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Strange device detail.png

Hot Cold clues are clues in which a strange device will tell the player in the chatbox whether the player is Hot (close to) or Cold (far away from) the intended location to dig. This is based on an older children's game.

To find your location, click on the strange device and it will tell you how close you are to the treasure. (if solving a master clue, you will also take some damage). Its temperature is based on the distance of the treasure from the player, measured in the number of steps it would take to reach the treasure, ignoring any obstacles (this is the Chebyshev distance between the player and treasure). Then, teleport or walk to another location, and check to see if the strange device has gotten warmer. Repeat to pinpoint a location. You can also use the list or map to help you find your location.

If solving a master clue, when you dig at the dig spot, you will be attacked by a Brassican Mage in a single-combat area, or three Ancient Wizards if your clue leads you to a multi-combat area. In the fight against the Brassican Mage, his attacks are not affected by protection prayers; however, ranged armour seems to help. The three Ancient Wizards are a lot stronger and will use all three combat styles alongside poisoning you (poison cannot be blocked by protection prayers)

Map of beginner Hot Cold locations.
Location Image Map Trailblazer Region
Inside the wheat field next to Draynor Village
Hot cold clue - Draynor Village wheat field.png
Hot cold clue - Draynor Village wheat field map.png
Misthalin Misthalin
Atop Ice Mountain
Hot cold clue - Ice Mountain.png
Hot cold clue - Ice Mountain map.png
Asgarnia Asgarnia
Cow field north of Lumbridge
Hot cold clue - Lumbridge cow field.png
Hot cold clue - Lumbridge cow field map.png
Misthalin Misthalin
Patch of mushrooms just northwest of Draynor Manor
Hot cold clue - Draynor Manor.png
Hot cold clue - Draynor Manor map.png
Misthalin Misthalin
Northeast of Al Kharid Mine
Hot cold clue - Al Kharid Mine.png
Hot cold clue - Al Kharid Mine map.png
Desert Desert