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This article is about the tool used in The Dig Site quest and the Varrock Museum activity. For the tool used in Farming, see Gardening trowel.
Trowel detail.png

The trowel is an item used in the Digsite to dig level 1 and 3 sites. One is also needed in The Dig Site quest to find the Ancient talisman, as well as Another Slice of H.A.M. to dig up ancient goblin artefacts. They can be obtained after clearing the first exam of the quest. Players can get another from examiners if they lose theirs. After the quest, players can also use a trowel to clean Uncleaned finds in the Varrock Museum activity.

Digging grants 6 Mining xp at level 1 sites and 8 Mining xp at level 3 sites. Items you can obtain digging with a trowel are as follows: