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Twisted League
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Supplies[edit | edit source]

A Butterfly net, Bird snares, and Box traps can all be found in crates around Land's End. The crates will prevent the player from taking another piece of equipment if they already have one, but this limit can be easily bypassed by dropping the equipment on the floor before searching the crate for another. For Aerial fishing, Alry the Angler provides the Cormorant's glove for free, and King worms can be found on the island at Lake Molch for some starter bait.

Training[edit | edit source]

1+ : Crimson swifts[edit | edit source]

A crimson swift being caught.

The easiest way to train Hunter from level 1 to level 9 is by catching Crimson swifts in the hunting area in the south-west corner of the Kebos Swamp. Each bird gives 170 Hunter experience when caught, so it only takes six catches before the player can move on to catching Copper longtails in the Kourend Woodland. The Red feathers obtained while catching the birds can be used for some early Fletching training by turning them into Headless arrows.

1-9 : Guanic Bats[edit | edit source]

Guanic bats are found in the Chambers of Xeric and give 25 experience per catch. Compared to Crimson swifts they are much more easily caught, so this method may be faster.

9+ : Copper longtails[edit | edit source]

Copper longtails can be found throughout the Kourend Woodland, and can be hunted using a Bird snare sourced from Land's End. Each copper longtail gives 305 Hunter experience when caught, with the hourly experience rate varying greatly depending on the player's Hunter level and luck. At level 20 Hunter, the player can lay down two snares at once, significantly increasing training rates. At level 40, this number increases to three snares at once, further speeding up the process. The Orange feathers obtained while catching the birds can be used for some early Fletching training by turning them into Headless arrows.

15+ : Bucket of Sandworms[edit | edit source]

Bucket of sandworms can be dug once you have 30% Piscarilius favour. Each sandworm dug up will give players 50 Hunter experience. You will need 234 Bucket of Sandworm to get from 30% to 100% favour, which will give players a total of 11,700 Hunter experience.

12-26: The Ascent of Arceuus[edit | edit source]

The Ascent of Arceuus requires 12 Hunter and takes about fifteen minutes. The quest gives 7,500 Hunter experience, which is enough to get from level 12 to level 26.

35+ : Aerial fishing[edit | edit source]

Starting as low as level 35 Hunter, Aerial fishing is a hybrid training activity combining Hunter training and Fishing training. This can be a good way combine training the two skills to add some variety to the training process, and is the only way to obtain the unique rewards sold at Alry the Angler's Angling Accessories. Every fish caught for Aerial fishing has a Fishing level requirement as well as a Hunter level requirement, with the lowest-level Bluegills requiring level 43 Fishing along with level 35 Hunter to catch.

53+ : Chinchompas[edit | edit source]

File:Chinchompa location 2.png
The only location to hunt for Chinchompas within the Kourend Woodland.

From level 53 Hunter onward, catching Chinchompas in the Kourend Woodland is the fastest way to train Hunter. Each Chinchompa caught gives 992 Hunter experience. At levels 60 and 80 Hunter, the player gains the ability to place down four and five traps at the same time, respectively. There is only a single group of Chinchompas in the Kourend Woodland, potentially making it a highly-contested training spot.