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This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for Ultimate Ironmen to complete the Song of the Elves quest, starting from account creation. Completing this quest allows access to the city of Prifddinas which has many extremely useful features such as The Gauntlet, carnivorous chinchompas, a sawmill, shops, Zalcano, Soft clay rocks, a house portal with respawn location nearby, and more. These benefits, along with the significant skill requirements of the quest, make completion of Song of the Elves a significant milestone for any Ultimate Ironman account and will leave the player with a solid foundation moving forward.

Some general notes on the guide
  • This is not an efficient maxing guide. Unnecessarily long grinds are avoided.
  • The guide does not visit Wintertodt early on as it is not worthwhile if you do not plan to max. This is explained in the Notable Alternatives section.
  • Players are welcome to deviate from the guide path as they wish.
  • Additional resources, such as method videos, are provided in the talk page and will not be linked in the main article.

If you have feedback or suggestions, head over to the talk page and share them!

Route overview[edit | edit source]

This section provides a general overview of the route to give you an idea of where things are heading.

  1. Getting started: This section takes the player from Tutorial Island through the start of Agility and utilises multi-questing to prevent wasting time walking without teleports.
  2. Agility: You will be training Agility on rooftop courses for the full graceful outfit, then at the Agility Pyramid for money until level 70. This will set you up with the gold needed to progress your account.
  3. Magic: You will be training Magic at the Mage Training Arena to unlock High Level Alchemy, and general teleports around the world, while unlocking Bones to Peaches early on.
  4. Questing for Farming: You will be questing to get through the early Farming levels. The goal is to complete Enlightened Journey so you can train Construction effectively.
  5. Construction: You will train using oak Mahogany Homes until 50 Construction, which establishes most of the features in your house that make questing easier.
  6. Ava's and Ranged training: You will then start questing again with a focus on training Ranged to level 30 and completing Animal Magnetism. From there, you spend time levelling Ranged for effective Prayer training.
  7. Prayer: You will train Prayer by killing green dragons and using their bones at the Chaos Altar.
  8. Herblore and required quests: You will continue to complete quests for Herblore experience and for beginning Song of the Elves.
  9. Song of the Elves skill requirements: Song of the Elves has a number of high skill requirements to complete while waiting for herbs to grow.
  10. Finishing up: You will complete the last few quests needed, then Song of the Elves itself!

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Starting an Ultimate Ironman can be overwhelming. This section provides a detailed step-by-step path for beginning your journey.

Fresh off the boat[edit | edit source]

  • Choose a female character.
  • Complete Tutorial Island.
  • (OPTIONAL) If you want an easier and safer early game, consider utilizing the boneyard method to get 43 prayer right at the start of your account. The guide is written assuming you don't do this so if you want to jump right into the action you can skip it.
  • Speak with Father Aereck at the church in Lumbridge to start The Restless Ghost.
  • Sell everything but your bucket, pot, shrimp, bread, and coins to Lumbridge General Store.
  • Buy a bucket and spade from the general store. You should have 2 buckets total.
  • Head north to Fred the Farmer's chicken coop and pick up an egg from one of the spawn locations.
  • Head north-west and pick some wheat from the field.
  • Grind the wheat into a pot of flour at the mill north-east.
  • Fill your buckets with milk from the dairy cow north of the mill.
  • Return to Lumbridge Castle and speak with the cook to complete the Cook's Assistant quest.
  • Speak with Duke Horacio to start Rune Mysteries and receive an air talisman.
  • Exit the castle and head north. Start X Marks the Spot by speaking with Veos in the pub.
  • Head back south to the castle area and complete the first 2 clues for the X Marks the Spot quest.
  • Continue south-west to Lumbridge Swamp and speak with Father Urhney to continue The Restless Ghost and receive the ghostspeak amulet.
  • Grab the leather gloves from their spawn location in Father Urhney's house. Equip the gloves and the ghostspeak amulet.
  • Head to the south-east side of the Lumbridge Swamp and complete Misthalin Mystery.
  • Destroy the notes. Drop the knife. Keep the tinderbox, bucket of water, and gems.
  • Head back north to the Lumbridge graveyard. Open the coffin and speak with the ghost to continue The Restless Ghost.
  • Sell the uncut gems to Lumbridge General Store.
  • Inventory check:
Mysterious orb (X Marks the Spot).pngSpade.pngBread.png
Bucket of water.pngTinderbox.pngShrimps.png
Bucket of milk.png
Air talisman.pngCoins.png

Making the loop around Free to Play[edit | edit source]

Chocolate cake.pngStew.pngBread.pngShrimps.png
Bucket of water.png
Pie dish.pngHammer.pngStake.pngWoad leaf.png
Earth rune.pngWater rune.pngAir rune.pngMind rune.png
Antique lamp (Easy Combat Achievements).pngGhost's skull.pngResearch notes (Rune Mysteries).pngCoins.png

Back around the loop again[edit | edit source]

  • Home teleport to Lumbridge.
  • Go to the Lumbridge graveyard and complete The Restless Ghost. Keep the ghostspeak amulet.
  • Head to Bob's Brilliant Axes and buy a steel axe from Bob.
  • Head west to the Wizards' Tower and finish Rune Mysteries. Drop the air talisman.
  • Go north into Draynor Village.
  • Have Aggie make you a yellow dye, a red dye, and a blue dye. Use the ingredients on her to make them faster.
    • Use the red and yellow dye together to make orange dye.
  • Buy a few jugs of wine from Fortunato at Draynor Seed Market. Five jugs should be enough with your other food.
    • Make sure to hold on to at least 1 of these jugs as you will need it later.
  • Buy the Chronicle from Diango and 5 teleport cards. Equip the Chronicle.
  • Enter Morgan's house and search the cupboards upstairs for garlic.
  • Run north to Draynor Manor.
  • Enter the manor and go down the stairs to the east.
  • Defeat Count Draynor using Magic spells. If you don't know how to safespot him, look in the Discussion tab for resources.
  • Drop the garlic and hammer.
  • If you consumed a lot of food, buy some more wines until you have 8 pieces of food in your inventory.
  • Head west to Port Sarim.
  • Buy one redberries and a pot of flour from Wydin's Food Store.
  • Use the pot of flour with your bucket of water to create pastry dough.
  • Use the pastry dough on your pie dish to make a pie shell.
  • Use the redberry on the pie shell to make an uncooked berry pie.
  • Head north and cook the pie on the range.
    • If you burn the pie, empty the pan and repeat the steps from before to try again. There is a water source for the bucket to the north.
  • Drop the pot(s) and empty bucket once you have the redberry pie.
  • Head south to Thurgo. Give him the pie and speak with him to continue The Knight's Sword.
  • After speaking with Thurgo, head north. Kill a giant rat along the way. Take the raw rat meat.
  • Go to Wydin's Food Store and buy some raw beef.
  • Take a boat to Ardougne from Captain Barnaby in Rimmington (not the charter ships in Port Sarim) for 30 coins.
  • Kill a chicken to the east and take the raw chicken.
  • Head north and safespot a bear. Take the raw bear meat.
  • Take the boat back to Rimmington.
  • Head north to Falador.
  • Safespot some guards using Magic until you reach level 13.
    • This step can be skipped if you know how to safespot the first 2 forms of the Witch's experiment.
  • Run north to the Goblin Village and complete Goblin Diplomacy. 3 crates in the area have the goblin mail needed.
  • Drop the gold bar.
  • Head west to Taverley and complete Witch's House. Drop the leather gloves and 2 keys afterwards.
  • Complete Druidic Ritual.
    • Use all random event lamps on Herblore from now on.
  • Use the antique lamp from X Marks the Spot on Herblore.
  • Return to Falador Castle. Talk to the squire to continue The Knight's Sword.
  • Go upstairs and take the portrait for The Knight's Sword.
  • Head to the peninsula to the west of the Crafting Guild. Pick up one snape grass.
  • Head south to Rimmington and take a boat to Ardougne from Captain Barnaby.
  • Inventory check:
Earth rune.pngWater rune.pngAir rune.pngMind rune.png
Portrait.pngSnape grass.pngSteel axe.pngCoins.png

Into Ardougne and Plague City[edit | edit source]

  • Fill your empty jug at the sink just west of the boat.
  • Buy 5 cakes from the baker in Ardougne Market if you are low on food.
  • Head to the chapel.
  • Complete Sheep Herder.
  • Drop the plague clothes and cattleprod.
  • Buy an iron axe and a rope from Aemad's Adventuring Supplies, south of the church.
  • Chop a tree for some logs.
  • Drop the iron axe.
  • Run west across the bridge, then south of the castle.
  • Complete Hazeel Cult. Side with Hazeel.
  • Drop the key and the mark.
  • Head south-east and complete Monk's Friend.
  • Drop the law runes or sell them at a general store as you pass by.
  • Head south-west and complete Fight Arena.
  • Drop the armour and keys from Fight Arena.
  • Run east to Port Khazard and buy swamp paste and a tinderbox from the first general store you see.
  • Chop and burn logs in the area with your steel axe until you reach 30 Firemaking. Drop your remaining food for inventory space.
  • Head to Witchaven and complete Sea Slug.
    • (Optional) Buy a small fishing net from the fishing shop and complete the medium diary step during the completion of Sea Slug.
  • Drop the torch, sticks, and glass.
  • Drop the pearls or sell them to a general store as you pass by.
  • Steal cakes until 25 Thieving.
    • Keep 8 cakes for some food.
  • Head north and complete Dwarf Cannon until you have to visit Ice Mountain.
  • Head north to the Barbarian Outpost.
  • Speak with Captain Cain to unlock the minigame teleport to Barbarian Assault. (Say you are an expert already.)
  • Run south and start Waterfall Quest.
  • Complete Waterfall Quest until you have to visit Tree Gnome Village.
  • Drop the book you obtained.
  • Run south then west and enter the Gnome Stronghold.
  • Run north and speak to King Narnode to start the The Grand Tree.
  • Go upstairs, then head west and north to find Hudo.
  • Buy 1 dwellberries, 1 bucket of milk, and 1 chocolate dust from Hudo. Be careful not to eat the dwellberries.
  • Use the chocolate dust on the bucket of milk.
  • Use your snape grass on the bucket of chocolate milk to make the hangover cure.
  • Minigame teleport to the Fishing Trawler.
  • Run south towards Yanille.
  • Head to the island to the east of Yanille.
  • Go upstairs in the building and speak with Hazelmere to continue The Grand Tree.
  • Drop the translation book but keep the scroll.
  • After getting the message, head to the Gnome Maze.
  • Proceed through the maze and go down the ladder right before you get reach the railing in the center.
  • Search the off-coloured crate in the east room for a key.
  • Use the key on the door to the west path and speak to Golrie for Glarial's Pebble.
  • Exit the dungeon.
  • Squeeze through the railing to get into the center area of the maze.
  • Complete Tree Gnome Village.
  • Drop the gnome amulet.
  • Use the spirit tree to teleport to The Battlefield of Khazard.
  • Steal cakes if you are low on food from bakery stalls at the Ardougne Market. Get plenty, as you will soon be taking a lot of damage.
  • Head north of the Flying Horse Inn and speak with Edmond.
  • Complete Plague City.
  • Read the scroll, drop the gas mask, hammer, spade, and empty bucket.
  • Buy another rope from the general store.
  • Inventory check
Rope.pngHazelmere's scroll.pngGlarial's pebble.png
Earth rune.pngWater rune.pngAir rune.pngMind rune.png
Portrait.pngTinderbox.pngSteel axe.pngCoins.png

