Twisted League

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Twisted League
Twisted League logo.png
Type Leagues
Open date 14 November 2019
End date 16 January 2020
Update blog The Twisted League
Removal update Twisted League Reward Shop and Game Improvements

The Twisted League is the first iteration of Old School RuneScape Leagues.

In the Twisted League, players were restricted to Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands, and were not able to trade with other players. The Twisted League started on 14 November 2019 and ended on 16 January 2020.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Area restriction[edit | edit source]

Players were restricted to Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. Any successful attempt to escape from Kourend and Kebos resulted in being teleported back to the respawn point.

  • The respawn location was set to Kourend Castle
  • Ports aside from the one that goes from one end of Kourend and Kebos to the other will not work
  • All teleports will only work if the destination is within Kourend and Kebos
  • The Ancient and Lunar spellbooks were not accessible
  • All clues obtained only have steps that can be completed within Kourend and Kebos
  • Player-owned houses were set and locked to the Hosidius location.

Additional rules[edit | edit source]

  • No trading was to take place between players
  • Experience gains were multiplied by 5 times throughout the entire league, including XP from experience lamps.
  • Selected shops had increased supplies and accelerated restocking rates
  • Shops contain barbarian rods, anti-dragon shields, and pestle and mortar
  • Slayer can be started from level 5 combat by speaking to Konar. She has a new Kourend and Kebos defined task list which includes some tasks specific to the Twisted League. Her tasks no longer have area restrictions but still award brimstone keys.

Starting stats[edit | edit source]

Players start out with a fresh account with the basic stats, besides the following to allow for the ability to do Barbarian Fishing and train Herblore:

Players will also receive the same starting items upon leaving tutorial island.

Quest unlocks[edit | edit source]

In order to be able to obtain and wield certain items or level specific skills players will have the following quests unlocked:

Other quest-locked equipment, including the dragon scimitar, dragon dagger, dragon longsword, dragon battleaxe and dragon mace, are not usable.

Diary unlocks[edit | edit source]

The following Kourend & Kebos Diary tasks are automatically completed:

  • Travel to the Fairy Ring south of Mount Karuulm
  • Cast Monster Examine on a Troll south of Mount Quidamortem

Item drop changes[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Pets obtained during leagues are automatically insured for no cost. Unlocked pets are to be available in future leagues.
  • If a pet is lost, it can be reclaimed for free by talking to the Leagues Tutor.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks in the Twisted League allow players to earn league points and unlock relics that buff their character. Tasks span five different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. In the league, there are 495 different tasks to complete, ranging from reaching a certain level in a skill to getting a certain amount of boss kills. The points awarded for each difficulty level are:

Difficulty Points
Easy 10
Medium 50
Hard 100
Elite 250
Master 500

Relics[edit | edit source]

A player unlocks a relic in the Twisted League.

Relics are powerful buffs that are unlocked with League Points. Upon leaving Tutorial Island, players are presented with three Relics to choose from without the need for points.

Once players choose a Relic of a tier, they will be permanently unlocked, but cannot change their Relic selection for that tier.

Tier 1 (0 points)[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
Abyssal Accumulator detail.png
Abyssal Accumulator
  • Players save 85% of their ammunition and runes.
Endless Endurance detail.png
Endless Endurance
Dark Altar Devotion detail.png
Dark Altar Devotion
  • Bones dropped by monsters are automatically buried, and grant quadruple the normal experience.
  • The rate in which a player's prayer is drained is halved.
  • Ensouled heads now drop two at a time.

Tier 2 (400 points)[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
Hardcore Harvester detail.png
Hardcore Harvester
  • Players will receive triple the usual amount of resources from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, harvesting herbs, the blast mine and farming contracts. These additional resources do not grant bonus XP.
  • Players will receive triple the usual amount of Molch pearls from Aerial Fishing.
  • Farming ticks will occur every minute instead of every five minutes.
Arcane Courier detail.png
Arcane Courier
  • All supply crates from the Wintertodt, as well as resources gathered from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming and the blast mine are automatically sent to the bank.
Unnatural Selection detail.png
Unnatural Selection

Tier 3 (1,200 points)[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
Eye of the Artisan detail.png
Eye of the Artisan
  • Players receive double the usual amount of experience in Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Herblore, Fletching, Crafting and Construction. This stacks with any existing experience multipliers.
Gift of the Gatherer detail.png
Gift of the Gatherer
  • Players receive double the usual amount of experience in Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Hunter, Thieving, Farming and Runecraft. This stacks with any existing experience multipliers.
Way of the Warrior detail.png
Way of the Warrior
  • Players receive double the usual amount of experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged and Prayer. This stacks with any existing experience multipliers.

Tier 4 (2,500 points)[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
Spirit of Dinh detail.png
Spirit of Dinh
  • Players will take no damage from the Wintertodt's attacks.
  • The Wintertodt's attacks will no longer interrupt a player's actions.
  • Supply crates now give triple the usual amount of loot.
Konar's Blessing detail.png
Konar's Blessing
  • Players gain a 10% increase in accuracy and damage for all attack styles, or 30% if the monster is assigned to the player as part of a Slayer task.
Treasure Seeker detail.png
Treasure Seeker
  • NPCs that drop clue scrolls now have a flat 1/10 chance of dropping them.
  • Clue geodes, nests and bottles are now found ten times more often from all skilling activities from which they can be found.
  • All un-started clues are stackable.
  • All clues have the lowest number of steps possible for their tier.

Tier 5 (5,000 points)[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
Xeric's Focus detail.png
Xeric's Focus
  • The attack speed of all weapons are sped up by 1, including magic spells. Special attacks with instant attacks such as the dragon thrownaxe are unaffected.
Xeric's Resilience detail.png
Xeric's Resilience
  • Players take 50% less damage from all monsters.
  • Prayer is restored at a rate of 1 point every 3.6 seconds.
Xeric's Wisdom detail.png
Xeric's Wisdom
  • Players receive double the usual amount of experience from all skills. This stacks with any existing experience multipliers.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In addition to the league-to-league rewards, you can unlock several rewards for use in the main game.

At the end of the League you will be able to claim a cosmetic wieldable trophy representing the tier you placed in. Bronze to Mithril trophies are shield slot items, Adamant to Dragon trophies are two-handed items. The trophies have a unique emote that can be activated by right-clicking the trophy. All trophies are untradeable, can be claimed for free and can be placed on a trophy pedestal inside the League hall of a player-owned house.

Top percent Reward Points


1% Twisted dragon trophy.png Dragon trophy 20,830
5% Twisted rune trophy.png Rune trophy 10,820
20% Twisted adamant trophy.png Adamant trophy 5,270
40% Twisted mithril trophy.png Mithril trophy 1,770
60% Twisted steel trophy.png Steel trophy 510
80% Twisted iron trophy.png Iron trophy 80
100% Twisted bronze trophy.png Bronze trophy 10

Your earned league points will be converted to reward currency in the main game to spend on the following tradeable rewards:

Old School RuneScape Twisted League (7).png
  • Cosmetic outfits
    • Three tiers of cosmetic outfits representing the Twisted League
    • Can be stored in your player-owned house
    • Each tier costs more points
      • Tier 1 costs 1000 League Points
      • Tier 2 costs 2500 League Points
      • Tier 3 costs 10000 League Points
Old School RuneScape Twisted League (8).png
Old School RuneScape Twisted League (10).gif
Old School RuneScape Twisted League (11).png
  • Twisted blueprints
    • Can be used to unlock a Twisted League themed house style
    • Blueprints are returned when changing house style to something else
    • Costs 4000 League Points
Old School RuneScape Twisted League (9).gif