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General Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Little Shop of Horace, in Hosidius.

Vials of water can be bought in packs of 100 at both the Little Shop of Horace and Regath's Wares. A pestle and mortar is also available from Regath's Wares.

Herb Collection[edit | edit source]

Farming[edit | edit source]

One of the primary ways to get herbs is through Farming them. There are two herb patches within Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands: one in Hosidius and one in the Farming Guild. Herb farming runs can be started at low Farming and Herblore levels, and only improve in speed and efficiency over time. Farming is also the only reliable way to get large amounts of a specific herb, which can be useful if the player needs a specific type of potion for combat or other training. There are a number of ways to get herb seeds to farm, such as from Farming contracts, thieving master farmers, and from various monster drops. At high Thieving levels, master farmers are a good option for dedicated herb seed collection, providing up to 170k Herblore experience worth of seeds in an hour of pickpocketing.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Another common source of herbs is through combat, oftentimes through training Slayer. Common monsters like deviant spectres consistently drop grimy herbs, allowing for either dedicated herb collection by killing them or passive herb collection while training Slayer. If possible, it is recommended to bring a herb sack while killing monsters that drop large amounts of grimy herbs, to allow for longer trips and more herbs to be collected. Additionally, completing the Chambers of Xeric has a chance of rewarding significant amounts of noted herbs, which can be a nice source of bonus Herblore experience while raiding.

Wintertodt[edit | edit source]

While not a great source, the Wintertodt will give small amounts of herbs while training Firemaking. The exact type and amount of herbs is dependent on the player's Herblore level. The amount of herbs rewarded from this activity is not significant enough to rely on for long-term training, but it can be a good way to get some early Herblore levels while training other skills at the Wintertodt.

Secondary Collection[edit | edit source]

Secondary Potions made Herblore Level Primary How to obtain
Eye of newt.pngEye of newt Attack potion.pngAttack potion 3 Guam potion (unf).pngGuam potion (unf) Easily purchased in packs of 100 at Regath's Wares. Also dropped by undead Druids.
Super attack.pngSuper attack 45 Irit potion (unf).pngIrit potion (unf)
Unicorn horn dust.pngUnicorn horn dust Antipoison.pngAntipoison 5 Marrentill potion (unf).pngMarrentill potion (unf) Ground from unicorn horns. Unicorns can be found around Hosidius and along the coast south of the Woodcutting Guild.
Superantipoison.pngSuperantipoison 48 Irit potion (unf).pngIrit potion (unf)
Limpwurt root.pngLimpwurt root Strength potion.pngStrength potion 12 Tarromin potion (unf).pngTarromin potion (unf) Can be farmed from limpwurt seeds. Relatively common drop from Hobgoblins, which can be found on the coast east of Hosidius.
Super strength.pngSuper strength 55 Kwuarm potion (unf).pngKwuarm potion (unf)
Red spiders' eggs.pngRed spiders' eggs Restore potion.pngRestore potion 22 Harralander potion (unf).pngHarralander potion (unf) Collected in the Forthos Dungeon from off the ground, or by killing Temple Spiders. Sarachnis also uncommonly drops a giant egg sac, which can be opened for 100 eggs.
Super restore.pngSuper restore 63 Snapdragon potion (unf).pngSnapdragon potion (unf)
Weapon poison+.pngWeapon poison+ 73 Coconut milk.pngCoconut milk [1] and Cactus spine.pngCactus spine [2]
Chocolate dust.pngChocolate dust Energy potion.pngEnergy potion 26 Harralander potion (unf).pngHarralander potion (unf) Ground from chocolate bars. Chocolate bars can be bought in large amounts from the Kourend Castle Baker's Stall.
White berries.pngWhite berries Defence potion.pngDefence potion 30 Ranarr potion (unf).pngRanarr potion (unf) Can be farmed at level 59 Farming. Also uncommonly dropped by undead Druids and brutal red dragons.
Super defence.pngSuper defence 66 Cadantine potion (unf).pngCadantine potion (unf)
Snape grass.pngSnape grass Prayer potion.pngPrayer potion 38 Ranarr potion (unf).pngRanarr potion (unf) Can be farmed at level 61 Farming. The peninsula north-east of Hosidius also has 10 natural spawns, with a nearby bank at the Vinery.
Fishing potion.pngFishing potion 50 Avantoe potion (unf).pngAvantoe potion (unf)
Dragon scale dust.pngDragon scale dust Weapon poison.pngWeapon poison 60 Kwuarm potion (unf).pngKwuarm potion (unf) Ground from blue dragon scales. These are dropped uncommonly from brutal blue dragons.
Antifire potion.pngAntifire potion 69 Lantadyme potion (unf).pngLantadyme potion (unf)
Yew roots.pngYew roots Antidote+.pngAntidote+ 68 Coconut milk.pngCoconut milk[1] and Toadflax.pngToadflax Dug up from yew trees farmed with yew seeds in the Farming Guild's intermediate tier, which requires level 65 Farming to enter.
Wine of zamorak.pngWine of zamorak Ranging potion.pngRanging potion 72 Dwarf weed potion (unf).pngDwarf weed potion (unf) Uncommonly dropped from undead Druids. Can also be made with Zamorak's grapes, farmed with grape seeds and Bologa's blessings at the Vinery.
Potato cactus.pngPotato cactus Magic potion.pngMagic potion 76 Lantadyme potion (unf).pngLantadyme potion (unf) Can be farmed at level 64 Farming. Also uncommonly dropped by undead Druids.
Jangerberries.pngJangerberries Zamorak brew.pngZamorak brew 78 Torstol potion (unf).pngTorstol potion (unf) Can be farmed at level 48 Farming. Can also be stolen from fruit Stalls in Hosidius at level 25 Thieving.
Magic roots.pngMagic roots Antidote++.pngAntidote++ 79 Coconut milk.pngCoconut milk[1] and Irit leaf.pngIrit leaf Dug up from Magic trees farmed with Magic seeds, which requires level 75 Farming, in the Farming guild.
Crushed nest.pngCrushed nest Saradomin brew.pngSaradomin brew 81 Toadflax potion (unf).pngToadflax potion (unf) Ground from bird nests. The only way to obtain Bird nests is through a lucky drops while training Woodcutting. Saradomin brews can also be obtained from the grubby chest in the Forthos Dungeon.
Lava scale shard.pngLava scale shard Extended antifire.pngExtended antifire 84 Antifire potion(4).pngAntifire potion(4) Ground from lava scales. Lava scales are an uncommon drop from brutal black dragons.
Torstol.pngTorstol Super combat potion.pngSuper combat potion 90 Super attack.pngSuper attackSuper strength.pngSuper strengthSuper defence.pngSuper defence Combine the properties of super attack, super strength, and super defence potions. with a Torstol.
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Coconuts are farmable in the Farming Guild's advanced tier, which requires level 85 Farming to enter. It can also can be dropped by Nature Implings, requiring level 68 Hunter to catch barehanded.
  2. ^ Cactus spines are farmable at the Farming Guild with level 55 Farming. It can also can be dropped by Nature Implings, requiring level 68 Hunter to catch barehanded.