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An anagram is a string of letters, which can be rearranged into another word or phrase. For example: orchestra is an anagram of carthorse.

The solution of an anagram is always the name of an NPC. Once the solution is found, the player can get their next clue by talking to that NPC. Often, when talking to an NPC, the player will receive a challenge scroll, puzzle box or light box that they must solve before receiving the next clue.

The anagrams in clue scrolls do not correspond with the number of spaces in a name; an anagram with no spaces may have an answer with a name corresponding with one or more spaces.

Hard Anagrams[edit | edit source]

Anagram Solution Location Challenge answer
Baker Climb Brambickle Located on Trollweiss Mountain. Puzzle box
Blue Grim Guided Lumbridge Guide Just outside of Lumbridge Castle. Puzzle box
By Look Bolkoy In the Tree Gnome Village general store. 13
C On Game Hoc Gnome Coach Walking around outside the Gnome Ball course, west of the Grand Tree. 6
Copper Ore Crypts Prospector Percy Motherlode Mine, a pickaxe is needed to reach him. 12
Darn Drake Daer Krand Upstairs in the eastern wing of the Sisterhood Sanctuary, just north of the The Nightmare's arena. Puzzle box
Dekagram Dark mage Centre of the inner ring of the Abyss. NPC Contact does not work. 13
Do Say More Doomsayer East of Lumbridge Castle, near the Lumbridge Guide. 95
Dragons Lament Strange Old Man Gravedigger at the Barrows. 40
Dr Warden Funk Drunken Dwarf In Keldagrim, east side in the house with broken glass. Puzzle box
Motherboard Brother Omad Monastery south of Ardougne. 129
My Mangle Lal Lammy Langle Hosidius spirit tree patch Puzzle box
O Birdz A Zany En Pc Cap'n Izzy no Beard Entrance of the Brimhaven Agility Arena. 33
Quit Horrible Tyrant Brother Tranquility Mos Le'Harmless or Harmony Island 7
Rat Mat Within Martin Thwait Rogues' Den 2
Slide Woman Wise Old Man Draynor Village 28
Veil Veda Evil Dave Down the trapdoor in the house directly west of Edgeville bank, where the evil rats are located for the Recipe for Disaster quest.

(Requires completion of Shadow of the Storm quest to open the trapdoor.)

(On Examine: A clue suggested by Marfn.)

Woo An Egg Kiwi King Awowogei Must have at least partially completed Monkey Madness I. Located in the building south of the Ape Atoll Teleport. Remember to bring a Karamjan monkey greegree and an M'speak amulet, unless the player has competed Monkey Madness II. Talk to the Elder Guard to gain entrance. 24