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In order to complete the TzHaar Fight Caves more efficiently, one can refer to the following table to predict the spawn location of future waves. There are only 15 possible rotations. The rotation may be predicted based on the first two waves in all but two of the cases. Click on the corresponding link to predict the remaining waves.

Rotations cycle through 15 possible combinations, with one repeating, every 16 minutes. At any given time, the current rotation is defined by current UTC time in hours:minutes and will always be the same from day to day until daylight saving time switch. In order to choose a rotation of your liking, simply enter the caves at a given time corresponding to the rotation

Document showing the current Rotation (Google Docs)

Note that TzTok-Jad will spawn at the same location as the monster that spawns in Wave 3.

For example, if in Wave 1, the first monster spawns centre, and then on Wave 2, the two monsters spawn in the north-west and south-west corner, click the link labelled Rotation 1.

Wave NW C SE S SW Empty Fight Cave Map.png

Rotation Guide
Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Link
C NW SW (SW) Rotation 1
C S SE (SE) Rotation 2
C SE SW (SW) Rotation 3
NW C S (S) Rotation 4
NW C SE (SE) Rotation 5
NW SW SE (SE) Rotation 6
S NW C C S SE Rotation 7
S NW C C SE SW Rotation 8
S SE SW (SW) Rotation 9
SE S NW (NW) Rotation 10
SE SW C (C) Rotation 11
SE SW S (S) Rotation 12
SW C NW (NW) Rotation 13
SW S NW (NW) Rotation 14
SW SE S (S) Rotation 15