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Twisted League
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Information[edit | edit source]

The summit of Mount Karuulm, home of the closest Furnace to a bank.

The closest Furnace to a bank is found atop Mount Karuulm, and the closest Anvil to a bank is the one in north-east Lovakengj and banking in south-east Blast Mine. Some mines like the Lovakengj mine and the Mount Karuulm mine are also fairly close to a furnace, making it possible to train Mining and Smithing in tandem.

Note: Once games necklaces and a Xeric's talisman have been obtained the closest anvil can be reached using the Wintertodt and Inferno teleports, respectively. (this is closer than the Kourend Castle anvil)

Training[edit | edit source]

1+ : Bronze items[edit | edit source]

While training low-level Mining, it can be useful to keep some Tin ore and Copper ore for the early Smithing training. Smelting a Bronze bar gives 31 Smithing experience, and smithing the bar into a bronze item gives 62.5 Smithing experience per bar. This means that it takes only 26 Bronze bars to reach level 15 Smithing, at which point the player can switch over to Iron bars. One training method is to smelt Bronze bars into Bronze knives, Bronze bolts (unf), or Bronze arrowheads, to help with early Fletching and Ranged training.

15+ : Iron items[edit | edit source]

At level 15 Smithing it becomes possible to make Iron items from Iron ore. Smelting an Iron bar gives 62.5 Smithing experience, and smithing the bar into an iron item gives 125 Smithing experience per bar. Making an Iron bar has a 50% chance of failing, unless the player is wearing a Ring of forging, though these can be difficult to acquire especially at low Smithing levels. The Lovakengj mine and the Mount Karuulm mine both have good places to mine Iron ore, and are both close to a Furnace and bank for easy bar-making. Much like with bronze, making Iron knives, Iron bolts (unf), or Iron arrowheads can be good for early Fletching and Ranged training.

30+ : Steel items[edit | edit source]

Making a Steel bar requires one Iron ore and two Coal, and gives 87.5 Smithing experience. Smithing a steel item gives 187.5 Smithing experience per bar used. The Lovakengj mine and the Mount Karuulm mine are good places to make Steel bars, as they have Iron rocks and Coal rocks, and are close to a Furnace and a bank. Making Steel knives, Steel bolts (unf), or Steel arrowheads out of the bars can be good for early Fletching and Ranged training.

50+ : Mithril items[edit | edit source]

Making a Mithril bar requires one Mithril ore and four Coal, and gives 150 Smithing experience. Smithing a mithril item gives 250 Smithing experience per bar used. The Lovakengj mine has a single Mithril rock and a number of Coal rocks, and is close to a furnace and to a bank, making it a good place to mine and smelt Mithril bars in one process. The mine South-west of central Kourend has 2 Mithril rocks and 4 Coal rocks and is near a bank. Like with lower-tier metals, making Mithril knives, Mithril bolts (unf), or Mithril arrowheads can be good for Fletching and Ranged training, though depending on the player's Slayer progress it might be easier to just use Broad arrows and Broad bolts.

70+ : Adamant items[edit | edit source]

Making an Adamant bar requires one Adamantite ore and six Coal, and gives 187.5 Smithing experience. Smithing an adamant item gives 312.5 Smithing experience per bar used. The mine South-west of central Kourend has 2 Adamantite rocks and 4 Coal rocks. One good use for Adamant bars is to make them into Adamant bolts (unf), as Ruby bolts (e) and Diamond bolts (e) are the best bolts available for high-level Ranged combat. Alternatively, the player can smith them into Adamant platebodies to sell or alch for coins.

85+ : Rune items[edit | edit source]

Making a Runite bar requires one Runite ore and eight Coal, and gives 250 Smithing experience. Smithing a rune item gives 375 Smithing experience per bar used. Rune arrowtips can be used to make Rune arrows, which are second-strongest arrows after Dragon arrows. Alternatively, rune armour pieces and weapons can be sold or alched for a good amount of coins.

53+ : Lovakite armour Sets[edit | edit source]

Making Shayzien supply armour sets and turning them in to their appropriate tier NPC is an alternative to traditional metals for levelling smithing. While smelting and smithing a Lovakite bar provides less XP than other metals, turning in the resulting pieces of supply armour provides a large chunk of bonus XP. Combining a helm, chestplate, legs, boots, and gloves of the same tier together in a Shayzien supply crate grants an additional boost to the turn-in bonus. Every tier supply crate gives 675 (boosted to 3375) Mining XP. Additional Smithing XP varies by tier giving 1200/1500/1800/2100/2400 (boosted to 6000/7500/9000/10500/12000) XP.

Making Lovakite armour sets and turning them in provides the most Smithing XP per bar of any metal and is the most efficient use of coal. Tier 1 sets average 695.5 (139.1 before boost) Smithing XP per bar (smelting + smithing + turn-in bonus). This increases up to 1240.1 XP per bar for Tier 5 sets at 93 Smithing. By comparison, smithing Runite bars at level 85 provides only 625 XP per bar (smelting + smithing). The trade-off to training with Lovakite is that no usable items like arrowheads or bolts, or alchable items like weapons or platebodies are retained afterwards.