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Ciphers are a method of encrypting information. In Old School RuneScape, ciphers are used as a step in a Treasure Trail. They use a Caesar Shift in order to encrypt an NPC's name.

Medium Ciphers[edit | edit source]

Cipher Solution Location Challenge answer
HQNM LZM STSNQ Iron Man tutor Lumbridge 666
BMJ UIF LFCBC TFMMFS Ali the Kebab seller Pollnivneach 399
ECRVCKP MJCNGF Captain Khaled Large eastern building in Port Piscarilius 5
GUHCHO Drezel Paterdomus temple; Drezel can be found in the cave north of the Paterdomus temple, which lies next to Canifis. Drezel is also an NPC for several quests (fairy code CKS and then go north-west to the end of the bridge, where you can climb down the trapdoor to find Drezel) 7
QSPGFTTPS HSBDLMFCPOF Professor Gracklebone Arceuus Library, ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] (fairy ring code CIS, if 80,000 coins paid) 9
XJABSE USBJCPSO Wizard Traiborn Wizards' Tower, 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] (fairy ring code DIS) 3150