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Emote clues involve equipping certain items in a particular location and performing an emote. These types of clues are featured in all levels of Treasure Trails. Once the emote has been performed, Uri will appear and give the player the next clue (or the reward, if the emote clue was the final step of the Treasure Trail). If the player has been requested to do another emote before talking to Uri, and they forgot to do it, he will say, I don't believe we have any business... but will not leave. The player can still perform the second emote and then talk to Uri to finish the clue. Easy clues require performing one emote, medium clues require performing two, and hard and above clues require performing one emote, then fighting an enemy such as the Double Agent. Elite clues do not involve fighting the Double Agent.

Note that wearing any version of a required item different than the standard one will not work (for example, a Rune platebody (t) will not work in place of a Rune platebody).

For players who do Treasure Trails frequently, it is not recommended to keep items for all emote clues banked, as hundreds of different items are used across the Treasure Trail levels which take up significant bank space. Players with the appropriate construction level can build STASH units to store emote clue items near where the emote clue is located, saving bank space.

A list of items used in each level of Treasure Trail can be found here.

Beginner Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Blow a raspberry at Aris in her tent.

Equip a gold ring and a gold necklace.

Gold ring.png Gold necklace.png Aris can be found in her tent at Varrock Square. Emote clue - raspberry gypsy aris.png
Bow to Brugsen Bursen at the Grand Exchange. Brugsen Bursen is found inside the Grand Exchange Emote clue - bow Brugsen Bursen.png
Cheer at Iffie Nitter.

Equip a chef's hat and a red cape.

Chef's hat.png Red cape.png Iffie can be found in Thessalia's Fine Clothes store in Varrock. Emote clue - cheer iffie nitter.png
Clap at Bob's Brilliant Axes.

Equip a bronze axe and leather boots.

Bronze axe.png Leather boots.png Bob's Brilliant Axes is located in south Lumbridge, right outside Lumbridge Castle. Emote clue - clap bobs brilliant axes.png
Panic at Al Kharid mine. Al Kharid mine is located just north of Al Kharid. The area is quite large, so the step can also be completed at the southern entrance of the mine or standing in the north-western corner outside the mine. Emote clue - panic al kharid mine.png
Spin at Flynn's Mace Shop. Flynn's Mace Market is located near the north entrance of Falador. Emote clue - spin mace market.png

Easy Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage in Ardougne Zoo.

Equip a studded leather body, bronze platelegs and a normal staff with no orb.

Studded body.png Bronze platelegs.png Staff.png Emote clue - raspberry monkey cage zoo.png
Blow raspberries outside the entrance to Keep Le Faye.

Equip a coif, an iron platebody and leather gloves.

Coif.png Iron platebody.png Leather gloves.png Keep Le Faye can be found south of Seers' Village, and can be easily reached by using Camelot Teleport then running south, or by using fairy ring code BLR Emote clue - raspberry keep le faye.png
Bow in the office of the Emir's Arena.

Equip an iron chain body, leather chaps and coif.

Iron chainbody.png Leather chaps.png Coif.png Emote clue - bow ticket office duel arena.png
Bow outside the entrance to the Legends' Guild.

Equip iron platelegs, an emerald amulet and an oak longbow.

Iron platelegs.png Emerald amulet.png Oak longbow.png Emote clue - bow legends guild.png
Cheer at the Druids' Circle.

Equip a blue wizard hat, a bronze two-handed sword and HAM boots.

Blue wizard hat.png Bronze 2h sword.png Ham boots.png Emote clue - cheer druid circle.png
Cheer at the games room.

Have nothing equipped at all when you do.

Nothing The basement of the Burthorpe Games Room in Burthorpe. Emote clue - cheer games room.png
Cheer for the monks at Port Sarim.

Equip a coif, steel plateskirt and a sapphire necklace.

Coif.png Steel plateskirt.png Sapphire necklace.png Requires 20 Ranged for equipping the coif. Emote clue - cheer monks port sarim.png
Clap in the main exam room in the Exam Centre.

Equip a white apron, green gnome boots and leather gloves.

White apron.png Green boots.png Leather gloves.png The Exam Centre is located east of Varrock, just south of the Digsite. Emote clue - clap exam centre.png
Clap on the causeway to the Wizards' Tower.

Equip an iron medium helmet, emerald ring and a white apron.

Iron med helm.png Emerald ring.png White apron.png Emote clue - clap causeway wizards tower.png
Clap on the top level of the mill, north of East Ardougne.

Equip a blue gnome robe top, HAM robe bottom and an unenchanted tiara.

Blue robe top.png Ham robe.png Tiara.png Emote clue - clap mill north ardougne.png
Dance a jig by the entrance to the Fishing Guild.