Finishing The Knight's Sword and Waterfall Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Minigame teleport to Clan Wars.
  • Exit the Ferox Enclave to the north, then pick up 2 iron bars from their spawn location to the north-west. Hop worlds to circumvent the respawn time.
    • This is dangerous, but the chances of dying are low. Pick up the bars on free-to-play worlds for safety.
  • Return to Ferox Enclave when you have the bars.
  • Switch back to a pay-to-play world and home teleport to Lumbridge.
  • Climb the ladder next to Perdu to the top of the castle towers.
  • Pick up the bronze pickaxe, then climb back down.
  • Head west to Port Sarim.
  • Pick a cabbage from the field to the north.
  • Go to Betty's Magic Emporium and buy 100 mind runes and 200 air runes.
  • Head south to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
  • Travel through the dungeon and mine a blurite ore.
    • Beware of the monsters. If you need food, buy some from Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim.
  • Speak with Thurgo west of the dungeon to get the blurite sword.
  • Drop the bronze pickaxe.
  • Head north to Falador.
  • Head to the castle and speak to the squire to complete The Knight's Sword.
  • Climb the stairs to the west twice and speak to Sir Amik Varze to start Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Chronicle teleport to the Champions' Guild.
  • Head north to Horvik's Armour Shop at Varrock Square and buy an iron chainbody from Horvik.
  • Run west to Barbarian Village.
  • Buy a bronze med helm from Peska. Equip it, along with the iron chainbody.
  • Head north then west to the dwarf base.
  • speak to Nulodion to continue Dwarf Cannon.
  • Head north and complete Black Knights' Fortress until you must return to Falador.
  • Drop the bronze med helm and the iron chainbody.
  • Minigame teleport to Soul Wars.
  • Exit the portal to Edgeville.
  • Pull the wilderness lever twice to get to Ardougne.
  • Pull the lever again, then back to Ardougne (lock in the diary task).
  • Run north across the river.
  • Climb the stairs to the top of the Tourist Information Centre.
  • Place any combat items you have on the table in the south-east part of the room. This should be your runes, staff, and axe.
    • You could also just drop them in front of the tomb.
    • These will stay on the table for up to 10 minutes since they are on a table rather than the ground.
    • If you have boots from the Stronghold of Security, destroy them.
  • Exit the building and run north east.
  • Retrieve Glarial's urn and Glarial's amulet from Glarial's tomb.
  • Go back and pick up your items from the table.
  • Run back north-east and finish Dwarf Cannon.
  • Head north and complete Waterfall.
  • Drop the diamonds, gold bars, key, urn, mithril seeds, rope, and pebble.
  • Home teleport to Lumbridge.
    • If your teleport cooldown has not yet finished, chop and burn logs until it is. Alternatively, teleport with the Chronicle and walk to Lumbridge.
  • Inventory check.
Air rune.pngWater rune.pngEarth rune.pngMind rune.png
Hazelmere's scroll.pngTinderbox.pngSteel axe.pngCoins.png

Finishing up Agility questing[edit | edit source]

  • Head west to the Jail east of Draynor Village.
  • Pull up a timer. Set it for 60 minutes.
  • Attack a guard. Do not kill him. Lure him a short distance away from the jail and let him kill you. You can pick some nettles to die quicker. (You are "death piling" for Recruitment Drive.)
    • The death pile allows your items to remain on the ground for up to 60 minutes before despawning. Use your timer to keep track of how long you have left. You should have plenty of time. Also keep track of what world you died on if you hop worlds for some reason. The timer runs even if you are logged out or disconnected.
  • After dying, run to Falador.
  • Go to Falador Castle and speak to Sir Amike Varze to finish Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Speak with him again to start Recruitment Drive.
  • Drop the coins.
  • Go to Falador Park and complete Recruitment Drive.
  • Head east from the park.
  • Pickpocket the man in the house south of the Falador Party Room for 3 coins.
  • Head north-east to the Dwarven Mine.
  • In the mine, go north to Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop.
  • Buy a bronze pickaxe from Nurmof.
  • Mine 6 clay, 4 copper, and 2 iron ore. Rocks of each type can be found south-east of the shop.
  • Exit the Dwarven Mine and north-west of Falador.
  • Speak with Doric and complete Doric's Quest.
  • Head west and die to a druid to get back to Lumbridge.
  • Pick up the knife in the kitchen.
  • Collect your items from the death pile.
  • Buy a mostly full inventory of wines. Keep three inventory slots free.
  • Purchase a rope from Ned.
  • Complete A Porcine of Interest. The boss is challenging, but should be beatable.
  • Destroy the goggles.
  • Restock on wines if you are low on food. Leave 8 slots open.
  • Buy a new Chronicle and a few charges. 10 should be fine.
  • Head east to Lumbridge Castle.
  • Drop your tinderbox.
  • Cut trees and fletch the logs into 900 arrow shafts.
  • Drop the knife and steel axe.
  • Head east into Al-Kharid, then south to Shantay Pass.
  • Buy 900 feathers from Shantay.
  • Fletch 900 headless arrows to reach level 10 Fletching. Drop them afterwards.
  • Complete The Tourist Trap. Buy the required items from Shantay.
    • You should be able to tank and kill the captain with wines, but there is a safe spot if you are concerned. His max hit is 5.
    • Put both skill rewards into Agility.
  • Chronicle teleport.
  • Head north to the Grand Exchange.
  • Take the spirit tree in the north-east corner to the Gnome Stronghold.
  • Head north and speak to King Narnode. Continue and complete The Grand Tree. Use a chronicle teleport to Varrock, then use the Grand Exchange Spirit tree again to get back from Karamja.
  • Buy some gnome food from the Gnome Waiter for the Priest in Peril quest. 8 should be fine.
  • Chronicle teleport.
  • Clean up your inventory:
Premade choc bomb.pngPremade choc bomb.pngPremade choc bomb.pngPremade choc bomb.png
Premade choc bomb.pngPremade choc bomb.pngPremade choc bomb.pngPremade choc bomb.png
Mind rune.png
Air rune.pngWater rune.pngEarth rune.pngCoins.png

Agility[edit | edit source]

Phew, that was a lot of early quests knocked out. You now have your feet on the ground and are ready to start playing the game! Which of course means running around in circles mindlessly watching numbers go up for hours.

This grind is long, but will provide cash to get your account going. This is the best option for money since you want these Agility levels for Song of the Elves anyway.

If you want a break from this grind at any point, there are several good afk options. Fishing in barbarian village is a solid choice for easy total levels (needed for a Rune pouch) and you can cook on the fire there.

Fishing isn't directly needed for this guide, but does benefit your account in the long run.

Be careful about getting too sidetracked though. This agility is very helpful and will pay off greatly.

  • Do Varrock Rooftop Course course until 40 Agility.
  • Buy an adamant sword from the Varrock Swordshop.
  • Complete Priest in Peril. Mine your own pure essence, (Home teleport, get a pickaxe, chronicle back).
    • If you clean out everything from your inventory you can probably make the essence in 2 trips, or just make 3 trips to be simple.
  • Drop you fire staff, adamant sword, and extra food for weight.
  • Head into Canifis and do the Canifis Rooftop Course until 50 Agility.
    • Do not stay at the Canifis course past level 50, it isn't worth the slower xp.
    • You can wield the Wolfbane dagger to prevent yourself from attacking someone and making them a werewolf.
  • Head over to Falador and do the Falador Rooftop Course until 60 Agility.
  • Head over to Seer's Village and do the Seers' Village Rooftop Course until you have 260 marks of grace.
  • Minigame teleport to Burthorpe Games Room and buy the full graceful outfit from Grace in the Rogues' Den.
  • Clean up your inventory. Drop your runes and anything else you are holding on to in your inventory other than coins.
  • Home teleport to Lumbridge and head to Shantay Pass.
  • Buy waterskins(4) and a shantay pass. Leave 8 slots open for wine.
  • Head into the desert, take the carpet to Pollnivneach, then fill your inventory with wine from the guy in the pub.
  • Take the carpet to Nardah and head west to the Agility Pyramid.
  • Do Agility Pyramid until you reach 70 Agility.
    • When you need supplies walk to Nardah, take the carpet to Pollnivneach, buy waterskins from the general store, and wines in the bar. Adjust your waterskin/wine ratio as you level up.

After getting to 70 Agility you should end up with at least 1.5m. This will last a while, but you will need to make more later from Thieving. You have 2 main options for that, and which you want to do impacts your choices now.

  • If you don't mind Blackjacking, then just move on with your 1.5m. This should last until you get the Rogue outfit and you can blackjack for all the extra money you need.
  • If you want to do Ardougne knights, then staying at the pyramid a bit longer until you have 2m makes it much more likely you will last until you can complete the Ardougne Medium diary.

If you do happen to run out of money before you unlock the thieving method you prefer, just come back to the pyramid for a bit. It doesn't take too long to get there, and you don't need a completely clean inventory.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Now it is time to work on Magic. The goal is to unlock teleports around the world so that you don't have to walk everywhere.

First you need to unlock Ali's Discount Wares. You could buy your runes at the deep wilderness rune shop for less money, but it is a risk going there. Also you want to unlock Ali for later anyways.

