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Cryptic clues are common riddle clues that can be found in all tiers of Treasure Trails. These clues demand a fairly wide variety of tasks. The tasks range from speaking to an NPC, searching a designated crate, or directing the player to dig in some fairly obscure location. For higher difficulty Treasure Trails, players may have to complete additional side tasks in order to complete the clue. These side task challenges may include finding a key or completing a puzzle box.

When doing medium Treasure Trails, clues will occasionally lead to a locked chest or drawer, which requires a key to open. Attempting to open the chest or drawer will provide a clue to which specific, usually local, monster to kill. Monsters that drop treasure trail keys drop them only when the player is in possession of that clue. It is worth noting that for clue steps involving keys, it is possible to obtain the key before reading the hint, which could save the player some time.

During hard clue scrolls, players may get shown a fairy ring code followed by some numbers. To solve these, the player must travel to the corresponding fairy ring and then take the number of steps shown by the numbers, in order of the compass direction (North, East, South, West), and then dig at that spot.

During hard or master clues, players may receive a puzzle box challenge from an NPC. Players must unscramble the image in order to receive the next clue or the reward.

During master clues, players are given three cryptic clues in one step. Players must go to the destination each cryptic provides and dig at the correct spot, or talk to the correct NPC, to obtain a torn part of the next step. When all three are obtained, they can be combined into either a new clue step, or the reward casket.

Elite Cryptic clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Notes Task Image
A demon's best friend holds the next step of this clue. Kill a hellhound.

Note: Killing Cerberus will count, but hellhounds inside the God Wars Dungeon will not count.

Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill hellhound.png
A Guthixian ring lies between two peaks. Search the stones and you'll find what you seek. Search the stones several steps west of the Guthixian stone circle in Taverley, search the stones. Search.png Cryptic clue - search stones Taverley.png
A reck you say; let's pray there aren't any ghosts. Speak to Father Aereck in Lumbridge. Talk.png Cryptic clue - talk Father Aereck.png
A ring of water surrounds 4 powerful rings, dig above the ladder located there. Dig by the ladder leading to the Dagannoth Kings' room in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. Spade.png Cryptic clue - dig dagannoth kings.png
Desert insects is what I see. Taking care of them was my responsibility. Your solution is found by digging near me. Dig next to the entomologist, in the Kalphite Cave east of Shantay Pass. Spade.png Cryptic clue - Desert insects.png
Dig under Razorlor's toad batta. Dig on the toad batta spawn in Tarn's Lair. See this map for directions. From the entrance, follow the route C-K, or, alternatively, D-S-Q-P-O-N-M-L.

Or faster: from the Slayer ring teleport, east, jump west past mages, get pushed by wall crushers, south, south, west, west, south, search the tile (floor) to deactivate the log trap and jump over, south, south, "go down", but you'll fall right where the toad batta is.

Spade.png Cryptic clue - dig Tarn's lair.png
Dig where the forces of Zamorak and Saradomin collide. Dig next to the law rift in the Abyss, in the north-east section. Spade.png Cryptic clue - Dig Abyss law rift.png
Dobson is my last name, and with gardening I seek fame. Horacio, located in the garden of the Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to Horacio.png
Does one really need a fire to stay warm here? Located next to the fire near the Volcanic Mine entrance on the Fossil Island Volcano. Spade.png Cryptic clue - a fire to stay warm.png
Even the seers say this clue goes right over their heads. Search the crate on the Seers' Village Rooftop Course. Requires 60 Agility (can be boosted from 55 with a Summer pie). Search.png Cryptic clue - Seers rooftop crate.png
Ghostly bones. Kill an Ankou, which can be found on the 4th level of Stronghold of Security, the Stronghold Slayer Cave, the Catacombs of Kourend, and The Forgotten Cemetery. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill ankou.png
Green is the colour of my death as the winter-guise, I swoop towards the ground. Required: Sled.png, partial completion of Troll Romance.

Players need to slide down to where Trollweiss grows on Trollweiss Mountain.

