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Trees are the most common scenery around Gielinor. They are chopped down through the Woodcutting skill and can be turned into a fire through the Firemaking skill. Trees can be cut down for logs to cut into unstrung bows or crossbow stocks through Fletching. Members can also cut them down to turn them into planks at a Sawmill for use in Construction.

There are two types of regular trees in RuneScape. One type has a double canopy with round leaves on them, and one type has a single canopy with a pointy tip. Of these two, only the single canopy tree is able to fill a bucket of sap when using a knife on it with an empty bucket in your inventory. Other than their appearance, they can also be distinguished by their examine text and the icon that appears on the minimap, with the double canopy tree having a round tree icon, and the single canopy tree having a pointy tree icon.

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Main article: Woodcutting

Trees can be found almost everywhere around Gielinor, and they are one of the first training method of Woodcutting. A player only needs level 1 Woodcutting and an axe to chop down a tree. After being cut, the tree becomes a tree stump. For each set of logs a player collects from a tree, the player gains 25 experience towards their Woodcutting skill. Once they are cut, the logs can be sold to players on the Grand Exchange, traded, burned using the Firemaking skill, or fletched using the members-only Fletching skill.

The tree follows the same mechanics as most other trees and has a roll to chop a log every 4 game ticks. All trees have different chances to chop a log depending on the tree being cut, the players woodcutting level, and the axe being used. With a high woodcutting level and a good axe, a 100% success rate can be achieved when cutting a tree.[1]

The tree respawns between 36-60 secs, randomly, and is not influenced by world population.[2]

This tree belongs to the "basic" tree category. Trees in this category give logs when cut and are always downed after one section cut. Trees in this category also include dying tree, dead tree, evergreen, and jungle tree.

When chopping a tree, there is a 1/256 chance of receiving a bird's nest instead of logs.

The chance of receiving a clue nest from the main table(easy-elite) when cutting trees is 1 in rounded down, where is the player's woodcutting level. For example, a player with 99 woodcutting has a 1 in 1,567 chance of receiving a clue nest from the main table. Beginner clue nests also drop from trees on a separate table.

The chance to receive the beaver woodcutting pet while chopping trees is 1 in 317,647 - (Lvl * 25).

Kandarin headgear 1 and above gives double logs when cutting any normal tree.

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Main article: Firemaking

A player only needs level 1 Firemaking and a tinderbox to turn a normal tree's logs into a fire. Doing so earns the player 40 experience towards their Firemaking skill.

The infernal axe provides firemaking experience when cutting trees. The axe has a 1/3 chance of burning any log received when cutting trees, providing half of the firemaking experience a player would have received if the log was burned normally. When Cutting trees, the axe provides 20 firemaking experience per log burned. If a kandarin headgear 1 or above is worn in conjunction with the infernal axe, only one log is burned when a tree section is cut.

Construction[edit | edit source]

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A tree can be built in the garden of a player-owned house. To do so requires 1 bagged tree, a watering can, and level 5 Construction. When planted, it earns the player 31 experience for both Construction and Farming skills.

Fletching[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fletching

Logs from normal trees can be cut into arrow shafts at level 1 Fletching (granting 5 Fletching experience), shortbows at level 5 (granting 5 XP for unstrung and another 5 XP for stringing), and longbows at level 10 (granting 10 XP for unstrung and another 10 XP for stringing).

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 March 2015
(update | poll)
Normal trees now give double logs when chopped down (no additional experience) while wearing Kandarin headgear 1.
  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 4 June 2018. Mod Ash: "For oaks and below, a high-level player can get 100% success per roll with an adamant axe, so a rune axe would not help. This is not the case for willows or above."