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Map clues are an image of a location the player needs to search to advance along their trail. Maps are found across all clue scroll difficulties. They are rough pictures of a very local area. If the map leads to an X, the player needs to take a spade to the place indicated on the map with the X and dig there. If the map leads to a crate, it must simply be searched. Sometimes, players may find a small pile of crates, or a multitude of them. Search all of them until the next clue or the reward is found. Maps can include landmarks such as buildings, fish to indicate fishing spots, roads, rivers, bridges, and so on.

Digging in the location pointed to by a map clue will never spawn any monsters.

Maps are sorted by boxes and then by X, and then from left to right based on the location of the mark.

Medium Maps[edit | edit source]

Map Location Image
Map clue Clocktower.png Search the crate by the Clock Tower, south-west of East Ardougne. Using a Spirit tree to Battlefield of Khazard is the fastest route. Ardougne cloak's Monastery Teleport is also close by. Map clue solution Clocktower.png
Map clue McGrubors.png Inside McGrubor's Wood, west of Seers' Village. Fairy ring code ALS. If approaching from outside, squeeze through the broken fence by the northern half of the hut in the centre and search the crate south of the house. Map clue solution McGrubors.png
Map clue Lighthouse peninsula.png Road between Rellekka and the Lighthouse. Fairy code alp and run East. Map clue solution Lighthouse peninsula.png
Map clue Lava chaos altar.png By the entrance to the Ourania Cave. Teleport to Castle Wars with a Ring of dueling and run North past the Observatory. Map clue solution Lava chaos altar.png
Map clue Mort Myre.png South of the path to Mort'ton; fairy ring BIP is nearby (50 Agility is required when you use the fairy ring). Map clue solution Mort Myre.png
Map clue Tower of Life.png Just south of East Ardougne (straight south of town square), north of the Tower of Life, near the Necromancer Tower. Dig two spaces north of the smaller crate that Bonafido is leaning on. Fairy ring code DJP is very close, or use any Ardougne cloak to the Monastery. Map clue solution Tower of Life.png
Map clue Miscellania.png On Miscellania, one of the Fremennik Isles, just east of the castle. Fairy ring code CIP accessible only after completing The Fremennik Trials. Map clue solution Miscellania.png
Map clue Chemist house.png Just west of the Chemist's house in Rimmington. South of Falador, west of Port Sarim. Map clue solution Chemist house.png
Map clue hobgoblin peninsula.png West of the Crafting Guild. Dig north of the sandpile at the tip of the peninsula. Map clue solution hobgoblin peninsula.png
Map clue North Seers.png North of Seers' Village, along the path towards Rellekka. Map clue solution North Seers.png
Map clue Draynor willows.png South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot. Map clue solution Draynor willows.png