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Tree patches[edit | edit source]

Location Gardener Closest teleports Image Trailblazer Region
West of Lumbridge Castle Fayeth Fayeth location.png Misthalin Misthalin
Varrock Castle courtyard Treznor Treznor location.png Misthalin Misthalin
Falador Park

Becomes disease-free after completion of the elite Falador diary

Heskel Heskel location.png Asgarnia Asgarnia
Taverley Alain Alain location.png Asgarnia Asgarnia
Tree Gnome Stronghold Prissy Scilla Prissy Scilla location.png Kandarin Kandarin
Farming Guild

Note: Requires level Farming 65 Farming to enter west wing of the Farming Guild to use

Rosie Farming Guild Tree patch location.png None