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Thieving training on an Ultimate Ironman is relatively similar to that for regular accounts, as most Thieving training methods require few items and little preparation to do effectively. This also makes the skill easy to train in conjunction with other inventory-stressful skills, most notably Farming. As a skill, Thieving is most useful as a source of coins and seeds through pickpocketing, as well as the Pharaoh's sceptre from Pyramid Plunder.

There are a number of items that can be useful for Thieving training, most notably the Rogue equipment set, which doubles all loot from pickpocketing NPCs. It is highly recommended to get the set before training Thieving much past level 50, though it may be useful to wait until a high Construction level for access to easier storage in the player-owned house armour case. The Ardougne Diary also gives bonuses when pickpocketing NPCs, making them less likely to notice the player's attempts.

Early Training - Quests[edit | edit source]

25+ - Fruit Stalls[edit | edit source]

Fruit stall locations in Hosidius.
Main article: Fruit Stall

At level 25 Thieving, Fruit Stalls in Hosidius become the fastest way to train the skill. If stealing from the two stalls in the eastern building, players can reach 40k-42k experience per hour if running between both stalls. Thieving from just one stall is slightly less efficient, reaching about 34k experience per hour at maximum rates. None of the fruit rewarded from the stall are particularly useful, so it is recommended to simply drop them to keep an empty inventory.

38+ - Master Farmers[edit | edit source]

At level 38 Thieving, Master Farmers can be pickpocketed. They are mostly useful as a source of low-level seeds for Farming training, as the experience rate at low Thieving levels is only around 20k-25k experience per hour. Additionally, at low Thieving levels there is a high chance to fail the pickpocket, making it necessary to have some food at hand. Training on the Master Farmer in Draynor Village puts the player close to Fortunato and his shop, which sells cheap wine for healing. At higher Thieving levels, the Rogue equipment will double the amount of seeds stolen, and at level 94 Thieving (with the Hard Ardougne Diary complete) it becomes impossible to fail a pickpocket on Master Farmers. Master Farmers can be a decent source of herb seeds for Herblore training, providing up to 70k Herblore experience worth of herb seeds every hour at high Thieving levels.

Even though Master Farmers become available at level 38, pickpocketing them at lower levels is not recommended, as players will fail very often and will need a lot of food to heal themselves. If the player has not completed the diary, wearing the Thieving cape is required for 100% pickpocketing success rate. That said, Master Farmers are a viable choice to combine thieving and farming/herblore, as it provides materials for those skills.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

45+ - Blackjacking[edit | edit source]

Rogue mask.png
Hitpoints cape(t).png
Maple blackjack.png
Rogue top.png
Rogue trousers.png
Rogue gloves.png
Rogue boots.png
Main article: Blackjack

Blackjacking bandits in Pollnivneach offers the fastest Thieving experience from level 45 to 91. While there are three different types of bandits you can blackjack, the method is the same for all of them: knock out the bandit and pickpocket them twice while they are unconscious. If you are caught while trying to knock out the bandit, they will hit you for 4 Hitpoints and become aggressive.

For blackjacking, you will need to have completed The Feud quest and a blackjack of any kind. Getting full rogue equipment at level 50 is strongly recommended for double loot per pickpocket, as without rogue equipment you will make approximately 2,500,000 gp and with full rogue equipment you will make approximately 5,000,000 gp levelling from level 50 to 91 using this method.

Experience rates will vary depending on the player's Thieving level, performance and the type of food used. Players can expect to gain up to 60,000–80,000 experience per hour from level 45 to 55 Thieving, 100,000–150,000 experience per hour from level 55 to 65, and 200,000–260,000 experience per hour from level 65 onwards training on Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits, unbearded Pollnivnian Bandits and Menaphite Thugs, respectively. At level 99, up to 270,000 experience per hour can be achieved. From level 91 onwards the Pyramid Plunder minigame can offer slightly higher rates, however this method remains viable up to level 99.

The nearby bar sells wines which can be useful as a cheap source of healing. High-level players are advised to use Saradomin brews as they heal much more per inventory slot, allowing the player to sustain much longer before restocking. With level 99 Hitpoints, the hitpoints cape can also be used as an additional source of passive healing. Because training with blackjacking does not require much inventory space to do, it is an excellent skill to pair with Farming training, which often fills the inventory with a variety of seeds and produce.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

55+ - Knights of Ardougne[edit | edit source]

Using different items, or completing the medium Ardougne Diary tasks will change experience rates.
Main article: Knight of Ardougne

At level 55 Thieving, it becomes possible to pickpocket Knights of Ardougne. As an alternative to blackjacking, this method requires significantly less effort and provides more profit, but has slower experience rates at all Thieving levels. Completion of the various levels of the Ardougne Diary provide bonuses when Thieving, making the player less likely to fail to pickpocket their target. It is possible to gain around 60k experience per hour at level 55 Thieving, around 105k experience per hour at level 70, around 150k experience per hour at level 80, and around 250k experience per hour at level 95 using this method. As training on Knights of Ardougne requires little to no inventory space to do, it is an excellent skill to pair with Farming training, which often fills the inventory with a variety of seeds and produce.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

71+ - Pyramid Plunder[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pyramid Plunder

While it is a viable alternative to other training methods, Pyramid Plunder is not generally recommended for Ultimate Ironman players due to its resource and inventory requirements. The player should expect around 125k experience per hour from level 71 to level 80 Thieving, around 190k experience per hour from level 81 to level 90 Thieving, and 255k experience per hour from level 91 Thieving onward. This makes it the one of the fastest methods of training Thieving from level 91 onward. Many Ultimate Ironman players opt to train at Pyramid Plunder only to get the Pharaoh's sceptre for use in the player-owned house occult altar. A second sceptre can be stored in a STASH deep in the pyramid for a master level emote clue.