Equip an emerald ring, a sapphire amulet, and a bronze chain body.

Emerald ring.png Sapphire amulet.png Bronze chainbody.png Emote clue - dance jig fishing guild entrance.png
Dance at the crossroads north of Draynor.

Equip an iron chain body, a sapphire ring and a longbow.

Iron chainbody.png Sapphire ring.png Longbow.png Emote clue - dance draynor crossroads.png
Dance at the entrance to the Grand Exchange. Equip a pink skirt, pink robe top and a body tiara. Pink skirt.png Pink robe top.png Body tiara.png Important note: Pink skirt from Varrock, Pink robe top from Gnome Stronghold. Be aware of this! Emote clue - dance ge entrance.png
Dance in the Party Room.

Equip a steel full helmet, steel platebody and an iron plateskirt.

Steel full helm.png Steel platebody.png Iron plateskirt.png Emote clue - dance falador party room.png
Dance in the shack in Lumbridge Swamp.

Equip a bronze dagger, iron full helmet and a gold ring.

Bronze dagger.png Iron full helm.png Gold ring.png This step provides players who have completed the Lumbridge and Draynor elite diary an option to enter the shed. Those players are otherwise unable to enter without teleporting to Zanaris. Emote clue - dance shack lumbridge swamp.png
Do a jig in Varrock's rune store. Equip an air tiara and a staff of water. Air tiara.png Staff of water.png Emote clue - dance jig varrock rune store.png
Headbang in the mine north of Al Kharid.

Equip a desert shirt, leather gloves and leather boots.

Desert shirt.png Leather gloves.png Leather boots.png Emote clue - headbang al kharid mine.png
Jump for joy at the beehives.

Equip a desert shirt, green gnome robe bottoms and a steel axe.

Desert shirt.png Green robe bottoms.png Steel axe.png Beehives are located west of Catherby. Emote clue - jump joy beehives.png
Laugh at the crossroads south of the Sinclair mansion. Equip a cowl, a blue wizard robe top and an iron scimitar. Leather cowl.png Iron scimitar.png Blue wizard robe.png Emote clue - laugh sinclair crossroads.png
Panic in the Limestone Mine.

Equip bronze platelegs, a steel pickaxe and a steel medium helmet.

Bronze platelegs.png Steel pickaxe.png Steel med helm.png Located east of the Lumber Yard. Emote clue - panic limestone mine.png
Panic on the pier where you catch the Fishing trawler.

Have nothing equipped at all when you do.

None North most dock in Port Khazard, east of the Fight Arena. Emote clue - panic pier fishing trawler.png
Shrug in the mine near Rimmington.

Equip a gold necklace, a gold ring and a bronze spear.

Gold necklace.png Gold ring.png Bronze spear.png Emote clue - shrug rimmington mine.png
Spin at the crossroads north of Rimmington.

Equip a green gnome hat, cream gnome top and leather chaps.

Green hat.png Cream robe top.png Leather chaps.png Emote clue - spin rimmington crossroads.png
Spin in Draynor Manor by the fountain.

Equip an iron platebody, studded leather chaps and a bronze full helmet.

Iron platebody.png Studded chaps.png Bronze full helm.png Emote clue - spin draynor manor fountain.png
Spin in the Varrock Castle courtyard.

Equip a black axe, a coif and a ruby ring.

Black axe.png Coif.png Ruby ring.png Emote clue - spin varrock castle courtyard.png
Think in middle of the wheat field by the Lumbridge mill.

Equip a blue gnome robetop, a turquoise gnome robe bottom and an oak shortbow.

Blue robe top.png Turquoise robe bottoms.png Oak shortbow.png Emote clue - think lumbridge mill wheat field.png
Wave along the south fence of the Lumber Yard.

Equip a hard leather body, leather chaps and a bronze axe.

Hardleather body.png Leather chaps.png Bronze axe.png Emote clue - wave south fence lumber yard.png
Wave in the Falador gem store.

Equip a Mithril pickaxe, Black platebody and an Iron Kiteshield.

Mithril pickaxe.png Black platebody.png Iron kiteshield.png Emote clue - wave falador gem store.png
Wave on Mudskipper Point.

Equip a black cape, leather chaps and a steel mace.

Black cape.png Leather chaps.png Steel mace.png The fairy ring code AIQ teleports you to the correct spot. Emote clue - wave mudskipper point.png
Yawn in Draynor Marketplace.

Equip studded leather chaps, an iron kiteshield and a steel longsword.

Studded chaps.png Iron kiteshield.png Steel longsword.png Emote clue - yawn draynor marketplace.png
Yawn in the Varrock library.