  • Clean out the waterskins and wines from your inventory. You should just have coins now, wearing your graceful.
  • Home Teleport. Walk to Port Sarim. Take the boat to Kourend by speaking to Veos.
  • Go to Hosidius.
  • Buy 10 compost packs and a spade from the farming shop in the market.
  • Buy a hammer at the general store.
  • Gain 90% Hosidius favor.
    • Start by plowing the fields until 5%.
    • Then make sulphurous fertiliser until 90%.
      • Your compost buckets can be stored in the leprechaun near the sulphur mines, then take them out again as needed.
  • Thieve fruit stalls until 30 Thieving. Save any strange fruit you get and use them as you go for energy.
    • Optionally go to 43 thieving instead so you don't have to come back later. The Feud should push you to 45 so you can blackjack once you get rouges.
  • Chronicle teleport to Varrock and buy a fire staff, 200 mind and 400 air runes.
  • Home teleport.
  • Complete The Feud. Both fights can be safespotted. Buy wine for food from the bar. Look in the Discussion tab of this page if you don't know how to safespot the fights.
  • Complete the rune section of Rogue Trader.
    • Use the Runedoku plugin on Runelite for the puzzle (Plugin hub).
  • Drop your mind runes for some space.
  • Buy runes from Ali. You can open large caskets from Ali using the Runeduku plugin to get cosmic runes faster. Buy all cosmic, law, and nature runes from the chests as they cost less this way.
    • 400 law runes.
    • 1200 Nature runes.
    • 500 Cosmic runes.
    • 500 air runes.
    • 500 Earth Runes.
    • 500 Water Runes.
  • Do Mage Training Arena for Bones to Peaches. Leave yourself 1 extra telekinetic, 1 alchemist, 1 Graveyard, and 15 Enchantment points. (You will want a mud rune later).
    • Do the enchantment room with ruby enchant when you get the level for it.
    • When you need to do the alchemist room, clan wars teleport and put your money in the bag there, then home teleport back to Mage Training Arena. Pick up your cash again once done with the room. Use low level alchemy, it is still great xp and gives the same points.
    • 201 Telekinetic points
    • 301 Alchemist points
    • 201 Graveyard points
    • 2,015 Enchantment points

This should cost around 500k, and should get you 55 Magic. If you don't get there then buy some law runes and do the telekinetic room until you get 55 Magic.

If you run out of runes for some reason, just buy more. Keep any extra law and nature runes, use up any extra cosmics.

Rune Pouch[edit | edit source]

You should obtain a rune pouch as soon as you get the required 750 total level. You do not need to go out of your way to get totals levels though as the guide will get 750 total eventually.

Not having the rune pouch may cause a few minor inconveniences since the guide steps were written before this level requirement was added. If you run into any significant space issues, please provide a short comment in the talk page, or edit the steps yourself to fix the issue.

  • Clan wars teleport and do Last Man Standing until you can purchase a rune pouch. Given the current state of Last Man Standing (Bots everywhere) you should go into each game and try to win the first fight. If you win, hide/run until there are 9 people remaining then suicide. This gives 2 points per fight you win. It is not worth trying to win the match as you will eventually run into an overpowered bot almost every game. If at any point you fight a bot, just let it kill you and report it, it isn't worth the time to fight it.
    • Even if you hate PvP, the rune pouch is an extremely important item for Ultimate Ironman that you will need eventually. The only other option for it is Slayer points boosting, which would be difficult this early in your account (You can't use the high level Slayer masters for points).
  • (Optional but recommended): Now that you have 55 Magic, you can do also do Last Man Standing for rune arrows to high level alchemy as you quest. This guide involves a lot of time walking, so this gives you something to do. How efficient doing this is depends on how many points you can get per hour. If you can get at least 15 points an hour, then this is a great way to make some extra cash and work on Magic xp (you need level 82 eventually). The guide will not be reminding you to do this, so it is on you.

Questing for Farming[edit | edit source]

The skilling break is over and it is time to head back to questing! The focus for now will be to grow your Farming level to complete Enlightened Journey, without actually having to farm anything. Additionally you will be completing a variety of basic quests to bump up your skills. Now that you have teleports and graceful, you should be much more able to handle things on your own. As such, the guide will no longer be outlining every step in explicit detail. Instead the guide will just outline how to get the items, then you can complete the quest with the help of any other guides you wish. The Quest Helper plugin on Runelite is great for this as well as the quick guides on the wiki. You will also be more responsible for keeping a clean inventory by dropping old quest items. It is best practice to not drop them until you actually need the space though, as some items are reused from previous quests.

Always check that you have all the required items for a quest before trying to complete it. Keep in mind that items that can be obtained during a quest often are not be listed in the guide. If you do not have the required items/stats for a quest when the guide asks you to do it please provide feedback in Discussion at the top left of this page!

Getting a house and doing some basic quests[edit | edit source]

  • Buy 300 law runes, 1500 air runes, 500 water, 500 earth, and 500 mind runes. If you run out for some reason, buy more.
  • Teleport to Camelot.
  • Buy a pot from the general store in Catherby. Also buy a bucket of sand and soda ash from the charter ships.
  • Complete Murder Mystery. Drop the pot afterwards.
  • Teleport to Falador and smith a molten glass.
  • Buy a bronze bar from Shantay.
  • Minigame teleport to Port Khazard, pick up 13 planks at the spawns. (hop worlds).
  • Head west and complete the Observatory Quest
  • Teleport to Varrock
  • Buy a hammer from the general store.
  • Complete Daddy's Home miniquest.
    • You now have a house located in Rimmington, which is useful to remember for teleporting to that area.
  • Drop all the rewards from the quest but the normal planks and steel bars.
  • Teleport to Falador, complete 2 beginner Mahogany Homes contracts with the noted planks and steel bars you got.
  • Drop any extra steel bars, planks, hammer, and saw.
  • Complete Biohazard.
  • Teleport to Catherby, buy a candle and a tinderbox. Light the candle.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge, get a pickaxe from the spawn in the tower.
  • Complete the Lost Tribe.
  • Complete Death to the Dorgeshuun. Buy some wine in Draynor if needed.
    • If you get an uncut opal while getting the ham cloths, keep it.
  • Pickpocket ham members for an uncut opal if you didn't get one during the quest.
  • Teleport to your house in Rimmington, take the boat to the west to Brimhaven.
  • Head south to the Karamja general store and buy 2 charcoal, 1 leather gloves, 1 leather boots, 2 ropes, 1 vial, 1 pestle and mortar, 1 tinderbox, and 1 bread.
  • Teleport to Varrock.
  • Head east and buy a cup of tea from the tea stall.
  • Complete the Dig Site.
    • Save the level 3 certificate you get from completing the quizzes.
    • This quest can be tight on inventory, so you may need to drop items after they are no longer needed, or juggle some items on the ground temporarily.
  • Clean out your inventory to only the runes, coins, extra charcoal, certificates, tinderbox, and bread.
  • Teleport to Varrock, go to the Varrock Museum.
  • Use the level 3 Certificate on the Curator and choose a drink to get a Fruit Blast.
  • Complete the Natural History Quiz.
  • Teleport to Falador, run north then west into Taverley.
  • Buy an eye of newt from Jatix.
  • Minigame teleport to Nightmare Zone.
  • Head to the Yanille inn and buy a greenman's ale.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge.
  • Buy a bronze axe at bobs.
  • Head east across the bridge by the goblins.
  • Chop a tree for logs, burn them with your tinderbox.
  • Head east to the Duel Arena and buy a rotten tomato.
  • Head back to your fire and collect your ashes.
  • Head to Lumbridge kitchen, speak to the chef and complete the Recipe for Disaster cook segment.
  • Enter the door to start the Recipe for Disaster cutscene.

Starting on Farming, jumpstart to Crafting, and Morytania[edit | edit source]

  • Inspect the goblins to start their subsection of Recipe for Disaster.
  • Grab a knife from the Lumbridge kitchen.
  • Go down to the basement and buy a spice from the Culinaromancer's Chest.
  • Teleport to Camelot, then head to Catherby.
  • Buy an orange and bucket from the charter ships.
  • Fill the bucket at the water source in Catherby fishing shop.
  • Buy fishing bait and a fishing rod from the fishing shop.
  • Buy a spade from the farming shop.
  • Complete the Fishing Contest quest while in the area.
  • Teleport to Ardougne, pick up the purple dye that spawns south of the castle.
  • Teleport to Falador, complete the goblin section of Recipe for Disaster
  • Start the dwarf section of Recipe for Disaster by inspecting the dwarf.
  • Clean out your inventory to just runes, and coins.
  • Grab a knife from the kitchen.
  • Go down to the basement and buy 1 bucket of milk, 1 pot of flour, 1 bowl, and 1 egg.
  • Fill the bowl with water at the sink.
  • Complete the dwarf section of Recipe for Disaster.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge. Grab a pickaxe from the tower.
  • Buy a hammer from the Lumbridge general store.
  • Head to Al-Kharid and buy a needle and 10 thread from the crafting store.
  • Teleport to Camelot, run north all the way to Keldagrim.
  • Start the The Giant Dwarf so you get into Keldagrim (do only the first few steps of the quest).
  • Go to the Blast Furnace and by 12 coal.
  • Teleport to Seers Village and complete Elemental Workshop I.
    • Kill the earth elemental by running into the main room and attacking it while it runs away.
  • Teleport to Varrock, then head to the Exam Center.
  • Start, then complete Elemental Workshop II.
  • Minigame teleport to clan wars and restore your stats.
  • Drop the pickaxe and knife, keep the hammer needle and thread.
  • Teleport to Varrock.
  • Head to the west bank, go down to the basement.
  • Telekinetic grab 1 gold bar.
  • Teleport to Ardougne and buy 2 silver bars from the silver merchant.
  • Buy/steal 4 cakes from the baker for some food.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge.
  • Buy a spade from the general store.
  • Head to Al-Kharid.
  • Buy 1 emerald from the gem shop.
  • Head to the crafting shop and buy a ring mold, and a sickle mold.
  • Buy cosmic rune from Ali Morrisane.
  • Go to the furnace in Al-Kharid and make a ring of dueling and a sickle.
  • Drop the ring mold and the sickle mold.
  • The guide will assume that until specified otherwise you will be wearing a ring of dueling.
    • When you have extra inventory space (not now since we will need it soon) you can make extra rings of dueling to restore run energy at clan wars.
  • Run south and buy 3 bronze bars from Shantay.
  • Teleport to Camelot, then walk to the charter ships in Catherby and buy a pot and a bucket of slime.
  • Teleport to Varrock and smith the 3 bronze bars into bronze wires on the anvil.
  • If you do not have your ghostspeak amulet still, get a new one.
  • Head to Morytania and complete Creature of Fenkenstrain.
    • When you need to smith the lightning rod, use the one in Port Phasmatys. Get some ecto tokens to enter using your bucket of slime and pot, bones from an undead chicken at the nearby farm. While there, you can start Ghosts Ahoy up to the part where you visit the crone (this quest is not required for this guide, however)
  • Keep the ring of charos!
  • Complete the Nature Spirit.

