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Thieving training on an ultimate ironman is relatively similar to that for regular accounts. Most training methods require few items and little preparation to do effectively. This also makes the skill easy to train in conjunction with other inventory-stressful skills, most notably Farming. As a skill, Thieving is most useful as a source of coins and seeds through pickpocketing, as well as the Pharaoh's sceptre from Pyramid Plunder.

There are a number of items that can be useful for Thieving training, most notably the Rogue equipment set, which doubles all loot from pickpocketing NPCs. It is highly recommended to get the set before training Thieving much past level 50, though it may be useful to wait until a high Construction level for access to easier storage in the player-owned house armour case. The Ardougne Diary also gives bonuses when pickpocketing NPCs, making them less likely to notice the player's attempts.

Early training: Quests[edit | edit source]

Fastest experience[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–5: Men/Women[edit | edit source]

From level 1 to 5, the only viable option is to pickpocket men or women around RuneScape. Low-level players who do not have many items on them and have their respawn point in Lumbridge do not need food for this, as they can pickpocket men/women around the Lumbridge Castle and simply let them kill you. Acquiring level 5 Thieving from pickpocketing men and women takes 49 successful pickpockets. Draynor Village has a house right by the Agility Course that has a man that you’re able to pickpocket while trapping him with the door closed, preventing him from moving away from you.

Levels 5–25: Bakery stalls[edit | edit source]

Safespot for the cake stall in East Ardougne.

From level 5 to 25, the fastest experience is gained by stealing from bakery stalls in East Ardougne market or in the courtyard outside Kourend Castle. There is a safespot from the guards in East Ardougne, simply stand under the baker to the cake stall further east and the guards cannot spot you. The cake stall in the Kourend Castle courtyard also has a safespot where you cannot be spotted (unless a guard accidentally walks back there, which does not happen often) when stealing from behind it. Players can gain up to 19,200 Thieving experience per hour if dropping everything.

Even though the tea stall in Varrock is available at this level, it is significantly worse than cake stalls due to slower respawn.

Levels 25–45: Fruit stalls[edit | edit source]

Fruit stall locations in Hosidius.

Stealing from fruit stalls in Hosidius offers the fastest experience from level 25 to 45. This requires 15% favour in Hosidius and gives 28.5 experience per fruit. The best place to do this is in the easternmost house near the beach (see the map), which has 2 stalls close to each other and no guard dogs patrolling nearby. Steal from both stalls as fast as possible and drop the fruit while running between them, eat the strange fruits you get or use stamina potions to replenish run energy. Alternatively, you can steal only from one stall which is easier and does not require running.

Players can gain up to 42,750 Thieving experience per hour if stealing from both stalls, or 34,200 experience per hour if stealing only from one.

Levels 45–99: Blackjacking[edit | edit source]

Rogue mask.png
Hitpoints cape(t).png
Maple blackjack.png
Rogue top.png
Rogue trousers.png
Rogue gloves.png
Rogue boots.png

Blackjacking bandits in Pollnivneach offers the fastest Thieving experience from level 45 onwards. While there are three different types of bandits the player can blackjack, the method is the same for all of them: knock out the bandit and pickpocket them twice while they are unconscious. If the player fails to knock out the bandit, they will hit the player for 4 Hitpoints and become aggressive. To counteract this, after failing the knock-out, quickly pickpocket the bandit with a full inventory before their first attack. This renders them unaggressive and the player may safely attempt another knock-out. Using healing items that leave behind another item after using allows keeping inventory full for this method to continue working.

For blackjacking, players must have completed The Feud quest and have a blackjack of any kind. The type of blackjack does not matter for blackjacking. Getting full rogue equipment at level 50 is recommended for double loot per pickpocket, though this does not increase experience rates.

