treasure Seeker is a Tier 4 Relic in the Twisted League. It can be chosen once the player has chosen a Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Relic, and has earned 2,500 points. Treasure Seeker gives the following benefits:

  • NPCs that drop clue scrolls now have a flat 1/10 chance of dropping them.
  • Clue geodes, nests and bottles are now found ten times more often from all skilling activities from which they can be found.
  • All un-started clues are stackable.
  • All clues have the lowest number of steps possible for their tier.

If you are considering getting this relic it is an advantage to also have previously selected the Endless Endurance relic since hunting for treasure involves a lot of running.