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Prayer has classically been a challenging skill to train for Ultimate Ironman players, due to inventory space restrictions and their inability to use some of the faster training methods. However, there are a number of ways to train the skill, including many passive training methods that can provide decent amounts of experience over a long period of time. Early on, the primary focus of Prayer training is to reach level 43 Prayer, to unlock the Protect from Magic, Protect from Ranged, and Protect from Melee prayers. Because of how important these core protection prayers are, some players opt to "rush" to level 43 Prayer early on their training, through fast and risky training methods such as those in the Wilderness.

Early training: Quests[edit | edit source]

Some early quests reward Prayer experience, and can be used to jump-start Prayer training with some quick levels:

Completion of Ghosts Ahoy also rewards the Ectophial, allowing for easy use of the Ectofunctus in future Prayer training.

Early training: Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Blue wizard hat.png
Staff of fire.png

Training in the Wilderness is not generally recommended for Ultimate Ironmen, due to the risks inherent with their unique restrictions. However, in the early stages of training, before they have many items to lose, the Wilderness can provide some of the fastest and easiest Prayer training, with two different methods available depending on preference.

The easiest training method is collecting big bones in the Bone Yard, and running them over to the Chaos Temple in level 38 Wilderness. The altar within the Chaos Temple gives 3.5x experience gains on any bone used on it, and gives a 50% chance that the bone will not be consumed in the process. This means that on average, it would require only 480 big bones to get from level 1 to level 43 Prayer.

The experience rate with this method can reach up to 15,000–20,000 experience per hour, though rates may vary depending on inventory space and luck with the altar.

The other notable early-game training method found in the Wilderness is killing Lava dragons on Lava Dragon Isle. Even at a low Magic level and with minimal gear, it is easy to kill Lava dragons from a safespot due to their low Magic level. Lava dragon bones give 340 Prayer experience when buried on Lava Dragon Isle, so it would take only 149 kills to get from level 1 to level 43 Prayer using this method. The experience rate for this method depends heavily on the player's Magic level.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Magic.

Early training: Killing blue dragons in Taverley Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Bucket.pngPot.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Bucket.pngPot.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Bucket.pngPot.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Bucket.pngPot.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Bucket.pngPot.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Bucket.pngPot.pngDragon bones.pngEctophial.png
Law rune.png312Air rune.png6740Water rune.png3804Looting bag.png

Safespotting blue dragons with Magic in the Taverley Dungeon and offering the bones at the Ectofuntus is one of the fastest ways for low-level Prayer training that does not involve the Wilderness. Players will need to have completed Ghosts Ahoy for the ectophial and free access to Port Phasmatys. Players will also need to have access to a decent Magic spell. Iban's Blast is the best option at lower levels, however this requires having the Iban's staff (u). Having level 70 Agility for the pipe shortcut is strongly recommended, as without the shortcut this method would be a lot slower.

Using the dragon bones on the Ectofunctus earns 288 Prayer experience per kill. After filling up on bones, use the ectophial to teleport to the Ectofunctus, fill up the buckets of slime, grind the bones into bonemeal, then worship the Ectofunctus for the Prayer experience. This process may need to be repeated some number of times, depending on the amount of buckets, pots, and bones in the inventory. Falador Teleport runes provide quick access to the Taverley Dungeon through the shortcut in Falador's west wall.

Experience rates will vary depending on combat levels and equipment. When using Iban's Blast, players can expect to gain around 20,000 experience per hour; with weaker spells players can expect to gain around 10,000–15,000 experience per hour.

Forthos Dungeon[edit | edit source]

The Scorched Grotto.
Main article: Forthos Dungeon

Though Red dragons have a significantly higher combat level than the Blue dragons of Taverley Dungeon, the self-contained nature of the Forthos Dungeon makes it a solid option for training Prayer, among other things.

Once unlocked, the Sacred Bone Burner in the dungeon allows players to offer bones at it for 3x Prayer experience per bone. This is most often used in conjunction with babydragon bones or dragon bones from the nearby dragons. Depending on combat level and gear, this method can reach up to 20k experience per hour, assuming the player is also processing the hides for profit. Ignoring the hides and focusing solely on the dragons will improve experience rates, while killing Baby dragons will lower experience rates. Players can use the nearby altar to top up on Prayer points while killing dragons, and grubby keys can be used to restock on food and other supplies.

With Crafting 73 , players may want to bring a needle and some thread, as the nearby tanner Eodan can turn red dragon hide drops into red dragon leather. Crafting red dragonhide armour pieces and alching them can add a bit of Crafting experience and gold to this training method. Rough rates will be around 6k Crafting experience and 250k coins per hour, though it will heavily depend on the player's levels and equipment. Completion of the Kourend & Kebos Diary will lower Eodan's tanning costs, depending on the level of diary completion.

