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Fishing is most often trained through "powerfishing", where the caught fish are almost immediately dropped onto the ground to keep a relatively empty inventory. While the skill is clasically a good source of food for combat training, the significant amount of preparation required to catch and cook fish makes it less useful for Ultimate Ironman players when compared to buyable food (such as cooked karambwans, jugs of wine, and potatoes with cheese) or noted Saradomin brews. At high Fishing levels, it is possible to get noted raw sharks from fishing minnows, which can be a solid food choice once cooked.

Early Training - Quests[edit | edit source]

A number of early quests reward significant amounts of Fishing experience, making it possible to skip slow, low-level training methods and get straight to fly fishing. The most notable of these quests is Sea Slug, which has minimal requirements and gives enough experience to get to level 24 Fishing alone.

20+ - Fly Fishing[edit | edit source]

From level 20 to level 58 Fishing, fly fishing is the fastest way to train the skill. This requires a fly fishing rod and feathers, which can be bought in bulk from various fishing shops. Experience rates have a notable increase at level 30 Fishing, after which the player will start to catch raw salmon. Experience rates increase as the player's fishing level does, ranging from 20k to 35k experience per hour.

The fishing spots just east of the Barbarian Village have a perpetual fire near them, where the raw trout and salmon can be cooked before dropping them. This is a good way to combine early Fishing training with early Cooking training as well.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Cooking.

58+ - Barbarian Fishing[edit | edit source]

Expected experience rates as a function of fishing level. (No tick manipulation)

At level 58 Fishing, and with at least level 30 Agility and level 30 Strength, Barbarian Fishing becomes the fastest and most efficient method by which to train Fishing. To get started, speak to Otto at Otto's Grotto, and he will begin to teach the Barbarian skills. A barbarian rod can be found under his bed, and feathers are again used as bait.

If fishing normally, the player should expect about 40k-45k experience per hour from level 58 to level 70 Fishing. This rate increases to 55k-60k experience per hour at level 70+ Fishing. This method also gives a cursory amount of Agility and Strength experience alongside the Fishing experience. For every 100k experience gained in Fishing, the player should expect about 9k experience gained in Agility and Strength.

Additionally, some players opt to use tick manipulation to further increase experience rates while doing this activity. Tick manipulation gives about a 66% increase in experience per hour, as it takes the usual 5-tick fishing action and shortens it to just 3 ticks.

82+ - Minnows[edit | edit source]

At level 82 Fishing, Kylie Minnow allows access to her fishing platform at the Fishing Guild, where the player can catch minnows with a small fishing net. This method also requires the player to have completed the Fishing Contest quest and have shown Kylie the full angler's outfit. The stackable nature of minnows, as well as the noted raw sharks that Kylie gives in exchange, makes this a good way of training Fishing even with little inventory space. The sharks are also one of few noted food sources easily available to players, making them useful when training combat skills, Slayer, or fighting bosses.

Rates of experience and sharks can be found in the table below. It should also be noted that equipping the Rada's blessing can increase the amount of minnows (and thus the amount of sharks) by up to 8%, depending on the level of completion of the Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Fishing level Minnow (sharks) per hour XP per hour
82 15,000 (375) 40,000
85 17,000 (425) 43,000
90 19,500 (487) 45,000
95 22,000 (550) 48,000
99 25,000 (625) 56,000