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Twisted League
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Supplies[edit | edit source]

Tools[edit | edit source]

Before training any Construction, it is important to purchase a Player-owned house from the Estate agent in Hosidius for 1000 coins. For early training at the Wintertodt, a hammer to repair the braziers can be picked up for free near the prison's gates. For higher-level Construction training that requires a saw, the only way to obtain one is to buy it from the sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild, which requires level 60 Woodcutting and 75% Hosidius Favour to enter.

Planks[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to obtain planks is by processing logs into planks at the sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild. These logs can either be pulled out of the nearby bank within the guild, or chopped on demand at any of the numerous regular trees and oak trees in the guild. In either case, once the logs are processed into planks, they can be stored in the bank for later use in training Construction at in the player's player-owned house. Besides the regular and oak trees spread across the continent, two mahogany trees can be found north of the Farming Guild, which can be useful for specific high-level Construction furniture.

Plank Exp Cost GP/XP
Plank.png Normal 145 100 0.69
Oak plank.png Oak 300 250 0.83
Teak plank.png Teak 450 500 1.11
Mahogany plank.png Mahogany 700 1,500 2.14

Gangsters and gang bosses encountered in the Tackle organised crime activity often drop noted planks of different varieties, which can be stocked up to use for later training. The Chambers of Xeric can also reward noted teak planks and mahogany planks, potentially in very large quantities. The Wintertodt supply crates also have a chance of rewarding noted logs in small quantities, which can be saved up and processed into more planks at the sawmill.

Training[edit | edit source]

1+ : Wintertodt Braziers[edit | edit source]

While fighting the Wintertodt, repairing a broken brazier gives Construction experience equal to 20 times the player's current Construction level. The amount of times a player will have an opportunity to repair a brazier depends on the size of the group at the Wintertodt. With larger groups, it is possible to subdue the Wintertodt while suffering only a few broken braziers. Fighting the Wintertodt solo or in a small group can lead to more broken braziers, and thus more Construction experience per run.

1+ : Player-owned house[edit | edit source]

Training by building furniture within the player's Player-owned house does not change much at different Construction levels, besides the rate at which the player gains experience. Whether the player is using oak planks or mahogany planks, the way to maximise experience gains is to find the easiest way to travel between the player's house and a bank. For this, it is highly recommended that the player has a Xeric's talisman, as it has multiple useful teleports and takes up no inventory space, leaving more room for planks and tools.

With the Xeric's talisman, the Xeric's Glade teleport brings the player to Hosidius, just north of the POH portal. From there, it is just a short run south to the house, at which point the player can use up all their planks for Construction training. After using their planks, the Xeric's Inferno teleport takes the player to Lovakengj, just south of a bank in the Blast mine. Alternatively, once unlocked with an ancient tablet, the Xeric's Honour teleport takes the player very close to a bank atop Mount Quidamortem. At high Construction levels, a basic jewellery box and its unlimited teleports to the Wintertodt could also be used for fast banking.

While training at the player-owned house, the actual furniture the player wishes to build depends on their Construction level and what kind of planks they have. It is important to remember that when building with regular planks, the player must also bring along nails, which can be bought from the sawmill. A list of some commonly-built Construction items is as follows:

Level Furniture Materials Experience Notes
1 Crude wooden chair 2 x Plank.pngPlank , 2 x Nails.gifNails 290 Lowest possible furniture that can be built.
4 Wooden bookcase 4 x Plank.pngPlank , 4 x Nails.gifNails 575
15 Repair bench 2 x Oak plank.pngOak plank 600 Lowest level Oak furniture.
22 Oak dining table 4 x Oak plank.pngOak plank 1200
33 Oak larder 8 x Oak plank.pngOak plank 2400
35 Teak armchair 2 x Teak plank.pngTeak plank 900 Lowest level Teak furniture.
38 Teak table 4 x Teak plank.pngTeak plank 1800
40 Mahogany bookcase 3 x Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank 2100 Lowest level Mahogany furniture.
52 Mahogany table 6 x Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank 4200

Notable Unbuildable Items[edit | edit source]

Within the limitations of Twisted League, there is no way to obtain many Construction materials, most notably Gold leaf, Marble blocks, and Magic stones. This prevents the player from building some top-tier pieces of Construction furniture. A list of notable unbuildable items is as follows:

Item Notes
Mahogany eagle lectern Because this lectern can not be built, it is impossible to make Teleport to house tablets.
Teak shelves 2 These shelves are the only way to get a +3 Construction boost from a Cup of tea. Oak shelves 2 may be built for a +2 Construction Boost in Twisted League.
Marble altar/Gilded altar The best possible altar the player can make is the Limestone altar. All incense burners have an equivalent effect.
Mounted xeric's talisman While the Xeric's talisman can be obtained within the League, mounting the item requires a Gold leaf, and is thus impossible.
Dark altar The POH Dark altar requires a Magic stone, so it can not be built. Instead the player must travel to the actual Dark Altar to switch to the Arceuus spellbook.
Fancy rejuvenation pool/Ornate rejuvenation pool The best pool available to the player is the Rejuvenation pool, which restores Prayer, Energy, and Special Attack. Note: the only way to build a Revitalisation pool is by trading clean Torstol to Dr Jekyll for Stamina potions.
Fancy jewellery box/Ornate jewellery box The player can make the Basic jewellery box, which could be useful for its unlimited teleports to the Wintertodt.