Fairy rings and more Farming[edit | edit source]

  • Teleport to Varrock, buy 500 fire runes and drop your fire staff.
  • Teleport home and complete Lost City.
    • If you are not 36 Woodcutting already buy a steel axe from bob and woodcut until you have it.
    • There is a knife in Lumbridge kitchen after you get the dramen branch
  • Teleport to Varrock and buy your fire staff again, then drop your fire runes.
    • You may also need to buy some more air/law runes so pay attention to that.
  • Teleport to Ardougne and buy/steal from the baker until you have 10 cakes.
  • Drop the knife and axe from Lost City, keep the dramen staff.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge then run to Draynor Village and complete Fairy Tale part 1.
    • While in Draynor buy some barley seeds, a spade, and secateurs.
    • Then buy an additional set of all basic farming tools (Including a few plant cures) other than secateurs and store them in the leprechaun when you speak to the farmers for the quest. (Keep 1 spade and secateurs though).
    • Use the hops patchs in Seers Village and Lumbridge as 2 of the farmers for the first part of the quest. Plant some barley while you are there. To be on a safe side you can also pay farmers 3 compost which you would still have in your Tool Leprechaun from Hosidius favor grind.
    • Flitch the boss. It takes awhile.
    • This quests difficulty is very random depending on the items you have to collect. Pray to RNGJesus you don't have to get a nature talisman. The others are all obtainable, but some are rather annoying to get.
      • If you do have to get a nature talisman, the most viable option is to do Enter the Abyss and kill the abyssal leechs. There is a safespot for them at a specific part of the Abyss. Killing them is extremely difficult though as getting into the safespot is very hard with our current stats, and if you die there it will be difficult to get your items back. It is worthwhile to simply go off the guide path and get 43 Prayer now. Safespot blue dragons with fire strike then use the bones on the wilderness altar. Death pile your items to be safe when using the bones. This is a slow, but vastly better than wiping in the abyss. Note that you can also change your respawn location to Falador. You will also need to get some sort of prayer restoration since the Abyss drains your prayer. Starting Zogre flesh eaters is quick ways to get this. Or just don't be unlucky next time.
  • Start Fairy Tale part 2.
  • While you wait for the 5 minutes start collecting items.
    • Teleport to varrock and telegrab a gold bar from the varrock west bank.
    • Teleport to Lumbridge, grab some logs from the spawn on the roof.
    • Store your magic secateurs at the tree patch west of Lumbridge castle.
    • Make several pie dishes with dough from the Recipe for Disaster chest supplies.
    • Grab a pickaxe from the spawn in the tower.
    • Buy a tinderbox at the general store.
    • Buy 4 sapphires (cut) from the gem shop in Al-Kharid.
    • Use one of the sapphires to make a games necklace. Drop your ghostspeak amulet.
      • The guide will now assume you have a games necklace on.
    • Mine an iron ore from the mine to the north. Superheat it into a bar.
    • Mine 1 coal.
  • Head back to Martin and complete Fairy Tale part 2 until you unlock fairy rings
    • While in the area, buy redberries from the shop in Port Sarim and cook a redberry pie.
  • Take the fairy ring to DKS.
  • Complete The Giant Dwarf.
    • Buy the ore needed from the blast furnace.
    • Remember your house is in Rimmington for teleports.
  • Teleport to Camelot and harvest 2 barley from the patch. If it died, go to Lumbridge. If both of them died, replant and woodcut while watching it grow.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge, cook the barley into barley malt on the range.
  • Buy 2 buckets and a pot from the Recipe for Disaster chest. Fill the buckets with water.
  • Minigame teleport to the Blast Furnace and complete the Forgettable Tale. While waiting for the things to grow:
    • Start some supercompost by buying pineapples from the Catherby charters and composting them to the north.
      • Buy an axe and tinderbox in Lumbridge.
    • Go to Port Sarim fish store and buy/cook sardines until 22 cooking.
      • Store the farming tools for some extra space but make sure to get them back out after.
      • Use the axe and tinderbox to make a fire right outside the shop to cook on.
    • Buy a fishing rod at the fishing shop.
    • Buy 6 marigold, cabbage, and onion seeds from Olivia in Draynor Village.
    • Buy a filled plant pot from the farming shop.
    • Buy some compost if don't have extra in your leprechaun from getting favor earlier.
    • Mine a pure essence.
    • Buy a pestle and mortar from the Taverley Herblore store.
    • Buy a hammer from Varrock.
    • If you are not 36 Crafting, buy, cut, and resell some sapphires and emeralds in Al-Kharid until you get 36 Crafting (You should be at it or very close already).
    • If you still have some extra time chop wood.
  • Once Forgettable Tale is complete, drop the beer, glass, stouts, and pot.
  • Complete Garden of Tranquility.
    • Collect your supercompost from Catherby and use it to give your plants a better chance to live.
    • You can fairy ring ALQ to the Morytania patch.
    • Get the tools from your Leprechaun.
    • This quest is tight on inventory space. Drop the onion/cabbage/marigold seeds after you plant them, secateurs after you get the white tree, the vials, hammer, and pestle and mortar after done with the plant cure.
      • If you do not have a rune pouch yet, then you may need to plant some of your seeds earlier or juggle supplies a bit for space.
    • Before going to harvest your crops:
      • Plant all the seeds you have gotten so far in the garden.
      • Buy a candle from Catherby.
      • Get ball of wool and 3 papyrus from the Ardougne general store.
      • Get a bowl from Lumbridge kitchen.
      • Empty sacks (noted) from the farming shop south of Falador.
      • 2 Onions from Rimington, 3 redberries Port Sarim food shop.
        • have Aggie make you a yellow and red dye.
    • That should be enough time for them to grow, but if you are speedy about this, then you may have to alch for a bit at the patches.
    • While the last plants are growing, steal 10 silk from Ardougne and unnote 1 empty sack (use it on a banker).
      • After that alch any rune arrows you have left, then probably just take a break for like 10 minutes... If you really want you can chop wood, but your inventory is very full right now for the next quest.
  • Destroy the ring of charos(a). Do this AFTER you finish the quest, not before the very last step like someone did and have to go grab another one....
  • Drop your fire staff and buy some fire runes.
  • Drop your dramen staff.
  • Head to Entrana and complete Enlightened Journey until you need the willow branches.
    • Fill the sack with potatoes in his house.
    • You will have to leave and come back to unnote some sacks to fill with sand at the sand pit on Entrana.
      • Give him your silk before you leave though.
  • Get another dramen branch while on Entrana. You can safespot the zombies on a mushroom way to the south.
    • Get a few extra Dramen branches. 2 should be fine.
  • Teleport to Varrock fletch your dramen staff with a knife from upstairs in the general store.
  • Buy your fire staff back and drop the fire runes (Or just keep the fire runes and wear the dramen staff, but you will have to manual cast fire strike when needed).
  • Plant your willow sapling. Protect it with the apples. It is smart to plant it at Taverley for future willow log supply.
  • Clean out your inventory if you have anything. It should just be runes, coins, and the dramen staff.
  • The guide will move forward from here as the tree grows. When it does grow, complete Enlightened Journey. When you do complete the quest, also chop 10 willow logs and unlock the Balloon Transport System route to the lumberyard (Varrock).
    • If you are not 40 Firemaking, chop and burn the teak tree south of Castlewars until you get level 40.

Kourend, upgrading the memoirs[edit | edit source]

  • Buy an adamant pickaxe in the Dwarven Mines and mine until 42 Mining.
    • You can do your preferred method of mining, Motherlode Mine is right there. Keep the pickaxe afterwards.
  • Buy a normal bow and some bronze arrows from the range shop in Varrock.
  • Get a rope from Ned in Draynor Village.
  • Head to Port Sarim, then go to Veos and complete Client of Kourend. Wear the Kharedst's memoirs and drop the chronicle.
    • While in Arceuus gain 20% favor from finding books and unlock the teleport by reading the Transportation incantations.
    • Also while in Arceuus, pay 80k to unlock the fairy ring north of the library.
    • While in Shayzien get 20% favor from healing soldiers.
    • Also while in Shayzien buy a stew from the pub
    • Use the lamps on Hunter.
    • Use the favor certificate on Port Piscarilius since getting the planks is a pain.
  • Complete the Queen of Thieves.
    • After doing Queen of Thieves you have a good teleport back to Kourend using the memoirs. Teleport to Ardougne and get some cakes for the upcoming fights.
  • Complete Depths of Despair.
  • Complete Ascent of Arceuus.
  • Complete Tale of the Righteous.
    • You might want to get a Superantipoison from north of Castle wars for this quest.
    • Talk to the mountain guide while you are at Mount Quidamortem to unlock the travel option back up there
    • Do not drop your bow and arrows, you can use them to safe spot in Sulphur mine while getting 20% Lovakengj favor.
  • Get 20% Lovakengj favor and complete Forsaken Tower.
    • Buy some food from Shazien bar.
    • Use fairy ring to get to Konar and buy yourself a face mask
  • Add all the pages to the Kharedst's memoirs so the book has extra charges.
  • Fletch a dramen branch if you don't have a staff already.
  • Get some cakes for food. 10 should be ok.
  • Go buy a bronze axe from Bob in Lumbridge
  • Go to fairy ring BKQ and safespot tree spirits for an adamant axe (1/16).
    • If you get a mithril axe you could use that instead (1/6.4).
    • If you get a lucky rune axe (1/32) you can save it and use it when you get the level. It probably isn't worth grinding out after getting an adamant axe though.
    • Make sure you have finished Enlightened Journey before getting an axe.
  • Move your house to Taverley.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Now that Enlightened Journey has been completed, and you have a consistent teleport to Hosidius, it is time for Construction. You will be doing Mahogany Homes using Oak planks.

Graceful hood.png
Graceful cape.png
Games necklace.png
Staff of fire.png
Graceful top.png
Kharedst's memoirs.png
Graceful legs.png
Graceful gloves.png
Graceful boots.png
Ring of dueling.png


  1. Teleport to outside of your house.
  2. Run to the balloon in Taverley and transport to Varrock. (Fill up the willow logs when it runs out).
  3. Chop oak logs until your inventory is full.
  4. Make them into planks at the sawmill.
  5. Use the planks for Mahogony Homes contracts.
  6. When you run out of steel bars, minigame teleport to the Blast Furnace and buy 3 iron and 6 coal. Smith these into steel bars at the Falador furnace as you get a new contract.
Steel bar.pngSteel bar.pngSteel bar.png
Adamant axe.pngLaw rune.pngRune pouch.pngCoins.png


Your Hosidius teleport is the memoirs. Refill it with runes from the Aceuus general store when it is getting low. Take the boat by Veos to Land's End.

If you mess up and run out of charges, use the Tithe Farm minigame teleport to get back to the area.

You can get 4 steel bars if you find that your minigame teleport isn't up in time.