Equip a green gnome robe top, HAM robe bottom and an iron warhammer.

Green robe top.png Ham robe.png Iron warhammer.png Emote clue - yawn varrock library.png

Medium Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Beckon in Tai Bwo Wannai. Clap before you talk to me.

Equip green d'hide chaps, a ring of dueling and a mithril med helm.

Green d'hide chaps.png Ring of dueling.png Mithril med helm.png Do the emotes within the barricaded part of Tai Bwo Wannai. Emote clue - beckon tai bwo wannai.png
Beckon in the Shayzien Combat Ring. Show your anger before you talk to me. Equip an adamant platebody, adamant full helm and adamant platelegs. Adamant platebody.png Adamant full helm.png Adamant platelegs.png The Combat Ring of Shayzien is located south-east of the bank. Other versions of the adamant platebody and legs do not work. Emote clue - beckon shayzien ring.png
Beckon in the Digsite, near the eastern winch. Bow before you talk to me

Equip a green hat snakeskin boots and an iron pickaxe.

Green hat.png Snakeskin boots.png Iron pickaxe.png Emote clue - beckon digsite winch.png
Cheer in the Barbarian Agility Arena. Headbang before you talk to me.

Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow and a Wilderness cape.

Steel platebody.png Maple shortbow.png Team-1 cape.png Requires miniquest Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl and 30 in Ranged (to wield the maple shortbow)

While level 35 Agility is required to enter the arena itself, the clue can be completed without it. Upon entering from the gate, walk into the building located to the south. Inside the building, walk to the most south-eastern corner, and do the emote. The Team cape i, Team cape x and Team cape zero can also be used.

Emote clue - cheer headbang barbarian agility.png
Cheer in the Edgeville general store. Dance before you talk to me.

Equip a brown apron, leather boots and leather gloves.

Brown apron.png Leather boots.png Leather gloves.png Emote clue - cheer edgeville general store.png
Cheer in the Ogre Pen in the Training Camp. Show you are angry before you talk to me.

Equip a green d'hide body and chaps and a steel square shield.

Green d'hide body.png Green d'hide chaps.png Steel sq shield.png Access to the Combat Training Camp requires completion of the Biohazard quest. Equipping the green d'hide body requires completion of Dragon Slayer I. Emote clue - cheer ogre training camp.png
Clap in Seers court house. Spin before you talk to me.

Equip an adamant halberd, blue mystic robe bottom and a diamond ring.

Adamant halberd.png Mystic robe bottom.png Diamond ring.png Ironman accounts must start the Regicide quest to purchase an adamant halberd. Emote clue - clap seers court house.png
Clap your hands north of Mount Karuulm. Spin before you talk to me.

Equip an adamant warhammer, mithril boots and a ring of life.

Adamant warhammer.png Mithril boots.png Ring of life.png Fairy ring code CIR or Battlefront teleport, and run to the northern end of the volcano. Emote clue - clap Mount Karuulm.png
Cry in the Catherby Ranging shop. Bow before you talk to me.

Equip blue gnome boots, a hard leather body and an unblessed silver sickle.

Blue boots.png Hardleather body.png Silver sickle.png Emote clue - cry catherby ranging shop.png
Cry in the Draynor Village jail. Jump for joy before you talk to me. Equip an adamant sword, a sapphire amulet and an adamant plateskirt. Adamant sword.png Sapphire amulet.png Adamant plateskirt.png Emote clue - cry draynor jail.png
Cry on the shore of Catherby beach. Laugh before you talk to me. Equip an adamant sq shield, a bone dagger and mithril platebody. Adamant sq shield.png Bone dagger.png Mithril platebody.png Emote clue - cry catherby beach.png

Cry on top of the western tree in the Gnome Agility Arena. Indicate 'no' before you talk to me. Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging, and green d'hide chaps.

Steel kiteshield.png Ring of forging.png Green d'hide chaps.png Emote clue - cry gnome agility arena.png
Dance a jig under Shantay's Awning. Bow before you talk to me.

Equip a bruise blue snelm, an air staff and a bronze square shield.

Bruise blue snelm (pointed).png Staff of air.png Bronze sq shield.png South of Al Kharid, Shantay Pass. Only the pointed blue snelm will work! Emote clue - dance jig shantay awning.png
Dance in the centre of Canifis. Bow before you talk to me.

Equip a green gnome robe top, mithril platelegs and an iron two-handed sword.

Green robe top.png Mithril platelegs.png Iron 2h sword.png Emote clue - dance centre canifis.png
Dance in the dark caves beneath Lumbridge Swamp. Blow a kiss before you talk to me.

