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Twisted League
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Supplies[edit | edit source]

General Tools[edit | edit source]

A Tool store 4, with all its crafting moulds on display.

The easiest place to get basic Crafting tools is the Little Shop of Horace in Hosidius, which sells Shears, Needles, and Thread. For more advanced Crafting materials, many are only available through various Tool stores placed within the player's house. The Tool store 3 is the only way to get a Glassblowing pipe within the League, and the same is true with Tool store 4 and its various crafting moulds. A Holy mould can be found in the Monk camp south of Hosidius.

Gems[edit | edit source]

The traditional Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond gems can all be obtained from a variety of sources, in both cut and uncut form. However, there are no methods by which to obtain the semi-precious Opal, Jade, and Red topaz gems.

Uncut dragonstones can be obtained as a common drop of ten noted gems from Skotizo, or as a rare single drop from Brutal black dragons. Cut Dragonstones are also on the Standard Rare Drop Table, meaning there is a rare chance for them to be dropped from Fire giants, Sulphur Lizards, Mutated Bloodvelds, and Lizardman shamans.

Skotizo has a 1/1,000 chance of dropping an Uncut onyx, though it is much more likely for players to get an Onyx drop from Tekton in the Chambers of Xeric, who drops it at rate from 1/70 and 1/450.

Training[edit | edit source]

1+ : Fixing ploughs[edit | edit source]

Starting at 0%, the only way to gain Hosidius favour is to use a Plough to plough fields in the south of the city. Occasionally, these Ploughs can break, and must be fixed with a hammer. Fixing the Plough gives 50 Crafting experience each time, so it would only take 24 fixes to reach level 10 Crafting, at which point the player can make Bow strings for faster experience.

1+ : Balls of wool[edit | edit source]

Another easy method to train Crafting starting at level 1 is by shearing Sheep for their Wool, and spinning it into a Ball of wool at a Spinning wheel. The best place to do this is at Watson's house in Hosidius, which has a Spinning wheel inside and plenty of Sheep in the back yard. Each Ball of wool gives 12.5 experience when spun, so it would take 93 Balls of wool to reach level 10 Crafting just by making Balls of wool. The Balls of wool can be dropped after spinning or banked at the nearby Hosidius Kitchen, for use in future Jewellery crafting or for making Dynamite.

1+ : Molten glass[edit | edit source]

Many players will have left over buckets of sand from completing the favour for Piscarilius House, should they have banked the buckets. Players can now pick up seaweed from the beaches around the Hosidius area, turn the seaweed in soda ash at a fire, and combine with the buckets of sand to make molten glass at a furnace. Each molten glass grants 20 experience. The molten glass can be turned into more crafting experience once a glassblowing pipe has been obtained from a POH. Assuming a player gained ~100 buckets of sand from doing the favour requirements for Piscarilius House, crafting 100 molten glass will allow a player to reach level 27.

8+ : Bird house[edit | edit source]

At level 8 crafting the ablility to create clockwork is unlocked, requiring level 25 construction. This method requires a lot of steel bars, with each bar granting 300 Crafting experience at level 8. The crafting experience gained increases with each type of wood used, finishing off at 700 Crafting experience from redwood bird houses.

10+ : Bow strings[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Xerician robes.

At level 10 Crafting, it is possible to spin Flax into Bow strings at a Spinning wheel. The easiest way to do this is to stock up on Flax by picking it at Land's End behind the northernmost building, or north of the Hosidius cow field and banking it, and then to use the bank in the Hosidius Kitchen to quickly spin the Flax into Bow strings at Watson's house nearby. Each Bow string gives 75 Crafting experience, and up to 750 can be made per hour on average, for up to 56k Crafting experience per hour. Bow strings are very useful for later Fletching training and moneymaking, as strung bows sell and alch for significantly more than their unstrung versions.

14+ : Xerician robes[edit | edit source]

Starting at level 14 Crafting, it is possible to make various pieces of the Xerician robes set with Thread, a Needle, and enough Xerician fabric. This can be a good way to passively gain some Crafting experience while training combat on Lizardmen, or while stealing from the Stone chest in the Lizardman Temple. Each piece of Xerician fabric equates to 110 Crafting experience, no matter which piece of the robes set is made. Crafting the Xerician hat requires level 14 Crafting, the Xerician robe requires level 17 Crafting, and the Xerician top requires level 22 Crafting.

16+ : Unstrung symbols[edit | edit source]

With at least level 20 Smithing and level 16 Crafting, Silver ore can be processed into Silver bars, and then into Unstrung symbols using a Holy mould. This yields a total of 68.5 Smithing experience and 250 Crafting experience per Unstrung symbol. This training method is not recommended as a dedicated process, but rather can be a good way to use quantities of noted Silver ore from the Chambers of Xeric, Wintertodt Supply crates, or Sulphur Lizard drops. At level 23 Crafting, Tiaras can be made instead of Unstrung symbols, for slightly more Crafting experience per Silver ore.

38+ : Arceuus Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

While most useful for its Runecraft experience, making Blood runes or Soul runes also gives some Crafting experience along the way. Every Dense essence block gives 40 Crafting experience when mined, and another 40 Crafting experience when broken into Dark essence fragments. While making Blood runes, for every 100k Runecraft experience the player should expect around 16k Crafting experience as well. Similarly, 100k Runecraft experience from making Soul runes should yield about 13k Crafting experience. Training by Arceuus runecrafting requires 100% Arceuus favour, level 38 Mining, level 38 Crafting, and either level 77 or level 90 Runecraft, depending on which rune is being crafted.

73+ : Red dragonhide armour[edit | edit source]

The Scorched Grotto within the Forthos Dungeon.

The Forthos Dungeon under Hosidius has plenty of Red dragons along with Eodan, who can tan their Red dragonhide drops into Red dragon leather. This makes it possible create a self-sustaining loop of killing dragons, tanning their hides, crafting the hides into pieces of Red dragonhide armour, then alching the result. Each piece of Red dragon leather equates to 390 Crafting experience, with hourly rates of up to 30,000 Crafting experience per hour (though personal rates will be highly dependent on the player's combat gear and ability to quickly kill Red dragons). While not the fastest way to train Crafting, it can be a good way to train Prayer, train Crafting, and make some coins at the same time.