If you need you can get to the Blast Furnace by taking the minecart at the Grand Exchange.

You will have to do a few contracts with normal planks to get 20 Construction.

Do not get a plank sack as by the time you have the points you will be close to being done anyways. Save the points for later.

  • Do Mahogany homes until 50 Construction.
  • Teleport to Lumbridge and get a knife and a bucket from the Recipe for Disaster chest.
  • Teleport to Camelot. Use your knife on an evergreen tree to the east.
  • Chop an oak log.
  • Chop a maple log by Seers bank.
  • Get pestle and mortar from the herblore shop in Taverley.
  • Go to Mage Training Arena and buy a mud rune with your extra points.
  • Take the glider to the Grand Tree and complete The Eyes of Glouphrie. Nightmare zone teleport to Hazelmere.
  • Make the crystal saw and drop your other saw.

Renovating your home[edit | edit source]

It is time to build out your house, this will provide you with a number of useful teleports, a way to store your graceful, easy prayer restore, and an easy way to get all basic tools.

  • Go to your house. Remove your parlor and add these rooms:
  • Get an inventory of oak planks and make:
  • Get another inventory of oak planks and make:
  • Make 7 Steel bars from the Blast Furnace like before.
  • Get a pickaxe from Lumbridge. Mine 8 clay from south of Varrock.
    • Use buckets of water on the clay to make 8 soft clay. Buckets of water can be from Recipe for Disaster chest, filled at the sink.
  • Make 7 more oak planks.
  • Teleport back to your house and make:
  • Make some tea in your house.
  • Drink the tea and make an oak cape rack.
  • Teleport to Castle Wars. Head south and then west to the teak tree.
  • Chop 18 teak logs.
  • Teleport to Ardougne, head north to Rasolo and buy 4 limestone bricks.
  • Make the logs into teak planks at the sawmil.
  • Go to your house and make the 6 teak portal frames and 2 teleport focus in the portal chambers.
  • Get 6 more oak planks, 9 more teak planks, and 2 more limestone bricks.
  • Make a tea, and upgrade your tool storage to level 5 and make an oak house in the menagerie.
  • Make another portal focus and 3 teak portal frames.
  • (Optional) Go out of your way to make any other items you want in your house.
  • Get a bucket of water.
  • Complete the Enter the Abyss Miniquest.
  • Complete the Temple of the Eye.
  • Head to Kourend (Memoirs teleport) and find books in the library until at least 60% favor. Use the xp books on Runecraft.
    • Optionally go to 30 Runecraft now.
  • Go to Ali Morrisane and buy: 1100 law runes, 500 soul runes, 400 earth runes, 800 water runes, 600 fire runes, 300 air runes, and 200 mind runes.
    • If you don't have 69 (66 + Wizard's Mind Bomb also works) Magic or are short on money, remove 200 law, 200 soul, 400 water, and 500 fire from those numbers and don't make the Kourend portal.
  • Empty your rune pouch into your inventory (You should have some extra runes there too).
  • Go to your house and focus your portals into these teleports:
    • Arceuus Library
    • Draynor Manor
    • BattleFront
    • Salve Graveyard
    • Mind Altar
    • Fenkenstrains castle
    • Kourend Castle.
    • Falador
    • Ardougne
      • If you can't make the Kourend teleport, just leave it empty until you get the Magic level for it.
      • The Mind Altar teleport is a useful bagging location for the earlygame, but is less important now that the Ferox Enclave can be used to bag. You could swap this portal for any other portal you like, such as a portal close to a bank like Varrock (With diary done).
  • You should now be able to drop your water runes since the teleports that use them are in your house.

Ava's and Ranged Training[edit | edit source]

The next goal will be to unlock the Ava's accumulator and get your Ranged level up. This will allow you to effectively train Prayer, and combat in general.

Also by this point in the guide you have already obtained most basic tools many times, so the guide will just say to "Get a hammer" rather than exactly where to get it.

Also remember your house has most basic tools (no pestle and mortar though).

Initial Ranged levels and Rogue Outfit[edit | edit source]

  • Get 60 Woodcutting at the teak tree south of Castlewars so you can buy a mithril axe later, as well as take advantage of having a higher level axe on you.
    • Also get 50 Firemaking from burning logs.
    • If you would like to keep doing Construction for this xp you can. If you need more money go a bit further in the guide and get the Rogue outfit and blackjack for it. If you don't want to blackjack, then just hold off on the Construction until later and do teaks. Going back to Agility pyramid is an option, but is technically less efficient.
      • Keep in mind the reason the guide doesn't just rush 70 Construction is so that you can farm during the grind later on. If you do it now you will miss out on a lot of easy herb runs.
    • You could also just skip this and get a mithril axe from tree spirits later. This is a bit less efficient, but isn't a huge deal if you want to keep moving.
  • Do fruit stalls until 45 Thieving, then blackjack to 50.
    • You could also quest for some xp, but it isn't as important by this point.
    • If you don't want to blackjack, you can do whatever other methods you want.
  • Move your house to Taverley.
  • Get a dwarven rock cake.
  • Do the Rogues' Den minigame for the full Rogue outfit. Steps are below.
    • Since you can't bring anything into the minigame, death pile in Lumbridge, then Burthorpe minigame teleport to the area.
    • Do the Rogues' Den minigame until you get close to your 1 hour being up, then reset the death pile. If you get a rogue piece, walk to your house in Taverley and store it
  • Move your house to Yanille when you have the full set.
  • If for any reason you run out of gold during the guide, blackjack or thieve knights for the money you need.
  • Get a cat from Gertrude and grow it as you move forward. Once it grows put it in your house until needed.
    • You can get some Karambwanji from just north of fairy ring CKR for some stackable fish. You need a small fishing net for this.
  • Get a tinderbox.
  • Buy 300 mind runes, 600 air runes, 200 fire runes.
  • Teleport to Ardougne and steal from the bakery stall until you get a bread and 10 cakes. Do not eat the bread for food, it is a quest item.
  • Complete Merlin's Crystal.
    • Pest Control minigame teleport gets you to the Port Sarim area.
  • Complete Holy Grail.
    • Drop Excalibur and get it again.
    • Drop your adamant axe. If you have a mithril axe put it on a table and get it again.
      • You can death pile in Lumbridge basement if you want to play this safe instead of putting the items on the table.
    • Get a dramen branch as you leave Entrana and turn it into a staff with a knife.
  • Get a bucket of water.
  • Collect 10 bones from killing anything. (chickens in Lumbridge are pretty fast).
  • Complete Demon Slayer
    • You will have to make a second trip for bones.
    • Remember you can now fairy ring to the Wizards' Tower.
    • Take the Salve Graveyard teleport in your house to get to a fairy ring.
  • Get:
    • A vial.
    • Pestle and mortar.
    • Papyrus.
    • 4 soft clay.
  • Complete The Golem.
  • Get:
    • Priest top and bottom from the clothing shop in Varrock.
    • Black Wizard hat from Port Sarim Magic shop.
    • Silver bar in Ardougne, also get some cakes.
    • Rune longsword from the Champions' Guild.
  • Complete Shadow of the Storm.
    • Flinch the boss with the rune longsword, but deal the final blow with Darklight (you must stand next to him as you kill him).
    • Use the xp reward on Ranged.
  • Clean out your inventory of the quest items. Alch/sell the longsword.
  • Complete Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Evil Dave. If your cat is not grown, do this when it does grow.
    • You can complete Ratcatchers for a willy cat if you really want, but this guide CBA to do that quest.
  • Go to Varrock.
    • Buy a bronze sword from the sword shop.
    • Buy a bronze arrow from the range shop.
    • Buy 1 fire rune, 500 earth/water runes, 1000 air runes from Aubury (playing it safe on this amount).
    • Buy 100 death runes.
    • Get a tinderbox and hammer.
    • Buy 60 steel nails from the sawmill.
  • Minigame teleport to Fishing Trawler.
    • Pick up 2 planks from the spawn in the area.
    • Buy a bucket of sand and soda ash from the charter ship.
  • Get some swamp tar from Lumbridge swamp.
  • Smelt your bucket of sand and soda ash into a molten glass. Drop the bucket.
  • Complete the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl.
  • Fill your inventory with cakes.
  • Complete Horror from the deep (fairy ring ALP to lighthouse).
    • The first daggonoth can be safespotted in the north east corner on the small spike.
    • Teleport out after you finish off the first daggonoth and fill your inventory with cakes if needed.
    • Hide from the Dagannoth mother behind a spike to the north east. As she changes colours use your blast spells on her 1 time then run back behind the spike. Heal to full with cakes if she hits you, then repeat.

Ava's and Fossil Island[edit | edit source]

  • Buy a candle and a tinderbox in Catherby. Light the candle.
  • Get a pickaxe.
  • If you are out of cakes grab a few.
  • Complete Wanted!
    • Clean out your inventory and mine the essence when you need it.
    • Grab a few cakes back after you get the essence.
    • You may have to drop the tinderbox and candle then get it again for space.
  • Clean out the random items from your inventory.
  • Get a spade.
  • Get your ghostspeak amulet back from Lumbridge swamp.
  • Make a strung sapphire amulet.
  • Complete Making History.
    • Just run from Ardougne to The Outpost.
    • Charter ship to Port Phasmatys. Fairy Ring DKS to Rellekka.
    • You should be at 31 Prayer with the completion of Making History.
  • Pickpocket ham members until you get buttons.
    • Polish them.
  • Buy 4 pots and 4 buckets of slime from a charter ship.
  • Buy and string a symbol in Ardougne at the silver merchant. Then get it blessed at the Edgeville Monastery.
  • Superheat 5 iron bars from Blast Furnace.
  • Get a hammer.
  • Get a hard leather by killing a cow and tanning it in Al-Kharid.
  • Buy a mithril axe from the Woodcutting Guild, or kill more tree spirits for it.
  • Complete Ernest the Chicken.
  • Complete Animal Magnetism.
    • Remember the Draynor Manor and Fenkenstrains Castle teleports in your house.
    • Kill undead chickens for the bones to get the ecto tokens.
  • Drop the ghost speak amulet and destroy the axe.
  • Keep the Ava's Attractor.
  • Obtain:
    • Hammer (You should have 1 already).
    • Knife.
    • Chisel.
    • Any axe (not the blessed one).
    • 100 feathers (buy them).
    • Some cakes from Ardougne to be safe.
  • Complete Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
    • Pick up the other items in the area. Fairy ring AKS.
  • Complete Shield of Arrav.
    • "osrs soa" clan chat is a great place to find a partner.
  • Go to the Varrock Museum and talk to Historian Minas to get some Kudos and 3 xp lamps. Put them on Herblore.
    • You should be level 20 Herblore, but if you are short somehow doing Jungle Potion should get you there.
  • Clean finds in the Varrock Museum until you get all 50 Kudos.
  • Kill chaos druids for a marrentil.
  • Buy 2 vodka from Heckel Funch in the Grand Tree.
  • Complete Bone Voyage.