Equip an air staff, Bronze full helm and an Amulet of power.

Staff of air.png Bronze full helm.png Amulet of power.png

You need a rope to enter this cave the first time.

You always need a light source in the caves, except when you have built the fire of eternal light.

If using the Lumbridge Castle basement to access the caves via the northern entrance, you will need to step one square south of the cave entrance as the square next to the entrance does not work when you dance.

Two STASH units are provided, one near each of the main entrances. Building one of them will automatically build the other one.

Emote clue - dance caves lumbridge swamp.png
Jump for joy in the TzHaar sword shop. Shrug before you talk to me.

Equip a steel longsword, blue d'hide body and blue mystic gloves.

Steel longsword.png Blue d'hide body.png Mystic gloves.png BLP Emote clue - jump tzhaar sword shop.png
Jump for joy in Yanille bank. Dance a jig before you talk to me.

Equip a brown apron, adamantite medium helm and snakeskin chaps.

Brown apron.png Adamant med helm.png Snakeskin chaps.png Emote clue - jump joy yanille bank.png
Panic by the mausoleum in Morytania. Wave before you speak to me.

Equip a mithril plate skirt[sic], maple longbow and no boots.

Mithril plateskirt.png Maple longbow.png Starting Creature of Fenkenstrain quest is required to access the area. Go through the tombstone south-east of Fenkenstrain's Castle to reach the Experiment cave. If the quest is not completed, kill an Experiment for a key. Go north-west through the gate (unlocked if the quest has been completed) and up the ladder. Remember, no boots. Emote clue - panic mausoleum.png
Shrug in Catherby bank. Yawn before you talk to me.

Equip a maple longbow, green d'hide chaps and an iron med helm.

Maple longbow.png Green d'hide chaps.png Iron med helm.png Emote clue - shrug catherby bank.png
Spin on the bridge by the Barbarian Village. Salute before you talk to me.

Equip purple gloves, a steel kiteshield and a mithril full helm.

Purple gloves.png Steel kiteshield.png Mithril full helm.png Emote clue - spin barbarian village bridge.png
Think in the centre of the Observatory. Spin before you talk to me.

Equip a mithril chainbody, green dragonhide chaps and a ruby amulet.

Mithril chainbody.png Green d'hide chaps.png Ruby amulet.png Players who have completed the Observatory Quest with level 23 Agility, 24 Ranged and 28 Strength may use a shortcut by using the grapple-able rock just outside the observatory; players need only bring a crossbow and grapple for the first trip.

Otherwise, players must navigate through the Observatory Dungeon to reach this clue.

Emote clue - think centre observatory.png
Yawn in the Castle Wars lobby. Shrug before you talk to me.

Equip ruby amulet, a mithril scimitar and a Wilderness cape.

Ruby amulet.png Mithril scimitar.png Team-1 cape.png The Team cape i, Team cape x and Team cape zero can also be used. Emote clue - yawn castle wars lobby.png
Yawn in the centre of Arceuus library. Nod your head before you talk to me.

Equip blue dragonhide vambraces, adamant boots and an adamant dagger.

Blue d'hide vambraces.pngAdamant boots.pngAdamant dagger.png The fairy ring code CIS teleports you north of the library, although this requires paying 80,000 coins to Trossa to unlock the fairy ring. Use the "yes" emote to nod your head.

Note: You cannot get this step playing Ironman Mode.[1]

Emote clue - yawn arceuus library.png

Hard Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Beckon on the east coast of the Kharazi Jungle. Beware of double agents! Equip any vestment stole and a heraldic rune shield. Rune shield (h1).png Zamorak stole.png Must have started Legends' Quest. Equipping the stole requires level 60 Prayer.

Note: An axe and machete are required to enter the Kharazi Jungle, or players may also use two vines on either side of the jungle that require 79 Agility.

Emote clue - beckon east kharazi coast.png
Blow a kiss between the tables in Shilo Village bank. Beware of double agents!

Equip a blue mystic hat, bone spear and rune platebody.

Mystic hat.png Bone spear.png Rune platebody.png Shilo Village is a village on Karamja. It is only accessible to players that have completed the Shilo Village quest. The gilded and trimmed versions of the rune platebody do not work. Emote clue - kiss shilo village.png
Blow a raspberry in the Fishing Guild bank. Beware of double agents!

Equip an elemental shield, blue d'hide chaps and a rune warhammer.

Elemental shield.png Blue d'hide chaps.png Rune warhammer.png Requires Elemental Workshop I and 68 fishing to enter the guild (boost allowed) Emote clue - raspberry fishing guild bank.png
Bow at the top of the lighthouse. Beware of double agents!

