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Emote clues involve equipping certain items in a particular location and performing an emote. These types of clues are featured in all levels of Treasure Trails. Once the emote has been performed, Uri will appear and give the player the next clue (or the reward, if the emote clue was the final step of the Treasure Trail). If the player has been requested to do another emote before talking to Uri, and they forgot to do it, he will say, I don't believe we have any business... but will not leave. The player can still perform the second emote and then talk to Uri to finish the clue. Easy clues require performing one emote, medium clues require performing two, and hard and above clues require performing one emote, then fighting an enemy such as the Double Agent. Elite clues do not involve fighting the Double Agent.

Note that wearing any version of a required item different than the standard one will not work (for example, a Rune platebody (t) will not work in place of a Rune platebody).

For players who do Treasure Trails frequently, it is not recommended to keep items for all emote clues banked, as hundreds of different items are used across the Treasure Trail levels which take up significant bank space. Players with the appropriate construction level can build STASH units to store emote clue items near where the emote clue is located, saving bank space.

A list of items used in each level of Treasure Trail can be found here.

Elite Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Blow a kiss in the heart of the lava maze.

Equip black d'hide chaps, a spotted cape and a rolling pin.

Black d'hide chaps.png Spotted cape.png Rolling pin.png Perform the emote at the centre of the Lava Maze, next to entrance of the Lava Maze Dungeon. A slashing weapon or knife is required to navigate the maze. Emote clue - kiss lava maze.png
Bow on the ground floor of the Legend's[sic] guild. Equip Legend's[sic] cape, a dragon battleaxe and an amulet of glory. Cape of legends.png Dragon battleaxe.png Amulet of glory.png Players require completion of Legends' Quest to access the Legends' Guild. An amulet of glory with any amount of charges or an amulet of eternal glory will work. Emote clue - bow inside legends guild.png
Bow upstairs in the Edgeville Monastery.

Equip a completed prayer book.

God book.png Players require a Prayer level of 31 to enter the Edgeville Monastery. Any completed god book is usable for this clue. Emote clue - bow edgeville monastery.png
Cheer in the Shadow dungeon.

Equip a rune crossbow, climbing boots and any mitre.

Rune crossbow.png Climbing boots.png Mitre.png Requires partial completion of Desert Treasure. Bring a ring of visibility. The ornamental rune crossbow also works. Climbing boots (g) do not work. Emote clue - cheer shadow dungeon.png
Dance on the Fishing Platform. Equip barrows gloves, an amulet of glory and a dragon med helm. Barrows gloves.png Amulet of glory.png Dragon med helm.png Barrows gloves require full completion of Recipe for Disaster to equip. An amulet of glory with any amount of charges or an amulet of eternal glory will work. Emote clue - dance fish platform.png
Headbang at the top of the Slayer Tower.

Equip a seercull, a combat bracelet, and helm of neitiznot.

Seercull.png Combat bracelet.png Helm of neitiznot.png Equipping the Helm of Neitiznot requires completion of The Fremennik Isles. If taking shortcuts to the top, it is advised to have a nosepeg or Slayer helmet in order to avoid stat draining from aberrant spectres. Emote clue - headbang top of slayer tower.png
Headbang in the Fight Arena pub. Equip a pirate bandana, a dragonstone necklace and a magic longbow. Pirate bandana.png Dragon necklace.png Magic longbow.png Near Nightmare Zone Emote clue - headbang fight arena pub.png
Jump for joy at the Neitiznot rune rock.

Equip rune boots, a proselyte hauberk and a dragonstone ring.

Rune boots.png Proselyte hauberk.png Dragonstone ring.png Players must complete Fremennik Isles in order to access the Neitiznot rune rock. The Slug Menace must be completed in order to equip the Prostelyte Hauberk. Emote clue - jump neitiznot rocks.png
Jump for joy in the Ancient Cavern.

Equip a granite shield, splitbark body, and any rune heraldic helm.

Granite shield.png Splitbark body.png Rune heraldic armour#Helm.png Players need to have started Barbarian Training in order to enter the caverns.

The rune heraldic helm is the rune helm from Treasure Trails, not the painted heraldic armour from player-owned houses!

Emote clue - jump ancient cavern.png
Laugh by the fountain of heroes.

Equip splitbark legs, dragon boots and a Rune longsword.

Splitbark legs.png Dragon boots.png Rune longsword.png Completion of Heroes' Quest is required. The gilded dragon boots also work. Emote clue - laugh fountain of heroes.png
Laugh in front of the gem store in Ardougne market. Equip a Castlewars bracelet, a dragonstone amulet and a ring of forging. Castle wars bracelet.png Dragonstone amulet.png Ring of forging.png Emote clue - laugh ardougne gem stall.png
Panic at the area flowers meet snow. Equip blue d'hide vambraces, a dragon spear and a rune plateskirt. Blue d'hide vambraces.png Dragon spear.png Rune plateskirt.png Panic by the Trollweiss flowers after sledding down Trollweiss Mountain.

Make sure to bring a sled, otherwise you won't be able to complete the step. The poisoned dragon spear or rune plateskirt versions do not work.

Emote clue - panic trollweiss.png
Salute by the Charcoal Burners.

Equip a Farmer's strawhat, Shayzien body (5), and Pyromancer robes.

Farmer's strawhat.png Shayzien body (5).png Pyromancer robe.png Salute by the charcoal furnace south of Hosidius Emote clue - salute charcoal burners.png
Salute in the warriors' guild bank.

Equip only a black salamander.

Black salamander.png Black salamanders require 70 Ranged, 70 Magic, and 70 Attack to equip. Emote clue - salute warriors' guild bank.png
Shrug in the Shayzien war tent. Equip a blue mystic robe bottom, a rune kiteshield and any bob shirt. Mystic robe bottom.png Rune kiteshield.png Bob shirt.png The War Tent is the large tent in the western end of the Shayzien Encampment. Emote clue - shrug Shayzien command tent.png
Spin in West Ardougne Church.

Equip a dragon spear and red d'hide chaps.

Dragon spear.png Red d'hide chaps.png Emote clue - spin West Ardougne church.png
Yawn at the top of Trollheim.

Equip a lava battlestaff, black d'hide vambraces and a mind shield.

Lava battlestaff.png Black d'hide vambraces.png Mind shield.png Requires Elemental Workshop I and II and parts of Troll Stronghold completed. An ornamental lava battlestaff can be used. Emote clue - yawn trollheim.png