Ammonite Crabs[edit | edit source]

  • Put your graceful outfit in your costume room.
  • Buy a studded body and studded chaps from Horvik.
  • Buy a coif, green d'hide chaps, and green d'hide vambs from the Champions' Guild shop.
  • Get an Ava's Attractor from Ava if you don't still have it.
  • Buy a Dorgeshuun crossbow and 10k bone bolts to start out. Get more later if needed.
    • (Optional) If you are good at Last Man Standing (~20+ points an hour) then you can save a bit of time by buying adamant arrows and using a maple shortbow.
  • Buy a lot of hops seeds from Olivia in Draynor Village. You could also thieve them from Master farmers if you want to go out of your way for that. Keep in mind you don't want to clog up your inventory with seeds until after prayer, so don't go too crazy at master farmers yet.
    • How many you get will depend on how actively you think you will do birdhouse runs.
  • Get a hammer and chisel.
  • Buy 4 iron and 8 coal at the blast furnace, then smith 4 steel bars.
  • Make 4 clockwork in your house.
    • If you didn't make a crafting bench earlier make one now.
  • Buy an axe or get one from tree spirits.
  • Chop some logs and oak logs for birdhouses.
  • Go to Fossil Island and kill ammonite crabs for range xp. Your range gear is basic, but since the crabs have no defense it doesn't really matter.
    • Do birdhouse runs whenever you can. You will have to manage getting higher level logs as needed (You will need to teleport out and come back).
      • When you need higher crafting you can make molten glass in Port Phasmatys. You can death storage at Volcanic mine once you have some numlite. 61 Crafting is a good goal for Lunar Diplomacy later on.
      • You can make some Digsite pendants if you want. Rubies can be bought in Ardougne.
      • You can farm any seeds you want as you get them. You will have to balance what seeds you keep vs how many spaces you leave open.
        • If you don't want to drop some higher level seeds, then you could do Tithe Farm now so you can use them. Also it is notable to keep in mind that you will be doing more birdhouses a bit later when you train melee at ammonite crabs. This may influence how much farming you want to do right now.
    • If you want to put in extra effort, you can actually alch while killing the crabs for very efficient magic xp.
    • At level 40 wear your green dhide chaps and vambs.
    • At level 50 go upgrade your Avas to an Ava's accumulator.
    • Setup Runelite to notify you on any fossil drops. When you fill up on fossils put them in the fossil storage on the north side of the island.
  • Do this until level 60 Ranged as that is required for quests later.
    • If you would like, you are more than welcome to continue training here longer. Going until 70 range would be a good goal. The extra fossil drops will help you with early herblore and prayer experience, as well as provide more time to do birdhouse runs.

It is not worth doing Slayer with range right now as the experience will just not be fast enough to warrant it over doing melee Slayer later.

Getting 60 range gives you good damage against the green dragons, but you don't want to get much higher than this because you can train better using Carnivorous chinchompas later.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

It is time to train Prayer finally! You will be killing green dragons and using the bones on the wilderness Chaos Altar.

If you decided to get 43 prayer at the start of your account then you could optionally skip this section. Just make sure to have 45 prayer by the end of the guide for the Fragment of Seren fight (You want to have Mystic Might).

Clean up your inventory. Drop your water runes, book, dramen staff, games necklace, and ring of dueling. Also drop your birdhouse supplies and any seeds you are not keeping.

  • Get a dwarven rock cake and cool it.
  • Buy 500 fire runes, then drop the fire staff (Not technically needed, but makes things a bit simpler).
  • Do Last Man Standing until you have a stockpile of points. 20 points should be fine for now and you can do more as needed.
  • Store all but 200k coins in the coffers by Last Man Standing. This prevents you from losing all your money to a disconnection. Get more money out as needed.

Your inventory should look like this with nothing equipped. (The rune pouch has air, earth, and law runes).

Dwarven rock cake.pngCoins.pngFire rune.pngRune pouch.png

The full method is on the Ultimate Ironman Guide/Prayer. It is the one about killing green dragons without the wilderness diary and involves using range with a maple shortbow.

  • Do this method until at least 45 prayer, but you could go higher.
    • If you would like, you could also do the blue dragons method mentioned on the page, but the rune cost is rather significant for this stage in your account, and is slower Prayer xp (unless you die a lot at green dragons).
    • This method does not require that many Last Man Standing points, but if you really really don't want to do Last Man Standing then you could use a Dorgeshuun crossbow instead. This guide will not outline an exact method for this, but trust that it is a lot more clunky to setup than using the adamant arrow method (You need a light source, and buying bolts requires you to have your cash stack). Also, the maple shortbow with adamant arrows does more dps against the green dragons anyways.
    • This guide intentially avoids completing Dragon Slayer I so that you cannot get dragon tasks later. Do not start or complete it to use the green dhide body, it is only a minor upgrade.
    • It is a good idea to get some blighted manta rays from the Last Man Standing Shop. Dying at the altar with your bones really sets you back, and the looting bag gives you plenty of space.
    • You only need 45 prayer since killing the dragons is rather slow with only 60 range. You can come back later with a higher range level, or just use other methods.
    • Do not forget your fossils from before. You should turn them in for herblore xp lamps, but if you happen to have extras then you can use them for prayer xp.

Herblore and required quests[edit | edit source]

It is time to keep questing to get past the early Herblore levels without having to make potions. You will also be rounding out the last few quests needed for Song of the Elves and Desert Treasure.

Also by this point the guide is going to assume you can figure out how to get required quest items on your own. The process is the same as you have been doing this whole guide.

Herblore and Elf quests[edit | edit source]

  • Drop all your range gear.
  • Go get a Dramen staff again.
  • Get your Graceful outfit, fire staff, mind and water runes back.
  • Also make a new Ring of dueling and Games necklace. Ready to quest again!
  • You can go back to alching if you want. Inventory is tight for Death Plateau though so maybe wait until after that.
  • The guide assumes you restore your prayer after every quest.
  • Get a fly fishing rod and some bait/feathers. Fly fish in Barbarian Village and cook the trout until you have 10 trout. Drop the rod and feathers.
  • Get some iron ore from the Blast Furnace and make an iron bar. Superheat if you have nature runes.
  • Buy 10 bread from the baker in Ardougne.
  • Buy a Premade blurb' sp from the Gnome Stronghold.
  • Complete Death Plateau.
    • Drop your mind/water runes for a bit when you need the extra space.
  • Get a few cakes for food to be safe for the next quest.
  • Complete Troll Stronghold.
  • Get:
    • 50 death runes so you can use some blast spells.
    • Some extra cakes if you are low on food.
    • A tinderbox.
    • An axe.
    • A hammer.
    • 2 ashes.
  • Take fairy ring BIP, then head to Morton and complete Shades of Mort'ton.
    • Remember you can get the tarromins at the start of the quest from searching the table.
    • Pray melee helps here, hope people on world 377 can help you with the temple.
  • Clean up your inventory again, get a few more cakes if needed.
  • Do Jungle Potion (Fairy Ring CKR).
    • Safespot a jogre while you are there for the diary.
  • Get a few more cakes if needed, then buy 100 chaos runes.
  • Complete Zogre Flesh Eaters. crumble undead the boss and enemy.
    • Your house is in Yanille. Restore stats at clan wars if you need before the boss.
  • Complete the Karamja easy diary. Use the lamp on Herblore.
  • You should now have at least 30 Herblore without having to do any actual training. This is a big milestone, as you can now put a lot more choice rewards into it. If you have been very unlucky on random event xp and are not 30 Herblore then you may need to kill a few chaos druids or something to make potions. You can't be more than ~1k xp short though if you did all the right choice xp and quests.
  • Complete the Ardougne easy diary and use the lamp on Herblore.
  • Complete Shilo Village.
  • Complete One Small Favour (use both lamps on Herblore).
    • If you get a ranarr weed while getting the other herbs, keep it.
  • Complete Eadgar's Ruse.
  • Complete Underground Pass.
    • High Alch the Iban's Staff for 25k.
    • Alternatively, spend 200k to upgrade the staff and complete the Medium Ardougne task. If you destroy the staff, you will have to pay 200k to re-buy it and then another 200k to upgrade. The upgraded staff alchs for 51k.
  • Complete Regicide.
  • Complete Watchtower.
  • Complete My Arm's Big Adventure.
  • Get 61 Crafting. Ultimate Ironman Guide/Crafting if you have not already. If your inventory is full you can death storage at the Nightmare boss.
  • (Optional), If you want to thieve Ardougne knights rather than blackjack, you can go out of your way to complete the Ardougne medium diary now.

Melee stats for Roving Elves[edit | edit source]

It is a good time to knock out some melee stats. The only reason to do this is so that you can actually kill the moss giant in the Roving Elves quest.

It is not recommended to go all out getting a full melee setup at this time, as you will end up spending more time getting them with low stats than they will actually save.

  • (Optional) Complete all the Recipe for Disaster subquests except Sir Amik Varze and King Awowogei.
  • (Optional) Complete Monkey Madness I for a large amount of combat experience.
    • You could even go out of your way to get 70 cooking and do the monkey section of Recipe for Disaster at the same time, as it is much easier to do them together.
    • This will require a bit of skilling to do right now, but not a ton.
  • Make a Strength amulet.
  • Kill Zamorak warriors for a Rune scimitar, or just buy a Rune sword at the Champions' Guild.
  • Buy some climbing boots.
  • Buy your best Recipe for Disaster gloves.
  • Kill ammonite crabs with melee until 55 Strength, 60 Attack, and 45 Defense. This will hopefully be enough to kill the moss giant and sets you up nicely with 60 Attack when you do finally get to melee later.
    • Again, do birdhouse runs as you can.
    • Save a few maple, yew, and magic tree seeds in your looting bag for farming contracts later.
  • Complete Roving Elves.
    • Make some rings of recoil and use your strength amulet for boss.
    • Buy some Karambwans from Brimhaven for food.
    • Flinch the moss giant as needed.
    • You may want to keep the weapon seed, but it isn't too big of a deal as you can get one from Last Man Standing later.

A note on melee training: It is very tempting to get a Dragon scimitar, and start down the melee route now. You really don't need to though, just be patient.

The Dragon scimitar specifically is actually a pain to get back if you have to alch it, as you have to reobtain the monkeyspeak amulet and talisman. Additionally, you will want a Berserker ring and fire cape, but you are not setup for those yet.

