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Twisted League
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Coins are useful for a variety of purposes in Twisted League, including:

The following are some of the best methods to gain coins.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The five novice quests (besides Client of Kourend) all reward coins, and none have particularly high requirements:

Pickpocketing[edit | edit source]

Men and Women are found throughout Great Kourend, including near Kourend Castle and in Port Piscarilius. Pickpocketing them gives 3 coins, and is a good way to get a small amount of money at the very beginning to buy tools.

Kourend guards can also be pickpocketed at 40 Thieving for 30 coins.

Stealing Silk[edit | edit source]

Stealing silk from silk stalls, requiring 20 thieving, is a decent way of making money in the early game. Stealing an inventory of silk, waiting for the trader to forget you stole from him, and then selling the silk back to him for 60 GP each nets you a pure profit of 1680 gp.

Fletching and selling unstrung bows[edit | edit source]

Cut trees and use a knife to make unstrung bows, before selling them to a general store. Most general stores have a lot of trees around, but in particular:

The price a general store offers will decrease if more items are sold to it. This can be reduced by world hopping. Alternatively, Jennifer's General Field Supplies in Shayzien reduces her price by only 0.75% per item sold, compared to 7.5% for most other stores.

Bow Fletching level Sells for
Shortbow (u).png Shortbow (u) 5 9
Longbow (u).png Longbow (u) 10 24
Oak shortbow (u).png Oak shortbow (u) 20 20
Oak longbow (u).png Oak longbow (u) 25 32
Willow shortbow (u).png Willow shortbow (u) 35 40
Willow longbow (u).png Willow longbow (u) 40 64
Maple shortbow (u).png Maple shortbow (u) 50 80
Maple longbow (u).png Maple longbow (u) 55 128
Yew shortbow (u).png Yew shortbow (u) 65 160
Yew longbow (u).png Yew longbow (u) 70 256

Wintertodt[edit | edit source]

Supply crates from playing Wintertodt give 2000-5000 coins at a 36/180 rate per roll, in addition to a variety of other useful materials, and lots of Firemaking experience. At two rolls per crate, this should be enough to make 10,000 to 20,000 coins per hour.

Slayer[edit | edit source]

At high levels, Slayer is the best way to make money, as nearly all Slayer monsters drop lots of coins outright. Most also drop items that are great for High Level Alchemy, which require hard-to-obtain nature runes. Nature runes are dropped commonly by big frogs, Temple Spiders, Undead Druids and Drakes.