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Twisted League
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Training[edit | edit source]

Sand Crabs/Rock Crabs[edit | edit source]

Killing Sand Crabs on the coast south of Hosidius is a popular low-effort training method, especially at low levels. Similar to Sand Crabs, Rock Crabs are another popular low-effort training method. These can be found on the west side of Mount Quidamortem. They both have relatively high Hitpoints, low offensive and defensive combat stats, and are naturally aggressive towards the player. This makes it easy to stand near a group of crabs and stay in combat for long periods of time with no player input, allowing for long, consistent training sessions with minimal attention needed.

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Like other combat skills, melee skills will naturally be trained while completing Slayer tasks for Konar quo Maten.

Barbarian Fishing[edit | edit source]

Training Fishing with Barbarian Fishing gives small amounts of Agility and Strength experience along with the Fishing experience. For every 100,000 Fishing experience gained through Barbarian Fishing, the player should expect about 9,000 Strength experience as well. This means that if the player trains Fishing to level 99 exclusively through Barbarian Fishing, they would get more than one million Strength experience as a byproduct. It is best to do Barbarian Fishing as early as possible, as the passive Strength experience has a much bigger benefit at lower levels than higher.

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