TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Challenges

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This is a safe activity.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Challenges is a solo combat minigame in the inner area of Mor Ul Rek, located within the Karamja volcano. Offspring of TzTok-Jad, JalTok-Jads have been increasing in numbers, and TzHaar-Ket-Rak, a TzHaar warrior, is tasked with reducing their numbers. He can give out challenges to players to deal with the JalTok-Jad.

A player takes on TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Sixth Challenge.

Players who accept the challenge will face an increasing number of JalTok-Jads per challenge. The first challenge has players fight one, which then unlocks the next challenge, until players face six simultaneously. The first two challenges are available for anyone who is able to enter the inner area of Mor Ul Rek; the next four require players to have completed the Inferno at least once.

Completing a challenge will reward TokKul, with the player's best completion times tracked on a scoreboard nearby. Players who complete all six challenges will unlock a transmogrify option for a pet TzRek-Jad, turning it into JalRek-Jad.

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