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Twisted League
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Information[edit | edit source]

Most Fishing equipment can be sourced from Tynan's Fishing Supplies, in Port Piscarilius. One notable exception to this are regular Fly fishing rods (and Feather packs for use as bait), which are only available at the Warrens Fish Monger in The Warrens. Accessing The Warrens requires at least partial completion of The Queen of Thieves to access, which in turn requires at least 20% Piscarilius favour. Besides the two regular Fishing shops, Alry the Angler also sells specialty Fishing equipment for Molch pearls, which are earned through Aerial fishing.

Training[edit | edit source]

1+ : Small net fishing[edit | edit source]

A player fishing on with a Small fishing net.

From level 1 Fishing, the only way to train is by fishing at Small fishing net spots for Raw shrimp. Small net fishing spots can be found all along the coast of Great Kourend, with spots on the north-west side of Port Piscarilius, on the coast just east of Hosidius, on the south coast near the Sand Crabs, and all around Land's End. The ones near Hosidius and Port Piscarilius both have a range in a nearby house, making them excellent locations to train low-level Fishing and Cooking in tandem.

20+ : Fly fishing[edit | edit source]

From level 20 Fishing onward, fishing with a Fly fishing rod at various river Rod Fishing spots is the fastest way to train. Within Great Kourend, Rod Fishing spots can be found in the pond just east of Kingstown, on the river just east of the Hosidius Kitchen, and on the river just south of Watson's house. There is another Rod Fishing spot located in the Kebos Lowlands, on the River Molch just south of the Farming Guild. Players wishing to train Cooking alongside Fishing can use spot near the Hosidius Kitchen, or bring an axe and Tinderbox to make their own fire.

While catching just Raw trout, players should expect up to 160,000 Fishing experience per hour. This rate increases to up to 210,000 Fishing experience per hour once players hit level 30 and can catch Raw salmon as well.

43+ : Aerial fishing[edit | edit source]

From as low as level 43 Fishing, Aerial fishing is available as an alternative training method that combines both Fishing and Hunter. The activity is noticeably more click-intensive than regular fishing, but has the benefit of giving Hunter experience as well as Molch pearls, which can be exchanged for unique rewards at Alry the Angler's Angling Accessories. Each "tier" of fish caught through this activity has both a Hunter and Fishing level requirement, with the lowest level fish requiring level 43 Fishing and level 35 Hunter.

48+ : Barbarian fishing[edit | edit source]

Expected experience rates as a function of fishing level, without Twisted League's 5x experience multiplier. (No tick manipulation)

Starting as low as level 48 Fishing, Barbarian fishing is an alternative training method that gives Fishing, Agility, and Strength experience all in the same activity. Barbarian fishing spots are located at the lake at Mount Quidamortem. This is particularly useful for the Agility experience, as there are few ways to train Agility around Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. From level 48 Fishing to level 58 Fishing, the experience rates are slower than that of regular Fly fishing rod fishing, but the Agility experience that Barbarian fishing gives can make it a worthwhile to do even at lower levels. From level 70 Fishing onward, Barbarian fishing is by far the fastest Fishing training method, reaching up to 300,000 experience per hour at high Fishing levels.

Each fish caught through Barbarian fishing has a required Strength and Agility level to catch, along with the usual Fishing level requirements. For example, the lowest level Leaping trout requires level 15 Strength and Agility to catch, along with level 48 Fishing. While training at Barbarian fishing, for every 100,000 experience gained in Fishing, the player should expect around 9,000 Agility and Strength experience as well.

Additionally, some players opt to use tick manipulation to further increase experience rates while doing this activity. Tick manipulation gives about a 66% increase in experience per hour, as it takes the usual 5-tick fishing action and shortens it to just 3 ticks.

76+ : Shark fishing[edit | edit source]

While not the best in terms of Fishing experience per hour, some players may want to fish for Raw sharks to cook into Sharks and use as food. Shark fishing spots can be found near Land's End, on the sand bar east of Hosidius, on the south coast of Great Kourend near the Sand Crabs, and on the west coast near the Farming Guild. Of those, the fishing spot near Land's End is the closest to a bank, where Raw sharks can be stored for later cooking (such as at the Hosidius Kitchen).

82+ : Anglerfish[edit | edit source]

Much like Sharks, Raw anglerfish are often caught for use as food, especially as the cooked Anglerfish has the unique ability to boost a player over their maximum Hitpoints. Additionally, from level 93 Hitpoints onward, Anglerfish heal for 22 Hitpoints each, making them simply the best food available across Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. Catching Anglerfish requires 100% Port Piscarilius favour, as well as their unique Sandworms as bait. The only spots to fish for Anglerfish are found on the north-east side of Port Piscarilius, with a bank nearby for convenient storage.