If you get a Dragon defender, you will be stuck with an untradeable item in your off-hand slot that you didn't need to get this early.

Just wait until after you finish Song of the Elves before getting too heavy into melee.

Song of the Elves skill requirements[edit | edit source]

You are now ready to get on the skilling grind! There are a few quests left before Song of the Elves itself, but all of them have reasons to wait until after the skilling grinds are done.

Song of the Elves Requires:

Below is a good order to do these in, but you can do it however you like. It is recommended to get your herb seeds sorted out first so that you can farm as you do the other skills.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Farming is pretty straightforward.

  • Do Tithe Farm until level 65. Then medium contracts and birdhouses will get you to at least 70.
    • If you are not 34 Farming, buy some plants in Falador and use them in your house to knock out the last bit of xp to get 34.
    • Going all the way to 85 Farming at Tithe Farm is an option as it unlocks hard contracts at the Farming guild. This will also increase the loot from master farmers.
    • A compromise would be to get 82 farming, and use garden pies from the cooking guild to boost to do hard contracts. You will have to wear a chef's hat to get into the cooking guild.

Herblore[edit | edit source]

Herblore is the slowest and most complicated skill as an Ultimate Ironman, but you will want to get started relatively early so that you can do the other skilling grinds while you farm.

Getting set up:

  • Get 65/85 farming at Tithe farm first.
  • Clean out your inventory to just your rune pouch (Air, earth, law), fire staff, water runes, coins.
  • Get 1020 noted pineapples from Brimhaven.
    • Buy them at charters, note at the farming patch.
  • Buy a seed box from Tithe Farm.
  • Get a Kharedst's memoirs again and wear it if you don't have it. This will be your Hosidius teleport for Farming.
  • Get a rune pickaxe from a shop.
  • Mine 1700 volcanic ash. Once done you can alch the pickaxe.
  • Go to each compost bin around the world you have access to and fill them with pineapples. When they are done you can come back to harvest them .
    • Use the volcanic ash on the bin before harvesting the compost.
    • You will want to get moving on this even though you don't have herb seeds yet so that you can clear up the 2 inventory slots for pineapples and volcanic ash.
    • Keep 15 inventory slots open until you are done making compost.
  • Put up your graceful, get out your rogues set.
  • Move your house to Pollnivneach if you plan to blackjack.
  • Drop your water runes (They won't be needed since you have an Ardougne portal in your house).
  • Go to the Farming Guild.

Storing up herb seeds:

At this point you will be working to stock up on a large amount of herb seeds by completing medium level Farming contracts and thieving Master Farmers.

This section is going to assume you have a basic understanding of how contacts work, if you don't know how they work read the page on them or watch a guide.

This is an example inventory setup for medium contracts. This gives you every seed that the contract could assign except white lilies as well as all the other seeds you want to keep. If you do manage to get some white lilies from Hespori add them to your setup.

Seeds in the seed box: maple, yew, magic, potato cactus, cactus, poison ivy.

Limpwurt seed.pngWhiteberry seed.pngJangerberry seed.pngSnape grass seed.png
Strawberry seed.pngWatermelon seed.pngLantadyme seed.pngSnapdragon seed.png
Kwuarm seed.pngAvantoe seed.pngIrit seed.pngToadflax seed.png
Ranarr seed.pngHarralander seed.pngMarrentill seed.pngGuam seed.png
Seed box.pngLooting bag.pngCoins.pngRune pouch.png

You are not keeping tarromin, dwarf weed or torstol seeds. You are keeping guam and marrentil seeds if making Guam-marr vials (Recommended).

Pre-plant: watermelon, snape grass, cactus, whiteberries, maple tree, irit.

  • If you have white lillies pre-plant those, otherwise farm limpwurt roots with that patch.
  • If you get a white lilly contract, downgrade it to an easy one and do that instead. Most of the seeds for easy contracts can be obtained from master farmers fairly commonly.
  • You can do some birdhouse runs to get the basic tree seeds, or just downgrade them when you get them (until you get some seeds from contracts).
  • Any other seeds you wish to keep can be put in the looting bag to be used later.
  • Once you get a hespori seed, plant it. You can also try and kill hespori with any future seeds you get.


While your crops are growing, the most efficient thing you can do is Thieving. When you start out, it is only recommended to pickpocket master farmers the minimum amount required to maintain contracts. Don't even worry about doing herb runs yet, you can just do some guams and marrentils as you get them but don't go out of the way for seeds to farm.

Ultimate Ironman Guide/Thieving

  • Instead of doing master farmers right away, blackjack or thieve Ardougne knights until you have around 3m coins. That gives 1.5m for Smithing, 750k for Construction, then 750k for random stuff.
  • If you want to get no-fail master farmers, it is better to get the Thieving cape than it is to try to complete the Ardougne hard diary since it has high requirments.
  • Once you reach your goal level (3m gp, or whatever level you want), you can start on master farmers.
    • Draynor Village is a good place to thieve master farmers as you can buy wines at the shop there. Your Draynor manor teleport gets you close. There are plenty of other location options though.
  • Once you have all the herb seeds needed, clean up your inventory and move on to the other skills. Just keep your seed box on you with the seeds you are planning to farm, then bag the noted herbs.
  • Farm limpwurt roots and white berries to match your kwuarms and cadantines. Also get 20 extra limpwurt roots for Temple of Ikov.
  • At level 78 you unlock Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests. This is a very good alternative to blackjacking for fast experience after you get the money you need.
    • With more effort, you can alch and cut the loot from the chests for very efficient money and Magic/Crafting experience. While small, this would add up significantly if you are going to 99.

If you need to get something out of your looting bag, you can die to Hespori or deathpile.

70 Herblore requires ~740k total xp. Here are some rough xp estimates per seed, assuming 8 herbs per seed. This is not going to be perfect, but should get you in the ballpark.

Important: You will need a cadantine seed for Song of the Elves, so hold on to at least 1!

Using your herbs:

Rather than outline how to use all the herbs here, the Ultimate Ironman Guide/Herblore has a great list.

The main difference is you will be making Guam-marr vial vials for all of your guams and marrentils. Doing this vastly speeds up how fast you collect the herb seeds needed for level 70 as both seeds are very common from master farmers.

The wiki page on waking sleep vial has a description of the method, or you can refer to the video in the Discussions tab at the top left of the guide.

You will need to store most of your items in Hespori to clean up your inventory. Technically you could die in this method (unlikely though), so you could bring a looting bag instead if you would like.

You can farm while doing this method by just keeping a rune pouch and seed box on you if you would like. (Farm more guams and marrentils or have a looting bag to store other noted herbs).

When you are done farming herbs, leave yourself with 2 grown guam patches, 1 marrentil patch, and 1 harrlander patch. This will make getting guthix rests for Seren easy later on.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Smithing is straightforward but expensive. Ultimate Ironman Guide/Smithing

  • Superheat iron until 60. This is estimated to cost around 1.5m to go from 40-60 Smithing.
  • Do Blast Furnace platebodies until 70.

The iron ore method method is expensive, but is the most efficient due to the Mining and Magic xp you get along the way. You can get 25 free inventory slots for 5 iron platebodies if you have a clean inventory and use fire runes rather than a fire staff.

If you do it that way you can't hold a seed box to farm, so it is up to you. Do this first so you can use the full Blast Furnace while doing Construction and get the Mining xp.

Construction[edit | edit source]


  • The default method for Construction is to just do Mahogony Homes oaks until 70 just like before. This is estimated to cost around 750k.
  • The second method would be to do Tempoross for fishing XP, then use the noted planks at Mahogany Homes. This is basically the better version of doing Wintertodt as fishing is actually useful later on.
  • Finally you could do solo Wintertodt to 70. The only real advantage to this is you will get your magic logs knocked out, but this really isn't recommended for the reasons outlined in the Wintertodt section.

Keep in mind that getting 70 Construction allows you to build the stamina pool in your house, but you would have to Theatre of Blood boost to get them early.

You can farm while doing Construction as it only really costs 2 inventory slots (seed box, looting bag), which is not as big of a deal once you get a plank sack.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Mining is again pretty straightforward. You will buy a rune pickaxe from a shop and do your preferred Mining method to level 70.

If you would like, you can get 72 Mining and complete Making Friends with My Arm for an extra patch and teleports.

Hunter[edit | edit source]

Hunter is again pretty straightforward.

Post 70 Hunter should be done at the red chins after you finish Song of the Elves and Monkey Madness 2, when you are ready to use them to train ranged.

Do not plan to get a glory from Hunter, just do Crafting. This is just general advice really, but finding Dragon implings is a long and tedious process that just isn't worth it.

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Woodcutting is yet again very straightforward. Just chop wood with your preferred method.

  • Buy a rune axe from the woodcutting guild when you get the level
  • It is recommended to actually get 75 woodcutting rather than 70. This will solve your magic log problem easily for Mourning's End Part I, and Desert Treasure, as well as give access to magic logs forever on your account.

You could opt to do Wintertodt until 66 Firemaking (after getting 70 Woodcutting for better log drops) and see if you get lucky with 13 magic logs, but it is unlikely in that short amount of time. Do not do Nature implings as it takes a long time with almost no xp gains.

Magic[edit | edit source]

You should be passively getting Magic xp from alching and a lot of these other activities (superheating). You need to have level 82 by the time you go for Song of the Elves. If you don't end up with 82 by the time you are done with the other skilling grinds, a very fast method is to do the Alchemy room in Mage Training arena. When done properly you can get around 140k xp/h there, though lower rates are more likely due to mistakes. It does cost money, so you will have to thieve a good bit more if you plan to do this.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Once you have all your skills lined out, it is time to finish everything up. Now that you have a supply of Prayer potions and Super restores, these quests are much easier.

Buy karambwans from Brimhaven for good food.

Fragment of Seren[edit | edit source]

You are almost there, only the fight remains!

Fighting the Fragment of Seren boss is either a struggle, or fairly easy, depending on how prepared you are.

The recommended method is to use Phoenix necklaces with Cave nightshade. Together these can negate the damage from the bosses major attack that deals almost all of your health in damage.