Spade.png Cryptic clue - dig trollweiss flowers.png
Has no one told you it is rude to ask a lady her age? Speak to Mawrth in Lletya Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to Mawrth.png
His bark is worse than his bite. Speak to Barker at Canifis's Barkers' Haberdashery. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to Barker.png
I am the one who watches the giants. The giants in turn watch me. I watch with two while they watch with one. Come seek where I may be. Speak to Kamfreena on the top floor of the Warriors' Guild. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak kamfreena warriors.png
I burn between heroes and legends. Speak to the candle maker in Catherby. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to candle maker.png
I live in a deserted crack collecting soles. Enter the crack west of Nardah rug merchant, and talk to the genie. A rope and a lightsource are required (partial completion of Spirits of the Elid required). Talk.png Cryptic clue - nardah genie.png
In a while... Kill a crocodile. Skull.png Cryptic clue - in a while....png
Let's hope you don't meet a watery death when you encounter this fiend. Kill a waterfiend. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill waterfiend.png
Mix yellow with blue and add heat, make sure you bring protection. Kill a green dragon or brutal green dragon. Players who have completed Dragon Slayer II can use the Myths' Guild basement to kill green dragons outside the Wilderness. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill green dragon.png
More resources than I can handle, but in a very dangerous area. Can't wait to strike gold! Dig in the centre of the three gold rocks in the Resource Area deep in the Wilderness. An entry fee of 7,500 coins is required (6,000 if the medium Wilderness Diary is completed, 3,750 if the hard diary is completed, or free if the elite diary is completed). Spade.png Cryptic clue - dig resource area.png
Observing someone in a swamp, under the telescope lies treasure. Dig by the telescope in the island where Broken Handz can be found (fairy ring code DLR). Spade.png Cryptic clue - dig poison waste telescope.png
Reflection is the weakness for these eyes of evil. Kill a basilisk, which requires a mirror shield and 40 Slayer. Basilisk knights also count, requiring 60 Slayer and completion of The Fremennik Exiles. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill basilisk.png
Right on the blessed border, cursed by the evil ones. On the spot inaccessible by both; I will be waiting. The bugs' imminent possession holds the answer. Dig right under the fairy ring located west of Filliman's grotto. The fairy ring code is BIP. Players without access to fairy ring transport can use the shortcut to get to the island provided they have 50 Agility. Spade.png Cryptic clue - salve river island.png
Scattered coins and gems fill the floor. The chest you seek is in the north east. Kill the King Black Dragon for a key (elite), and then open the closed chest in the north-east corner of the lair. Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - coins and gems fill the floor.png
'See you in your dreams' said the vegetable man. Speak to Dominic Onion at the Nightmare Zone teleport spot. Talk.png Cryptic clue - talk dominic nmz.png
Show this to Sherlock. Sherlock can be found south of Seers' Village. Players will have to perform one of the Sherlock tasks in order to complete this challenge. Sherlock chathead.png Cryptic clue - talk sherlock.png
Speak to a Wyse man. Talk to Wyson the gardener at Falador Park. Talk.png Cryptic clue - talk to wyse man.png
Surround my bones in fire, ontop the wooden pyre. Finally lay me to rest, before my one last test. Kill a confused barbarian or lost barbarian within the Ancient Cavern to receive mangled bones. Construct a pyre ship and burn the bones onto the pyre with logs, a tinderbox, and an axe. Kill the ferocious barbarian spirit that spawns to receive the next clue. Skull.png Cryptic clue - burn pyre logs.png
The beasts retreat, for their Queen is gone; the song of this town still plays on. Dig near the birthplace of a blade, be careful not to melt your spade. (Requires full completion of the Swan Song quest. There is no need to accept the reward though!) Dig in front of the small furnace in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Spade.png Cryptic clue - dig piscatoris colony.png
Three rule below and three sit at top. Come dig at my entrance. Dig in front of the entrance to the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. Spade.png Cryptic clue - Three rule below.png
Varrock is where I reside, not the land of the dead, but I am so old, I should be there instead. Let's hope your reward is as good as it says, just 1 gold one and you can have it read. Talk to Gypsy Aris, west of Varrock Square. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to Gypsy Aris.png
With a name like that, you'd expect a little more than just a few scimitars. Speak to Daga on Ape Atoll. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to daga.png
W marks the spot. Dig in the middle of the Warriors' Guild entrance hall. To enter, a player must have their Attack and Strength levels add up to a total of 130 or have either one equal to 99. Spade.png Cryptic clue - w marks the spot.png
You'll get licked. Kill a bloodveld. Mutated variants do work. Bloodvelds in the God Wars Dungeon do work. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill bloodveld.png
You'll have to plug your nose if you use this source of herbs. Kill an aberrant spectre or deviant spectre and pick up the clue or casket that it drops. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill aberrant spectre.png
You might have to turn over a few stones to progress. Kill a rock crab and pick up the casket or clue that it drops. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill a rock crab.png
You must be 100 to play with me. Speak to the Veteran boat squire at Pest Control. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak squire pest control.png
You were 3 and I was the 6th. Come speak to me. Speak to Vannaka in Edgeville Dungeon. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak to Vannaka.png
You will have to fly high where a sword cannot help you. Kill an aviansie. Skull.png Cryptic clue - kill aviansie.png