The nearby bar sells wines which can be useful as a cheap source of healing and help keep inventory full. High-level players are advised to use Saradomin brews as they heal much more per inventory slot, allowing the player to sustain much longer before restocking. Vial smashing can be disabled so that inventory remains full. Wearing the Hitpoints cape is recommended for faster health regeneration if the player has one.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. The rates vary depending on performance and the type of food used.

Thieving Level XP/h
45 103,000
55 138,000
65 233,000
75 242,000
85 251,000
95 261,000
99 265,000

At higher levels, training with blackjacking does not require much inventory space to do. It is an excellent skill to pair with Farming training, which often fills the inventory with a variety of seeds and produce.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

Levels 49–99: Stealing artefacts[edit | edit source]

Arrow shaft.png100KHeadless arrow.png1500
Stamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.png
Stamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.png
Stamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.png
Stamina potion.pngStamina potion.pngStamina potion.png1000Mind rune.png600
Coins 10000.png1000KLockpick.pngSeed box.pngRune pouch.png

Stealing artefacts in Port Piscarilius is a feasible alternative for players who prefer something less click-intensive, or for players who want to train Thieving while doing actions that can be done while moving. Such actions include blowing molten glass, fletching ammo, cutting gems, and burning logs.

Players must have 75% favour in Port Piscarilius for this activity. Since this method involves constant running, players will need to use stamina potions to restore run energy. Having the graceful outfit and the ring of endurance is recommended. Alternatively, players can teleport to their house and use a revitalisation pool or higher to refill run energy, although this will lower experience rates slightly.

It is also strongly recommended to have completed A Kingdom Divided for the book of the dead, which offers a quick teleport to Port Piscarilius via The fisher's flute option. Using this teleport to get closer to the houses will increase experience rates notably. Kharedst's memoirs can also be used, but it holds fewer charges. The book can be recharged by inspecting the Old Memorial north of Land's End. Players can get there using the Rada's blessing teleport to the Kourend Woodland, or the Xeric's talisman teleport to Xeric's Lookout. Each charge requires 1 law, 1 soul, 1 mind, and 1 body rune.

  1. Talk to Captain Khaled to engage in stealing artefacts from those living in the residential district.
  2. Teleport to Fisher's Flute with the book of the dead (or the Kharedst's memoirs), and steal the artefact from drawers inside the assigned house.
  3. Smuggle the artefact without attracting the attention of the patrollers.
  4. Bring the stolen artefact to Captain Khaled, and repeat the process. Recharge the book of the dead whenever needed.

Each successful heist yields Thieving experience and 500–1,000 coins. Getting caught will lower experience rates fairly notably, so it is usually better to wait for an opportune moment to sneak past the patrollers than risk getting caught.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. With good practice and when using stamina potions, it is possible to steal up to 55 artefacts per hour.

Thieving Level XP/h
49 150,000
55 163,000
60 174,000
65 186,000
70 197,000
75 208,000
80 219,000
85 230,000
90 241,000
95 252,000
99 261,000

If the player is not going to train another skill whilst stealing artefacts (such as glassblowing), this method does not require much inventory space. This makes it a good method to pair with Farming training, which often fills the inventory with a variety of seeds and produce.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 55/95–99: Knights of Ardougne[edit | edit source]

Using different items, or completing the medium Ardougne Diary tasks will change experience rates.

Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne is an easier and slightly more profitable, but slower alternative to blackjacking. However, this method is quite slow at lower levels, so players may want to consider using faster methods until around level 80–90 Thieving. Completion of the medium Ardougne Diary is strongly recommended for the increased pickpocket success rate.

Players can gain up to around 60,000 Thieving experience per hour at level 55, increasing to around 105,000 experience per hour at level 70, 150,000 experience per hour at level 80, and 230,000–240,000 experience per hour at level 95. From level 95 onwards the tick-perfect rate is 252,900 Thieving experience per hour, although players are likely to see slightly lower rates when including some mistakes and opening the coin pouches.

Training on Knights of Ardougne requires almost no inventory space to do. This makes it an excellent method to pair with Farming training, which often fills the inventory with a variety of seeds and produce.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.