Getting set up

  • Get your noted super restores out of your bag if you don't have them.
  • wear a fire staff until you get the ancient staff.
  • Start out by making a Guthix rest with the herbs you left planted from farming. If you forgot to do this, then you could farm them now, or just use a karambwan/pineapple pizza.
  • Get a candle from Catherby and light it.
  • Buy a lockpick from Burthope.
  • Thieve Dorgesh Kaan rich chests until you get 9 uncut diamonds and a sapphire.
  • Make 9 phoenix necklaces.
  • Make an amulet of magic. wear it.
  • Get an empty book from the lighthouse. wear it.
  • Put up your graceful.
  • Get your mage arena cape out of your house, wear it.
  • You should have rune arrows already.
  • Buy full mystic at the Magic Guild.
  • Buy 700 bloods, deaths, and water runes. This is more than you should need, but it is best to be safe.
  • Clear out your rune pouch of other runes and put the deaths, bloods, and waters in it for space. If you have a lot of law runes, you can put most of them in your bag.
  • Collect 10 cave nightshade. You will need to reobtain the skavid map.
    • Practice eating a few nightshade to get used to it. Eating a nightshade is a right click option with a text box!
    • The extra nightshade is there in case you mess up and need 1 more.
  • Drop the candle.
  • Ring of dueling to the duel arena, go south into the desert all the way to the ancients pyramid. You can take the boat to Tempoross to get there faster.
  • Change to the ancient spellbook.
  • Buy an ancient staff from Elbis.
  • Ring of dueling to clan wars. Restore your stats, use the portal to get to soul wars, then edgeville.
  • Unnote 3 super restores and bag any extra noted restores you have.
    • You will need to drop something on the ground and return for it after you bag them.
  • Minigame teleport to the Fishing Trawler. Take the charter ship to Port Tyras and walk to the boss room.

The fight

A video of this method can be found in the Discussions tab of the page.

At the start of the fight, let Seren take you down to ~30–40% of your HP. Activate Protect from Missiles after.

Try to stay at around 20% of your max HP + 10 HP during the fight. At 99 HP this would mean staying at around 30 HP. The phoenix necklace breaks if you drop down below 20% of your max HP, and a cave nightshade deals up to 15 damage when eaten.

Use Blood Blitz whenever you want your HP to go up, and the non-blood spell whenever you want it to go down. Manual cast the spells to avoid wasting DPS.

If you happen to have an alternate account with Song of the Elves completed, it is recommended to try this method on that account first as practice. The boss can be refought in Prifddinas.

Keep in mind prayer might be a bit limited, especially if you only got level 45. You might have to prayer flick to get through the whole fight.

More info about the Fragment of Seren's mechanics can be found here.

Mystic hat.png
Zamorak cape.png
Amulet of magic.png
Rune arrow.png
Ancient staff.png
Mystic robe top.png
Book of darkness.png
Mystic robe bottom.png
Mystic gloves.png
Mystic boots.png
Ring of dueling.png
Yew shortbow.pngGuthix rest.pngPhoenix necklace.pngCave nightshade.png
Phoenix necklace.pngPhoenix necklace.pngPhoenix necklace.pngPhoenix necklace.png
Cave nightshade.pngCave nightshade.pngCave nightshade.pngCave nightshade.png
Phoenix necklace.pngPhoenix necklace.pngPhoenix necklace.pngPhoenix necklace.png
Cave nightshade.pngCave nightshade.pngCave nightshade.pngCave nightshade.png
Cave nightshade.pngSuper restore.pngSuper restore.pngSuper restore.png
Seed box.pngCoins.pngLooting bag.pngRune pouch.png

Congratulations! You have completed this guide and are now ready to take on the world as an Ultimate Ironman!

Please take just a few minutes and leave a comment in the Discussions tab at the top left of the page to say you got through the guide and any feedback you have. If you got through the whole thing without issues, please say so! That is valuable feedback!

Tips for the path forward[edit | edit source]

Here are some useful tips and pointers to guide you as you face the road ahead. Feel free to forge your own path though!

For many, the next step forward will be to start on Slayer so that you can complete Monkey Madness II and grow your stats for The Gauntlet.

Ancient Staff:

Keep in mind that you cannot buy more than 1 ancient staff, and they are otherwise difficult to get. Don't alch or drop the staff.

The Gauntlet:

The Gauntlet is very doable without Rigor and Augury, even with lower stats. You may have to prep tier 2 armour though.

If you are already experienced then you can do 5:1 with Mage right away. If you are less experienced you could afk train your range to ~80 and use Mage/Range only. This allows you to get into Corrupted gauntlet much sooner.


Using Konar quo Maten as a slayer master is very useful as her assignment list does not have many "bad" tasks if you have not started Dragon Slayer I. You will probably want to block Black demons though.

She provides the most Slayer points, is easy to get to from the Battlefront Teleport, and the random locations she assigns is not so bad when using Bones to Peaches for sustain. The Brimstone key drops also provide a bit of extra loot.


You will want to train prayer to 70+ before getting too deep into The Gauntlet if you are using melee.

You can use the same method as before, but should get higher range from chins first. You could consider using better range weapons (magic shortbow, crystal bow, rune crossbow), but the requirements and cost of a death are higher.

The crystal bow is particularly effective over time if you invest in lowering the recharge fee. This is a solid idea if you got a lot of extra money from thieving earlier (and don't die in the wilderness much).

The melee setup in the Ultimate Ironman Guide/Prayer is also good, but does require a source of food to tank the dragons.

Alternatively, keep in mind that technically the efficient way to train prayer is to do a lot of Runecraft and unlock Wrath runes to use with Sinister Offering or Demonic Offering.

This is very macro efficient, but requires an extremely large time investment to setup.

Fire Cape:

  • The basic ranged gear from earlier should be good enough due to the good base stats on the crystal bow, but you could use Black dragonhide armour if you do crafting or Void Knight equipment.
  • Keep in mind you will also want a crystal bow for the Monkey Madness 2 boss fight.

Recipe for Disaster:

Berserker ring:

You can obtain a Berserker ring using Iban Blast or even Fire Bolt with Chaos gauntlets if you are short on money. You don't need amazing tank gear.


Proselyte armour, specifically the chest and legs, is very useful for slayer if you are camping Protection prayers and/or piety during your tasks. If you did pickpocket a lot of master farmers for seeds, you likely have plenty of prayer potions.

Obsidian legs:

(Very optional) Obsidian platelegs can be obtained by buying Chaos runes and selling them at TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store with Karamja gloves 1. This is a bit expensive (~1m), but they are the best storable melee legs. You will have to buy the whole set to store, but if you don't plan to use a bag slot for Bandos tassets late game then you might as well get these early. Keep in mind that if you are camping prayers, then proselyte is going to be better.

Clue Scrolls:

There are a lot of good storable items that can be obtained from Hard Clue scrolls, but nothing is actually that vital to get. For range gear you will likely want to use Crystal armour with the Bow of faerdhinen. Blessed d'hide boots are nice but not needed as Shayzien boots (5) grant only 3 fewer attack and are much easier to obtain.


Once you complete Monkey Madness 2 you can catch Red chinchompas in Prifddinas to grow your range rather fast. ~90 range should be fine, but higher does help if you don't mind hunting.


Using Ice Burst for slayer is reasonably doable if you complete the Desert Hard Diary to get the better camulet teleport. You want this diary anyway for making noted unfinished potions.

Bones to Peaches:

Using the Bones to Peaches spell unlocked early in the guide will make slayer much easier as it provides an easy way to get food.

Fighter Torso:

You of course want to knock out a Fighter torso. It only takes a few hours and is storable.

Dragon Defender:

The dragon defender is actually storable in a stash unit with a Slayer helmet and Dragon battleaxe. The Construction level is pretty high though.

Notable Alternatives[edit | edit source]

What about Wintertodt?[edit | edit source]

Many players will be surprised by the lack of Wintertodt early on. Conventional wisdom says that rushing early Wintertodt is efficient, but the reality is that for the majority of players it is a complete waste of time. As outlined in this guide, you can be very successful without spending 50+ hours at Wintertodt. Below will break down the reasoning for this.

  • First and foremost, the number 1 reason not to do Wintertodt is simply that Firemaking is effectively a useless skill past level 66 (The highest quest requirement) Past that, the only relevant requirement are the Kourend and Kandarin diaries, and a master clue step, which have very high other requirements to get first. This means that doing Wintertodt early is really only for the non-Firemaking xp and loot, which brings us to...
  • The loot from Wintertodt sucks. It doesn't matter if you are maxed, the loot still sucks. Sure over the course of 50+ hours it adds up to something decent, but compared to other things you could do for that time it is abysmal.
  • You can get Construction elsewhere. The primary reasoning for doing Wintertodt is really the Construction experience, but you can do other methods that are much faster. Having early Construction does not save you the 50 hours you would spend getting it at Wintertodt. Getting 70 Construction through oak contracts takes about 20 hours and is very cheap, while also giving woodcutting xp like Wintertodt. The Fletching xp is nice, but you can easily buy fletching later from Gauntlet money.
  • The Tome of fire is not necessary, and will be dropped eventually. Tome of Fire is great early game, but it really falls off after most questing has been done. Especially now with the Book of the dead acting as a re-obtainable mage offhand with teleports too. Similarly, all the extra loot will be difficult to use early on, and moving it in an out of the bag will take a lot of time for relatively little reward compared to just doing more streamlined methods down the line.
  • Finally, you need to do the quests anyways. The majority of the time spent in this guide is just doing quests, and even if you do Wintertodt you still have to spend time on the quests. Having Construction early helps with teleports, but does not save 50 hours.

Boneyard Prayer[edit | edit source]

Players that are interested in an easier and safer early game can start their journey with a visit to the Bone Yard, where they will collect Big bones, then use them on the wilderness Chaos Altar for 43 Prayer. This unlocks the Protect from Melee prayer right away.

Having protection from melee makes many quest bosses trivial, and heavily reduces the need for food. Additionally, gaining these total levels early will allow you to unlock a Rune pouch a bit sooner.

The downside to this method is that it is a somewhat tedious ~3 hour grind right at the start of your account and some players might wish to jump into more active progress.

Overall doing this method doesn't really gain or lose much time in the long run. The slow xp rates are offset by the extra time gained by being able to easily move through difficult sections without food and ends up about even.

If you are not comfortable navigating the early game safely (for example if this is your first ironman account) then doing this method is highly recommended as dying can cost a lot of time on an UIM.

If you do this method here are some steps.

1) Drop all of your items except your shrimp and bread.

2) Clan Wars minigame teleport.

3) Exit the Ferox Enclave and head north east to the Bone Yard

4) Pick up the Big bones spawn at the south west end. Avoid the skeletons, they will attack you.

5) Hop worlds and pick up big bones until you have a full inventory.

6) Head north then west to the Chaos Altar.

7) Use your big bones on the altar.

8) Return to the boneyard for more bones. Repeat this until you have 43 prayer.

9) On your last trip of bones, grab a few Iron scimitars from the spawn next to the big bones.

10) When finished, return to the Ferox Enclave, restore your run to full at the pool, and Lumbridge home teleport.

11) Sell your iron scimitars at the general store, then proceed with the guide from there.

Note that you don't have a many prayer points, so it is best to utilize Prayer Flicking to extend your points further.