Myths' Guild Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Void melee helm.png
Infernal cape.png
Amulet of torture.png
Rada's blessing 4.png
Dragon hunter lance.png
Elite void top.png
Anti-dragon shield.png
Elite void robe.png
Void knight gloves.png
Primordial boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
Dragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Dragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Dragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Dragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Dragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.pngDragon bones.png
Super combat potion(1).png250Antifire potion(1).png500Marrentill.pngMarrentill.png
Marrentill.png182Tinderbox.pngRune pouch.pngLooting bag.png

With the completion of Dragon Slayer II, one of the fastest methods for training Prayer is unlocked in the Myths' Guild section of the Corsair Cove Dungeon. By using the Mythical cape teleport and the Teleport to House spell, a player can quickly travel between the Green dragons in the guild's dungeon and a Gilded altar in their Player-owned house. To use this method, the player should kill Green dragons until they have only two inventory spots open, after which they should use Camelot Teleport to get to the Seers' Village bank in order to unnote two Marrentill. Then, Teleport to House, light the braziers around the gilded altar, and use the bones on the altar.

With level 99 Construction, the teleport runes can be replaced by the Construct. cape, allowing the use of Reanimate Dragon from the Arceuus spellbook to further increase Prayer experience rates. This also necessitates another way to unnote the marrentills for the altar, such as a bank near to a POH portal (like the one in Prifddinas), using a Jewellry box to teleport to a bank, unnoting at Phials at Rimmington, or using the Rada's blessing 4 to unnote atop Mount Karuulm.

The exact rates of this method depend on the player's equipment, but with max combat gear it is possible to earn 55k-65k experience per hour. With a Construct. cape, it can even be possible to reach 70k+ experience per hour.

Pest Control[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pest Control

Participating in the Pest Control minigame and spending the points on Prayer experience is a relatively slow but fairly low-effort training method. However, it does not require much inventory space or gearing up, which makes it a feasible option while training Farming and Fletching. Three or more inventory spaces can easily be dedicated to Fletching materials, allowing for the training of that skill during downtime in the minigame. The rest of the open inventory can be useful for Farming supplies.

It is recommended to have at least level 100 combat for the veteran boat, and some Melee equipment for decent enough damage output. Dragon dagger special attacks can be used to quickly get the activity bar full; alternatively, players can use the dragon battleaxe special attack for a free Strength boost every game.

The experience per point scales depending on the Prayer level, and players can expect to gain around 125 commendation points per hour in the veteran boat (100 and 75 points in the intermediate and novice boats, respectively). Players should always spend 100 points at a time, as this grants a 10% bonus to the amount of experience received. It is best to spend the points at higher Prayer levels to get most out of them. Up to 4,000 points can be stored, which would take around 32 hours to get.

The below table shows the amount of Prayer experience gained per point at each Prayer level range. At level 98, players can gain up to 39,600 experience per hour with this method.

Prayer Level Experience per point Experience per 100 points
25-34 18xp 1818xp
35-42 36xp 3636xp
43-48 54xp 5454xp
49-54 72xp 7272xp
55-59 90xp 9090xp
60-64 108xp 10908xp
65-69 126xp 12726xp
70-73 144xp 14544xp
74-77 162xp 16362xp
78-81 180xp 18180xp
82-84 198xp 19998xp
85-88 216xp 21816xp
89-91 234xp 23634xp
92-94 252xp 25452xp
95-97 270xp 27270xp
98-99 288xp 29088xp

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Fletching and Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

Passive training methods[edit | edit source]

Ensouled heads from Slayer[edit | edit source]

A player reanimates an ensouled head.

With 60% Arceuus favor, the Arceuus spellbook and all of its reanimation spells becomes available for use. Saving up an inventory of ensouled heads during Slayer or combat training and reanimating them at the Dark Altar is an excellent way to passively gain Prayer experience while actively training other skills. The easiest way to reach the Dark Altar is by using the fairy ring cis, after paying Trossa 80,000 coins to revive it.

High-level players who have the occult altar in their player-owned house can opt to stay on the Arceuus spellbook during tasks which give ensouled heads. This allows for quick reanimation of monsters in the location where they were killed, making it an even more efficient method of training.

Fossil Island fossils[edit | edit source]

The mycelium pool interface.
Main article: Mycelium pool

Various activities on Fossil Island will reward the player with Fossil Island fossils. These can be used with the Mycelium pool on the island to create enriched bones, which can in turn be exchanged for Prayer experience. Popular sources for these fossils include tracking the Herbiboar, training Underwater, and fighting Ammonite Crabs.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Hunter.

Bonecrusher[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bonecrusher

With completion of the hard tasks in the Morytania Diary, the bonecrusher can be used in combat to automatically bury any bones that monsters drop, giving a small amount of Prayer experience while training other combat skills or Slayer. The bonecrusher is charged with ecto-tokens, rewarded for using bonemeal at the Ectofunctus. Each ecto-token gives 25 charges for the bonecrusher, so it is easy enough to maintain charges by doing a few inventories of Ectofunctus each day, using the daily free slime and crushing provided by Robin. The player can either bring whatever bones they may have on hand, or simply kill Undead chickens nearby to quickly collect bones. The Ectofunctus can be quickly travelled to with the Ectophial, which can be easily purchased from Perdu in Lumbridge.

Having the bonecrusher is strongly recommended if training Ranged with chinning, as players can gain a lot of passive Prayer experience from that. It is also useful in the Catacombs of Kourend, where it will restore a small amount of Prayer points as well.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Ranged.