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"Turadel" redirects here. For the other slayer master, see Duradel.
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Turael is the lowest level Slayer Master, along with his daughter Spria. Turael resides in Burthorpe; the fastest way to reach him is to teleport to Burthorpe Games Room using a games necklace and running east to Turael's house, just south of the general store.

Unlike other Slayer masters, there is no Slayer requirement to receive Slayer tasks from him. Additionally, Turael will offer to change a slayer task from another master into a less difficult one. He will only do this once per task, and only if the first task is not one that he would ordinarily give. Warning: This ends your task streak.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Turael is the solution to the easy cryptic clue: Talk to Turael in Burthorpe.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Monster Amount Unlock requirement Alternative(s) Location (Slayer Point Farming) Weight
Banshees 15-50 Slayer 15 , Combat level 20 , completion of Priest in Peril Twisted Banshee Slayer Tower 8
Bats 15-50 Combat level 5 Giant bat, Deathwing Abandoned Mine Level 1 7
Birds 15-50 None Chicken, Mounted terrorbird, Terrorbird, Rooster, Chompy bird, Seagull, Penguin, Duck, Duckling Alice's Farm West of Ectofunctus 6
Bears 15-50 Combat level 13 Grizzly bear cub, Bear cub, Grizzly bear, Callisto East of Relleka, South-west of Legends' Guild (cannon) 7
Cave bugs 10-20 Slayer 7 None Lumbridge Swamp Caves 8
Cave crawlers 15-50 Slayer 10 , Combat level 10 None Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 8
Cave slime 10-20 Slayer 17 , Combat level 15 None Lumbridge Swamp Caves 8
Cows 15-50 Combat level 5 Cow calf, Undead cow Alice's Farm West of Ectofunctus 8
Crawling Hands 15-50 Slayer 5 , completion of Priest in Peril None Slayer Tower 8
Dogs 15-50 Combat level 15 Jackal, Guard dog, Wild dog, Reanimated dog West of Nardah Fairy Ring 7
Dwarves 15-50 Combat level 6 Black Guard, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf gang member Dwarven Mine 7
Ghosts 15-50 Combat level 13 Tortured soul, Forgotten Soul Catacombs of Kourend 7
Goblins 15-50 None Cave goblin guards, Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike East of Lumbridge 7
Icefiends 15-50 Combat level 20 None Ice Mountain 8
Kalphites 15-50 Combat level 15 Kalphite worker, Kalphite soldier, Kalphite guardian, Kalphite Queen Kalphite Cave 6
Lizards 15-50 Slayer 22 Small Lizard, Desert Lizard, Sulphur Lizard (Slayer 44 ) East of Nardah Fairy Ring 8
Minotaurs 10-20 Combat level 7 None Stronghold of Security 7
Monkeys 15-50 None Karamjan Monkey, Monkey Guard, Monkey Archer, Monkey Zombie, Demonic Gorilla, Tortured Gorilla Ardougne Zoo 6
Rats 15-50 None Giant rat, Dungeon rat, Crypt rat, Brine rat, Hell-Rat Behemoth Varrock Sewers 7
Scorpions 15-50 Combat level 7 King Scorpion, Poison Scorpion, Pit Scorpion, Scorpia, Lobstrosity, Reanimated scorpion, Scorpia's offspring, Scorpia's guardian Dwarven Mine, Al Kharid Mine 7
Skeletons 15-50 Combat level 15 Skeleton mage, Skeletons in the Stronghold of Security and Ancient Cavern, Vet'ion, Skogre, Shayzien Crypts Skeletons, Skeleton fremennik Digsite Dungeon 7
Sourhogs 15-25 Completion of A Porcine of Interest None Sourhog Cave 6
Spiders 15-50 None Giant spider, Shadow spider, Giant crypt spider, Sarachnis, Temple Spider, Venenatis Outside HAM Hideout 6
Wolves 15-50 Combat level 20 Big Wolf, Desert Wolf, Ice wolf, Jungle wolf, White wolf Stronghold of Security 7
Zombies 15-50 Combat level 10 Monkey Zombie, Undead chicken, Undead cow, Undead Druid, Undead one, Zombie rat, Zogre, Vorkath Alice's Farm West of Ectofunctus 7
Total task weight 178

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
12 August 2020

Turael's Slayer task completion messages will now suggest that you try a higher level task to get reward points, instead of just telling you that you didn't earn any.