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Training[edit | edit source]

Slayer is trained by completing Slayer tasks for Konar quo Maten. This can be started at as low as Combat level 5, though players may prefer to wait for higher stats and better equipment before starting to train Slayer in earnest. The exact weight of the task list is yet to be determined, but the list contains monsters found throughout Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. Players who chose the relic "Unnatural Selection" are advised to talk to Konar quo Maten and choose "Let's talk about the difficulty of my assignments". That way players are able to choose slayer tasks from the whole list without being restricted by their combat level.

The two exceptions to "Unnatural Selection" are Cow and Sand Crab tasks. These two cannot be chosen after you've passed combat level 50. As a result of this, the quickest way to earn slayer points is to continually choose Hill Giant tasks. Much like the original version of the game, Slayer offers access to some of the best gear available in the league. See the Twisted League/Guide/Equipment for a complete list of drops.

Available tasks[edit | edit source]

Monster Amount Extended Weight
Aberrant Spectres 50-99 ? ?
Abyssal Demons 135-170 ? ?
Ankou 60-99 ? ?
Banshees 96-142 N/A ?
Black Demons 59-99 ? ?
Bloodveld 130-180 ? ?
Blue Dragons 53-97 N/A ?
Brutal Black Dragons 20-33 ? ?
Cow 27-43 N/A ?
Dagannoth 136-143 N/A ?
Drakes 50-100 N/A ?
Dust Devils 81-150 240-247 ?
Fire Giants 98-146 N/A ?
Greater Demons 80-150 ? ?
Hellhounds 90-146 N/A ?
Hill Giants 25-80 N/A ?
Hydra 100-150 N/A ?
Iron Dragons 25-40 ? ?
Jellies 103-146 N/A ?
Lizardmen[u 1] 87-160 N/A ?
Moss Giants 51-94 N/A ?
Nechryael 90-148 ? ?
Red Dragons[u 2] 50-100 N/A ?
Sand Crabs 45-50 N/A ?
Steel Dragons 10-24 50-56 ?
Sulphur Lizards 50-100 N/A ?
Temple Spiders 50-100 N/A ?
Trolls 84-144 N/A ?
Undead Druids 80-145 N/A ?
Wyrms 130-169 N/A ?
  1. ^ Requires the 'Reptile got ripped' slayer unlock.
  2. ^ Requires the 'Seeing red' slayer unlock.

Slayer Points[edit | edit source]

One of the core mechanics of the Slayer skill are slayer reward points, which can be used to buy useful gear, manage Slayer tasks, and unlock new training methods. Some useful slayer reward point unlocks are as follows:

Reward Cost Notes
Skips 30 Points can be used to skip undesired tasks, though this should be done sparingly at low Slayer levels to try and save points for more important uses.
Bigger and Badder 150 Gives a chance for a superior slayer monster spawning while on certain tasks, with bonus Slayer experience and unique drops.
Broader fletching 300 Allows for fletching broad arrows and broad bolts, which are some of the best ammunition available for general use, and a good way to train Fletching.
Seeing red 50 Unlocks red dragons slayer tasks.
Reptile got ripped 75 Unlocks lizardmen slayer tasks.
Rune pouch 750 The rune pouch allows for three types of runes to be stored in a single inventory space.
Herb sack 750 The herb sack can store up to 30 of each grimy herb in a single inventory space.