Equip a blue d'hide body, blue d'hide vambraces and no jewellery.

Blue d'hide body.png Blue d'hide vambraces.png Must have repaired the Lighthouse lighting mechanism in the Horror from the Deep quest to access. The fairy ring code ALP teleports you right outside the Lighthouse. Emote clue - bow lighthouse.png
Cheer at the top of the agility pyramid. Beware of double agents! Equip a blue mystic robe top, and any rune heraldic shield. Mystic robe top.png Rune shield (h1).png Requires 30 Agility to reach the top of the pyramid, 40 Magic and 40 Defence to equip items. Only the blue mystic robe top works! Emote clue - cheer agility pyramid top.png
Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem. Beware of double agents!

Equip a ring of life, an uncharged amulet of glory and an adamant two-handed sword.

Ring of life.png Amulet of glory.png Adamant 2h sword.png Partial completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper required to access Sophanem. Your amulet of glory must be uncharged in order to work. Amulet of glory (t) does not work for this clue step. Emote clue - dance pyramid sophanem.png
Headbang at the exam centre. Beware of double agents!

Equip a mystic fire staff, a diamond bracelet and rune boots.

Mystic fire staff.png Diamond bracelet.png Rune boots.png The Digsite Exam Centre is located just south of the Digsite. Emote clue - headbang exam centre.png
Jig at Jiggig. Beware of double agents!

Equip a Rune spear, rune platelegs and any rune heraldic helm.

Rune spear.png Rune platelegs.png Rune helm (h1).png South of Castle Wars, talk to the quest starter if you haven't started Zogre Flesh Eaters, and he will grant you access to the location in Jiggig; you need to jig. The gilded and trimmed versions of the rune platelegs do not work.

Note: You need to complete Big Chompy Bird Hunting and Jungle Potion to start Zogre Flesh Eaters.

Emote clue - jig at jiggig.png
Laugh in Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp.

Beware of double agents! Equip a rune full helmet, blue d'hide chaps and a fire battlestaff.

Rune full helm.png Blue d'hide chaps.png Fire battlestaff.png

Bring rope if you haven't completed the Mountain Daughter quest. Go up the top path, and use on the boulder (fairy ring code: AJR).

Emote clue - laugh jokul's tent mountain camp.png
Panic by the pilot on White Wolf Mountain. Beware of double agents!

Equip mithril platelegs, a ring of life, and a rune axe.

Mithril platelegs.png Ring of life.png Rune axe.png Panic by Captain Bleemadge on White Wolf Mountain. Be careful of the aggressive level 73 Big Wolf. Emote clue - panic white wolf mountain.png
Panic in the heart of the Haunted Woods. Beware of double agents!

Have no items equipped when you do.

Nothing The location is east of the Fairy ring ALQ in the Haunted Woods. Players should be careful of the Feral Vampyres summoned by the spider roaming around that area. Emote clue - panic haunted woods.png
Panic on the Wilderness volcano bridge. Beware of double agents!

Equip any headband and crozier.

White headband.png Saradomin crozier.png Required: Prayer 60

The Wilderness Volcano is located in the north-east corner of the Wilderness. Players should be cautious of player killers and dangerous monsters. A Clue Box may also be helpful.

Emote clue - panic wilderness volcano bridge.png
Salute in the banana plantation. Beware of double agents!

Equip a diamond ring, amulet of power, and nothing on your chest and legs.

Diamond ring.png Amulet of power.png Players can perform the emote near the STASH (if they have built one) within the Musa Point banana plantation. Emote clue - salute banana plantation.png
Salute in the centre of the mess hall. Beware of double agents! Equip a rune halberd, rune platebody and an amulet of strength. Rune halberd.png Rune platebody.png Amulet of strength.png Kourend Castle Teleport teleports the player just north of the Mess. Salute in the centre of the kitchen rather than the dining room. Emote clue - salute mess hall.png
Shrug in the Zamorak temple found in the Eastern Wilderness. Beware of double agents!

Equip rune platelegs, an iron platebody and blue d'hide vambraces.

Rune platelegs.png Iron platebody.png Blue d'hide vambraces.png It is highly recommended that players pray Protect from Magic; the temple is a multi-combat area with aggressive Elder chaos druids. The Zamorak Temple is in level 11 Wilderness. You can bring a teleport as it is below level 20 Wilderness; however, be wary of Tele Block. Emote clue - shrug zamorak temple wilderness.png
Yawn in the rogues' general store. Beware of double agents!

Equip an adamant square shield, blue dragon vambraces and a rune pickaxe.

