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Minigames can have restrictions that can be challenging for Ultimate Ironman players, often requiring significant preparation, inventory-stressful item requirements, and dangerous combat in unusual locations. In most cases, these challenges are similar to those for regular players, and with good preparation, the minigame can be completed much like any other player would.

Death in Minigames[edit | edit source]

Main article: Minigames

Some minigames are considered dangerous. This means that items are hard or impossible to get back if the player dies in the minigame.

Item Limitations[edit | edit source]

A number of minigames require the player to have an empty inventory, or restrict what equipment can be brought into the minigame. A list of notable minigames with such limitations is as follows:

Minigames Notes
Barbarian Assault Players cannot take their own arrows, runes or food items into the game. It is also forbidden to bring in a looting bag regardless of contents, as the barbarians do not trust its contents.
Castle Wars The only items allowed inside the Castle Wars area are potions, runes, and Combat-related items such as armour—with the exception of helmets, hats, scarves and capes. Food cannot be brought in, but bandages can be obtained within the arena, which are used to heal players in the same way as food. Alchemy spells cannot be used during the game. Lunar spells such as Heal Other and Cure Me can not be used during the game. The Dwarf multicannon cannot be brought into Castle Wars. Cats can not be brought into the arena.
Rogues' Den Players must have an empty inventory and no items equipped to enter. Since no items are allowed in the course, whenever you receive a Rogue's equipment crate you will need to claim your reward then find a way to remove it from your inventory. The way to work around the inventory restrictions here is to use a death storage method, such as Hespori or Zulrah, to store all your items for you (including untradeables). After each successful run where you receive the reward crate, remove all of your items from death storage and organise your inventory and gear accordingly and then store all of your items (including your newly received reward) in the death storage. If using Hespori storage or any other non-Zulrah storage, be mindful of the amount of coins you will need to collect all five pieces of gear.
Trouble Brewing Players must have an empty inventory and no headgear equipped to play the mini game.