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Playing as an Ultimate Ironman is full of unique and interesting challenges, and is very different from a regular account or normal Ironman. While every player's playstyle and progress will be different, this guide aims to give general advice, tips, and suggestions for playing as an Ultimate Ironman. This page has a quick introduction to Ultimate Ironman mode, as well as some guidance on getting started on a new Ultimate Ironman account. More in-depth skill training methods, quest tips, equipment suggestions, and more can be found on their respective pages. These pages can be navigated to using the icons in the top-right of each page, or by the links further down on this page.

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Before getting started as an Ultimate Ironman, it is important to understand all of the unique restrictions of the game mode. Besides the usual restrictions given to every Ironman, Ultimate Ironman are not able to do the following:

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

A player wearing Ultimate ironman armour.

Every adventure starts on Tutorial Island, where Paul can change a player's account mode to Ultimate Ironman mode. Once off of Tutorial Island, it is impossible to become an Ultimate Ironman, though it is possible to "downgrade" an Ultimate Ironman to a normal Ironman or regular account by talking to Adam in Lumbridge. Once on the mainland, it is up to the player to choose their path in terms of what skills, quests, and items they want to prioritise. Some popular early-game activities to try are as follows:

  • Completing the Stronghold of Security rewards 10,000 coins, which is an excellent source of early coins with no requirements.
  • Quest experience rewards can be a great way to jump-start skill training.
  • Additionally, some quests like Recruitment Drive have strict inventory restrictions, so it can be easier to complete them early on with fewer items to manage.
  • Some activities, most notably the Wintertodt, deal damage based on the player's Hitpoints level. This makes it easier to do with low Hitpoints, as you can buy Pineapples from Trader Crewmembers and note them via the Tool Leprechaun; then by using a knife on the unnoted Pineapple, it will create four (4) pineapple rings which heal two (2) Hitpoints each - therefore providing an excellent source of noted food early on.
  • Training Agility early on can be quite useful, as the increased run energy recharge rate will be helpful for many other training methods, quests, and activities.
  • The Easy Ardougne Diary has very minimal requirements, and the Ardougne cloak 1 it rewards can be very useful for early transportation to the area and the nearby Spirit tree and Fairy ring.

Item Management[edit | edit source]

Because of their inability to bank items, Ultimate Ironman players use a variety of creative options to store items beyond the usual 28 inventory spaces available. The most common storage options are the looting bag, Item Retrieval Services, the player-owned house Costume Room, and various STASH units around the world. However, even beyond those, there a number of niche tools and methods for storing various items around the game.

For more information about Item Management, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Item Management.

Moneymaking[edit | edit source]

Because of the restrictions an Ultimate Ironman is placed under, many traditional moneymaking methods are difficult or impossible to perform.

For more information, see Ironman Moneymaking Guide that provides information about what methods are viable for Ironmen and Ultimate Ironmen.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Combat on an Ultimate Ironman can be much more difficult than on a regular account, as various equipment setups, supplies, and drops all can clutter up their limited inventory space. Even preparing for combat has its challenges, with food preparation and potion-making requiring more time and inconvenience than they would with a bank. For this reason, many Ultimate Ironman players opt to use buyable food (such as cooked karambwans, jugs of wine, and potatoes with cheese) rather than cooking it on their own.

For more information about suggested equipment setups or combat training methods, the dedicated pages are as follows:

Skills[edit | edit source]

Training Skills on an Ultimate Ironman can be very similar to that of regular accounts or wildly different, depending on the skill and method. For example, training Firemaking is done much like any other account, progressing from low-level logs to fighting the Wintertodt at higher levels. On the other hand, training skills like Fletching, Smithing, and Prayer must utilise creative methods to get around inventory limitations.

For more information about skills and their training methods, the dedicated pages are as follows:

Quests and Minigames[edit | edit source]

Many quests and minigames have various restrictions placed on the player in the process of completing them. The island of Entrana is a classic example where you can not bring any weapon or armour to the island, not even in a looting bag. These restrictions are highlighted below in their dedicated pages.