Adamant sq shield.png Blue d'hide vambraces.png Rune pickaxe.png Bandit Camp general store in level 23 Wilderness, north of the Dark Warriors' Fortress. The burning amulet can take you there, but be wary of player killers and level 130 Bandits. Emote clue - yawn rogues general store.png

Elite Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Blow a kiss in the heart of the lava maze.

Equip black d'hide chaps, a spotted cape and a rolling pin.

Black d'hide chaps.png Spotted cape.png Rolling pin.png Perform the emote at the centre of the Lava Maze, next to entrance of the Lava Maze Dungeon. A slashing weapon or knife is required to navigate the maze. Emote clue - kiss lava maze.png
Bow on the ground floor of the Legend's[sic] guild. Equip Legend's[sic] cape, a dragon battleaxe and an amulet of glory. Cape of legends.png Dragon battleaxe.png Amulet of glory.png Players require completion of Legends' Quest to access the Legends' Guild. An amulet of glory with any amount of charges or an amulet of eternal glory will work. Emote clue - bow inside legends guild.png
Bow upstairs in the Edgeville Monastery.

Equip a completed prayer book.

Book of balance.png Players require a Prayer level of 31 to enter the Edgeville Monastery. Any completed god book is usable for this clue. Emote clue - bow edgeville monastery.png
Cheer in the Shadow dungeon.

Equip a rune crossbow, climbing boots and any mitre.

Rune crossbow.png Climbing boots.png Zamorak mitre.png Requires partial completion of Desert Treasure I. Bring a ring of visibility. The ornamental rune crossbow also works. Climbing boots (g) do not work. Emote clue - cheer shadow dungeon.png
Dance on the Fishing Platform. Equip barrows gloves, an amulet of glory and a dragon med helm. Barrows gloves.png Amulet of glory.png Dragon med helm.png Barrows gloves require full completion of Recipe for Disaster to equip. An amulet of glory with any amount of charges or an amulet of eternal glory will work. Emote clue - dance fish platform.png
Headbang at the top of the Slayer Tower.

Equip a seercull, a combat bracelet, and helm of neitiznot.

Seercull.png Combat bracelet.png Helm of neitiznot.png Equipping the Helm of Neitiznot requires completion of The Fremennik Isles. If taking shortcuts to the top, it is advised to have a nosepeg or Slayer helmet in order to avoid stat draining from aberrant spectres. Emote clue - headbang top of slayer tower.png
Headbang in the Fight Arena pub. Equip a pirate bandana, a dragonstone necklace and a magic longbow. Pirate bandana (brown).png Dragon necklace.png Magic longbow.png Near Nightmare Zone Emote clue - headbang fight arena pub.png
Jump for joy at the Neitiznot rune rock.

Equip rune boots, a proselyte hauberk and a dragonstone ring.

Rune boots.png Proselyte hauberk.png Dragonstone ring.png Players must complete Fremennik Isles in order to access the Neitiznot runite rock. The Slug Menace must be completed in order to equip the Prostelyte Hauberk. Emote clue - jump neitiznot rocks.png
Jump for joy in the Ancient Cavern.

Equip a granite shield, splitbark body, and any rune heraldic helm.

Granite shield.png Splitbark body.png Rune helm (h1).png Players need to have started Barbarian Training in order to enter the caverns.

The rune heraldic helm is the rune helm from Treasure Trails, not the painted heraldic armour from player-owned houses!

Emote clue - jump ancient cavern.png
Laugh by the fountain of heroes.

Equip splitbark legs, dragon boots and a Rune longsword.

Splitbark legs.png Dragon boots.png Rune longsword.png Completion of Heroes' Quest is required. The gilded dragon boots also work. Emote clue - laugh fountain of heroes.png
Laugh in front of the gem store in Ardougne market. Equip a Castlewars bracelet, a dragonstone amulet and a ring of forging. Castle wars bracelet.png Dragonstone amulet.png Ring of forging.png Emote clue - laugh ardougne gem stall.png
Panic at the area flowers meet snow. Equip blue d'hide vambraces, a dragon spear and a rune plateskirt. Blue d'hide vambraces.png Dragon spear.png Rune plateskirt.png Panic by the Trollweiss flowers after sledding down Trollweiss Mountain.

Make sure to bring a sled, otherwise you won't be able to complete the step. The poisoned dragon spear or rune plateskirt versions do not work.

Emote clue - panic trollweiss.png
Salute by the Charcoal Burners.

Equip a Farmer's strawhat, Shayzien body (5), and Pyromancer robes.

Farmer's strawhat.png Shayzien body (5).png Pyromancer robe.png Salute by the charcoal furnace south of Hosidius Emote clue - salute charcoal burners.png
Salute in the warriors' guild bank.

Equip only a black salamander.

