Troll (historical)

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The Troll was a former character that appeared in RuneScape 2. It is arguably the most obscure character to have existed since the transition to RuneScape 2, with very little information and no screenshots of the monster surviving.

At least one troll could be found in the Clock Tower Dungeon, locked in one of the jail cells. It had the appearance of a much thinner version of the River troll.

The Troll eventually removed from the Clock Tower Dungeon, and probably replaced by a Hobgoblin. It is unknown when exactly it was removed, but it was possibly with the release of Mountain trolls in the Death Plateau. As a result, it has never been present in Old School RuneScape.

In 2021, the Troll returned for the 20th Anniversary event, where it could be found in the Realm of Memories. With the release of the event, the original NPC was finally deleted from the game cache.