Level 64: Molch Stone Chests[edit | edit source]

At level 64, the stone chests in the Lizardman Temple under Molch can be lockpicked, granting 280 experience upon success, and respawn almost instantly. It is recommended that players bring a lockpick for increased success rate. Upon failing to loot a chest, there is a 1/8 chance that the player will be teleported to the surface, where they can be attacked and possibly poisoned by lizardmen. Therefore players should also bring some form of antipoison. There are no risks of being attacked while inside the temple, as the lizardmen shamans are behind barriers. If the player is unlucky and gets teleported to the surface repeatedly, they might need to manage their run energy. Therefore graceful set and two super energy(4) potions are recommended. Super energy is recommended as a cheaper alternative to the usual stamina potion, as the run back is short and the run depletion-reduction effect of a stamina potion is likely to be wasted. Lastly, if the player has access to a gem bag, that will grant them additional inventory space.

Players can expect at least 90,000–110,000 Thieving experience per hour using the above items at around level 78 thieving, depending on focus and luck. Stone chests are notable for dropping the untradable Xeric's Talisman, lots of Xerician fabric, ruby and sapphires, seeds, and bolt tips (including onyx bolt tips).

Level 78-99: Dorgesh-Kaan Rich chests[edit | edit source]

Thieving Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests is a very fast and relatively easy method to train Thieving. Players can expect 210,000–230,000 Thieving experience per hour.

Players may choose to bring High Level Alchemy for the more valuable drops, and a chisel for the higher level gems to gain some Magic experience, Crafting experience, and coins.

If items are alched while running between chests, the player can expect around 200,000–220,000 Thieving experience per hour, but also gain 12,000–15,000 Magic experience, 5,000–7,000 Crafting experience, and about 100,000 coins (60,000 when accounting for cost of Nature runes).

This extra experience and money is not huge, but is very efficient as it only slightly impacts thieving experience rates.

Levels 91–99: Pyramid Plunder[edit | edit source]

Pyramid Plunder is not generally recommended for Ultimate Ironman players due to its resource and inventory requirements. Ultimate Ironmen usually opt to train at Pyramid Plunder only to get the Pharaoh's sceptre for making an ancient or an occult altar in the player-owned house. A second sceptre can be stored in a STASH deep in the pyramid for a master level emote clue. It is, however, one of the fastest methods of training Thieving from level 91 onward.

Players can gain up to 270,000 Thieving experience per hour from level 91 onwards, although with less optimal setups players are more likely to see rates of around 240,000–250,000 experience per hour. Before level 91, players can expect to gain up to 125,000 Thieving experience per hour at levels 71–80, and 190,000 experience per hour at levels 81–90. Higher rates can be achieved by having a duo partner.

Levels 94–99: Master Farmers[edit | edit source]

At level 94 and with the hard Ardougne Diary completed, players can pickpocket Master Farmers at a 100% success rate. Master Farmers are a decent source of herb seeds for Herblore training, providing up to 70,000 Herblore experience worth of herb seeds per hour when wearing the rogue equipment. Even though Master Farmers become available at level 38, pickpocketing them at lower levels is not recommended, as players will fail very often and will need a lot of food to heal themselves. If the player has not completed the hard Ardougne Diary, wearing the Thieving cape is required for 100% pickpocketing success rate.

The best location to pickpocket a Master Farmer is northern part of Hosidius. One can be easily trapped inside the building next to the cow pen. Players who do not have the 100% success rate are advised to pickpocket the Master Farmer in Draynor Village, which puts the player close to Fortunato and his shop, which sells cheap wine for healing. The Master Farmer north of Ardougne does not benefit from the medium Ardougne Diary bonus, as he is considered to be outside of the city.

Players can gain up to around 115,000 Thieving experience per hour, assuming they have 100% success rate. At low Thieving, players can only gain up to 20,000–25,000 Thieving experience per hour.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Farming.