Black salamander.png Black salamanders require 70 Ranged, 70 Magic, and 70 Attack to equip. Emote clue - salute warriors' guild bank.png
Shrug in the Shayzien war tent. Equip a blue mystic robe bottom, a rune kiteshield and any bob shirt. Mystic robe bottom.png Rune kiteshield.png Bob's black shirt.png The War Tent is the large tent in the western end of the Shayzien Encampment. Emote clue - shrug Shayzien command tent.png
Spin in West Ardougne Church.

Equip a dragon spear and red d'hide chaps.

Dragon spear.png Red d'hide chaps.png Emote clue - spin West Ardougne church.png
Yawn at the top of Trollheim.

Equip a lava battlestaff, black d'hide vambraces and a mind shield.

Lava battlestaff.png Black d'hide vambraces.png Mind shield.png Requires Elemental Workshop I and II and parts of Troll Stronghold completed. An ornamental lava battlestaff can be used. Emote clue - yawn trollheim.png

Master Emote clues[edit | edit source]

Clue Items Notes Map
Beckon by a collection of crystalline maple trees. Beware of double agents! Equip Bryophyta's staff and a nature tiara. Bryophyta's staff.png Nature tiara.png The maple trees are found within the town of Gwenith, which requires completion of Song of the Elves to reach. Bryophyta's staff can either be uncharged or charged; both can be used. Emote clue - beckon crystalline maple trees.png
Blow a kiss outside K'ril Tsutsaroth's chamber. Beware of double agents! Equip a Zamorak full helm and the shadow sword. Zamorak full helm.png Shadow sword.png 70 Hitpoints is required to access this part of the God Wars Dungeon. Completion of The General's Shadow miniquest is required to obtain the Shadow sword. Emote clue - kiss door of K'ril Tsutsaroth.png
Blow a raspberry at the bank of the Warrior's[sic] guild. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon battleaxe, a slayer helm of any kind and a dragon defender or avernic defender. Dragon battleaxe.png Dragon defender.png Slayer helmet.png Any variant of Slayer helmet is acceptable. A total of 130 levels in Attack and Strength or level 99 in either skill is required to enter the guild. A trimmed dragon or avernic defender can be used. Emote clue - raspberry warrior guild bank.png
Bow in the Iorwerth Camp. Beware of double agents! Equip a charged crystal bow. Crystal bow.png or Bow of faerdhinen.png Bow near the stools at the south-eastern fire in the Iorwerth Camp. Works with any amount of charges left on the bow, or the Bow of Faerdhinen. Emote clue - bow near lord iorwerth.png
Cheer in the Entrana church. Beware of double agents! Equip a set of full black dragonhide armour. Black d'hide body.png Black d'hide chaps.png Black d'hide vambraces.png Players must take a needle, thread, and six black dragon leathers, and craft the armour after arriving at Entrana. Alternatively, you can ask a friend to make it for you. Players with level 88 in Construction can make a master STASH unit to store the dragonhide armour in. Emote clue - cheer entrana church.png
Clap in the magic axe hut. Beware of double agents. Equip only flared trousers Flared trousers.png Lockpick.png Level 55 Wilderness, north-east of the Deserted Keep.

Lockpick required to enter

Emote clue - clap magic axe hut.png
Cry in the Tzhaar gem store. Beware of the double agents! Equip a fire cape and a TokTz-Xil-Ul. Fire cape.png Toktz-xil-ul.png The Toktz-xil-ul requires level 60 Ranged to equip. Turn off Auto Retaliate before performing the emote, as you may lose the TokTz-Xil-Ul from retaliating against the double agent!

The fire max cape, infernal cape, and infernal max cape work in place of a fire cape.

Emote clue - cry tzhaar gem shop.png
Dance in Iban's temple. Beware of double agents! Equip Iban's staff, a black mystic top, and a black mystic bottom. Iban's staff.png Mystic robe top (dark).png Mystic robe bottom (dark).png Requires completion of Underground Pass. Iban's staff (u) can be used as a substitute.

Note that the temple cannot be entered until the Regicide quest is started.

