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Cryptic clues are common riddle clues that can be found in all tiers of Treasure Trails. These clues demand a fairly wide variety of tasks. The tasks range from speaking to an NPC, searching a designated crate, or directing the player to dig in some fairly obscure location. For higher difficulty Treasure Trails, players may have to complete additional side tasks in order to complete the clue. These side task challenges may include finding a key or completing a puzzle box.

When doing medium Treasure Trails, clues will occasionally lead to a locked chest or drawer, which requires a key to open. Attempting to open the chest or drawer will provide a clue to which specific, usually local, monster to kill. Monsters that drop treasure trail keys drop them only when the player is in possession of that clue. It is worth noting that for clue steps involving keys, it is possible to obtain the key before reading the hint, which could save the player some time.

During hard clue scrolls, players may get shown a fairy ring code followed by some numbers. To solve these, the player must travel to the corresponding fairy ring and then take the number of steps shown by the numbers, in order of the compass direction (North, East, South, West), and then dig at that spot.

During hard or master clues, players may receive a puzzle box challenge from an NPC. Players must unscramble the image in order to receive the next clue or the reward.

During master clues, players are given three cryptic clues in one step. Players must go to the destination each cryptic provides and dig at the correct spot, or talk to the correct NPC, to obtain a torn part of the next step. When all three are obtained, they can be combined into either a new clue step, or the reward casket.

Medium Cryptic clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Notes Task Image
A graceful man of many colours, his crates must be full of many delights. Kill a hill giant to obtain a the key. Search the crate on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of Osten's shop in Shayzien. Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search crate osten.png
A town with a different sort of night-life is your destination.

Search for some crates in one of the houses.

Search the crate inside of the clothes shop in Canifis. Search.png Cryptic clue - search crate barkers canifis.png
Find a crate close to the monks that like to paaarty! The crate is in the east side of the Kandarin Monastery, which is south of Ardougne and where Brother Omad is found. Search.png Cryptic clue - search crate yanille monastery.png
Go to the village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers in one of the houses. Go to Dunstan's house in the north-east corner of Burthorpe. Kill Penda in The Toad and Chicken to obtain the key. Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search drawers dunstan burthrope.png
Go to this building to be illuminated, and check the drawers while you are there. The 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Lighthouse (fairy ring code ALP).

Kill a Rellekka marketplace guard to obtain the key. (Note: Starting the Horror from the Deep quest and speaking to Gunnjorn to obtain the Lighthouse key is required! Level 35 Agility is required to talk to Gunnjorn. You must also repair the bridge with two wooden planks, a hammer and 60 steel nails.)

Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search drawers lighthouse.png
I'd like to hear some music. Come and see me on the bridge in Falador Park, and play: <some music>

Thanks, Cecilia

Speak to Cecilia, who is located on the bridge in Falador Park. Talk.png Cryptic clue - talk to Cecilia.png
In a town where everyone has perfect vision, seek some locked drawers in a house that sits opposite a workshop. The drawers is in Seers' Village in the house south of the Elemental Workshop entrance.

Kill any chicken to obtain a key. (Note: The closest chicken is just by the entrance of the Ranging Guild, west of Seers' Village.)

Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search drawer seers village.png
In a town where the guards are armed with maces, search the upstairs rooms of the Public House. Search the drawers in the pub north of Ardougne Castle.

Kill a guard dog at Handelmort Mansion to obtain the key.

Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search drawers east ardougne.png
In a town where thieves steal from stalls, search for some drawers in the upstairs of a house near the bank. Kill any guard located around East Ardougne for a medium key. Then, search the drawers in the upstairs hallway of Jerico's house, which is the house with pigeon cages located south of the northern East Ardougne bank. Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search drawers jerico east ardougne.png
In a town where wizards are known to gather, search upstairs in a large house to the north. Travel to Yanille and head to the house north-west of the bank. Kill a man nearby to receive a key. Go upstairs in the house and search the chest. Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search chest yanille.png
In a village made of bamboo, look for some crates under one of the houses. Search the crate by the house at the northern point of the broken jungle fence in Tai Bwo Wannai. Search.png Cryptic clue - search crates tai bwo wannai.png
Probably filled with wizards socks. Kill one of the wizards for the key. Search the drawers in the basement of the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor Village. (Fairy Ring D-I-S) Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search drawer wizard tower.png
Search the basket of apples in an orchard, south of the unknown grave surrounded by white roses. It's in the orchard north-west of Hosidius. Search.png Cryptic clue - search basket apples.png
Search the upstairs drawers of a house in a village where pirates are known to have a good time. The house in the south-east corner of Brimhaven, north-east of Davon's Amulet Store.

Kill any pirate located around Brimhaven to obtain the key.

Search.png Cryptic clue - search drawers brimhaven.png
Speak to a referee. Talk to a Gnome ball referee found on the Gnome Ball field in the Gnome Stronghold. You will receive a challenge scroll that you have to answer.

Answer: 5096

Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak gnomeball referee.png
Speak to Donovan, the Family Handyman. Donovan the Family Handyman is found on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Sinclair Mansion. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak donovan sinclair mansion.png
Speak to Hajedy. Hajedy is found by the cart, located just south of the Brimhaven docks. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak hajedy brimhaven.png
Speak to Hazelmere. Hazelmere is located east of Yanille. The code CLS will take you directly next to his house. Answer: 6859 Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak hazelmere.png
Speak to Kangai Mau. Kangai Mau is found in the Shrimp and Parrot in Brimhaven. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak kangai mau.png
Speak to Roavar. Talk to Roavar in the Canifis tavern. Talk.png Cryptic clue - talk roavar canifis.png
Speak to Ulizius. Ulizius is the monk who guards the gate into Mort Myre Swamp. Talk.png Cryptic clue - speak ulizius canifis.png
The dead, red dragon watches over this chest. He must really dig the view. Search the chest underneath the Red Dragon's head in the Exam Centre.

Kill a barbarian in Barbarian Village or Barbarian Outpost to receive the key.

Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search chest exam centre.png
This crate holds a better reward than a broken arrow. Inside the Ranging Guild. Search the crate behind the northern most building. Search.png Cryptic clue - search crate ranging guild.png
This crate is mine, all mine, even if it is in the middle of the desert. Centre of the Desert Mining Camp. Search the crates. Requires the metal key from The Tourist Trap to enter. Search.png Cryptic clue - search crate desert mining camp.png
Try not to step on any aquatic nasties while searching this crate. Search the crate in Bailey's house on the Fishing Platform. Search.png Cryptic clue - search crate fishing platform.png
You'll need to look for a town with a central fountain. Look for a locked chest in the town's chapel. Search the chest by the stairs in the Varrock church, east of the palace.

Kill a monk in Ardougne Monastery to obtain the key.

Key (Treasure Trails).png Cryptic clue - search chest varrock church.png