Emote clue - dance ibans temple.png
Dance in the King Black Dragon's lair. Beware of double agents! Equip a black d'hide body, black d'hide vambraces and a black dragon mask. Black d'hide body.png Black d'hide vambraces.png Black dragon mask.png An anti-dragon shield is recommended to defend against the King Black Dragon's attacks. A STASH unit is found at the south-east corner of the lair for emote item storage. Emote clue - dance kbd lair.png
Do a jig at the barrow's chest. Beware of double agents! Equip any full barrows set. Any set of Barrows equipment. Emote clue - jig at barrows chest.png
Flap at the Death Altar. Beware of double agents! Equip a death tiara, a legend's cape and any ring of wealth. Death tiara.png Cape of legends.png Ring of wealth.png The flap emote requires opening the Gift of Peace at the centre of the Stronghold of Security's first level. Accessing the Death Altar requires completion of Mourning's End Part II, and a Cape of legends can only be obtained after completion of Legends' Quest. Emote clue - flap at Death Altar.png
Goblin Salute at the Goblin Village. Beware of double agents! Equip a Bandos platebody, Bandos cloak and Bandos godsword. Bandos platebody.png Bandos cloak.png Bandos godsword.png The Goblin Salute emote requires partial completion of The Lost Tribe quest. An ornamental bandos godsword can be used for this clue. Emote clue - goblin salute at goblin village.png
Jump for joy in the centre of Zul-Andra. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon 2h sword, bandos boots and an obsidian cape. Dragon 2h sword.png Bandos boots.png Obsidian cape.png Partial completion of Regicide is required to reach Zul-Andra. Guardian boots can be used in place of Bandos boots. Emote clue - jump for joy Zul-Andra.png
Panic by the big egg where no one dare goes and the ground is burnt. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon med helm, a TokTz-Ket-Xil, a brine sabre, rune platebody and an uncharged amulet of glory. Dragon med helm.png Toktz-ket-xil.png Rune platebody.png Brine sabre.png Amulet of glory.png Panic by the big egg on the east side of Lava Dragon Isle. Be careful of the lava dragons and player killers roaming the area. Emote clue - panic lava dragon isle.png
Show your anger at the Wise old man. Beware of double agents! Equip an abyssal whip, a legend's cape and some spined chaps. Abyssal whip.png Cape of legends.png Spined chaps.png Any whip variant can be used for this clue. Emote clue - anger wise old man.png
Show your anger towards the Statue of Saradomin in Ellamaria's garden.

Beware of double agents! Equip a Zamorak godsword.

Zamorak godsword.png 75 Attack is required to wield the Zamorak godsword.

Zamorak godsword (or) can be used as substitute.

Completion of Garden of Tranquillity is required.

Emote clue - anger saradomin statue.png
Slap your head in the centre of the Kourend catacombs. Beware of double agents! Equip the arclight and an amulet of the damned. Arclight.png Amulet of the damned.png Kourend Castle Teleport teleports the player directly to the Catacombs' main entrance. Partially charged items work. Emote clue - slap head kourend catacombs.png
Spin in front of the Soul Altar. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon pickaxe, helm of neitiznot and a pair of rune boots. Dragon pickaxe.png Helm of neitiznot.png Rune boots.png Completion of The Fremennik Isles is required to wear the helm of neitiznot. The neitiznot faceguard can't be used. Any variant of a dragon pickaxe will work, as well as a crystal pickaxe. Emote clue - spin Soul Altar.png
Stamp in the Enchanted valley west of the waterfall. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon axe. Dragon axe.png Fairy ring code BKQ (requires partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen) and the Stamp emote unlocked. The infernal axe and crystal axe can be used instead of a regular dragon axe. Emote clue - stomp enchanted valley.png
Swing a bullroarer at the top of the watchtower. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon plateskirt, climbing boots and a dragon chainbody. Bullroarer.png Dragon plateskirt.png Climbing boots.png Dragon chainbody.png Partial completion of Legends' Quest is required to obtain the bullroarer. Completion of Watchtower Quest is required. Death Plateau is also required to wear climbing boots. The gilded chainbody and plateskirt also work. Emote clue - swing bullroarer watchtower.png
Wave on the northern wall of the Castle Drakan. Beware of double agents! Wear a dragon sq shield, splitbark body and any boater. Dragon sq shield.png Splitbark body.png Red boater.png Completion of Legends' Quest and partial completion of Darkness of Hallowvale is required. Any coloured boater and the gilded dragon sq shield will work. The location is accessed starting in the south-west of Meiyerditch and following north on the western wall. Emote clue - wave castle drakan.png
Yawn in the 7th room of Pyramid Plunder. Beware of double agents! Equip a pharaoh's sceptre and a full set of menaphite robes. Pharaoh's sceptre (uncharged).png Menaphite purple hat.png Menaphite purple top.pngMenaphite purple robe.png 81 Thieving (cannot be boosted) is required to reach this room, in addition to completing Icthlarin's Little Helper. Any amount of charges will work for the Pharaoh's sceptre, and any menaphite clothing will work as long as all the pieces are the same colour. A set of menaphite clothing may be stored without storing the sceptre. Emote clue - yawn pyramid plunder.png

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