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Woodcutting can be trained in a number of ways, including simply cutting and dropping the logs, training it in tandem with Construction, or training it passively through activities like the Wintertodt. Woodcutting is most useful as a source for Construction planks of all levels, though it can also be useful for Firemaking and Fletching training in some cases. Low level axes to train the skill can be most easily bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge, with high level axes being available at Perry's Chop-chop Shop at the Woodcutting Guild.

Early training: Quests[edit | edit source]

Some easy quests reward Woodcutting experience, and can be used to jump-start training the skill past the slow, early levels. Even just completing the very easy Monk's Friend quest gives almost enough experience to reach level 15 Woodcutting, at which point the player can cut Oak trees.

Active training methods[edit | edit source]

At lower levels, players are advised to burn the logs for Firemaking experience up to level 50 Firemaking. Otherwise, players should drop the logs, or fletch them into arrow shafts if the player needs them for Fletching training.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Firemaking and Ultimate Ironman Guide/Fletching.

Levels 1–15: Regular trees[edit | edit source]

From level 1 to 15, cut regular trees.

Levels 15–35: Oak trees[edit | edit source]

From level 15 to 35, cut oak trees. Players should cut them in a location with two or more oaks in close proximity to each other to allow for near-constant training.

Experience rates will vary depending on level, the type of axe the player is using, and how much time is spent lighting the logs for Firemaking training. When using a steel axe, players can gain up to around 20,000 experience per hour if dropping the logs. With an adamant axe, it is possible to gain up to 29,000 experience per hour.

Even though willow trees become available at level 30, cutting oak logs offers faster experience at these levels.

Levels 35–99: Teak trees[edit | edit source]

2-tick woodcutting on Ape Atoll

Cutting teak trees offers the fastest experience in the game when using tick manipulation. The best locations for cutting teak trees are on Ape Atoll, where two Teak trees can be cut in rapid succession, and on Fossil Island, where planted Teak trees (requires level 35 Farming) can be planted near to each other for fast Woodcutting. Chopping Teak trees is often paired with tick manipulation methods, which allow for increased experience rates. With "2-tick" Woodcutting on Ape Atoll, players can expect experience rates of up to 185k experience per hour, and on Fossil Island, so-called "1.5-tick" Woodcutting can reach up to 210k experience per hour, depending on the player's Woodcutting level and equipment.

Levels 65–99: Sulliuscep[edit | edit source]

Cutting sulliuscep mushroom trees on Fossil Island offers the fastest experience when not using any sort of tick manipulation. Players must have completed Bone Voyage for this method. Additionally, a high Hitpoints level is recommended to prolong trips. Due to the damage taken from monsters with this method of training, an absolute minimum of 12 Hitpoints (one above the maximum hit of Tar Monsters) is strongly recommended.

Experience rates scale depending on the Woodcutting level. At level 75, players can gain up to around 80,000 experience per hour, increasing to around 97,000 experience per hour at level 90 and 100,000–110,000 experience per hour at level 99. In total, to achieve level 99 woodcutting from 65, you will have to cut 97,778 sulliusceps assuming you wear the lumberjack outfit.

Assuming players keep the sulliuscep caps, the numulite and unidentified fossils, on average they will receive 978 sulliuscep caps, around 264,000 numulite, 1394 unidentified small fossils, 698 unidentified medium fossils, 559 unidentified large fossils and 140 unidentified rare fossils. Furthermore, 120k experience in a skill of choice is obtained from completing the fossil exhibit in the Varrock Museum, which leaves you with 1,324 small, 638 medium, 509 large and 140 rare fossils. These can be cleaned and used at the mycelium pool to calcify them using pyrophosphite and calcite. The recalcified bones can then be used on the easternmost strange machine in the House on the Hill for a total of Prayer 2,031,750 experience. The remaining 254 plant fossils may be traded in for another 76k numulite. Alternatively, if you do not clean the unidentified large fossils, they are guaranteed to work in the mycelium pool without risking the chance of them becoming plant fossils.

See the strategies page for more information.

Levels 62–90: Blisterwood tree[edit | edit source]

At level 62, with partial completion of Sins of the Father players are able to chop the Blisterwood Tree in Darkmeyer, gaining up to around 65,000 experience per hour prior to level 90. Chopping the Blisterwood tree offers experience rates comparable to Teak trees without manipulation, but is significantly less attention and click intensive. The Blisterwood tree provides 76 experience per log chopped, and never depletes. Occasionally, the player will stop cutting the tree, and will need to click again to resume cutting, similar to with Redwood trees. Blisterwood logs granting 96 Firemaking experience when burned.

Levels 90–99: Redwood trees[edit | edit source]

Cutting redwood trees in the Woodcutting Guild requires very little attention and it offers relatively decent experience. Players can also fletch the redwood logs into arrow shafts, which could be useful for players looking to train Fletching by making arrows.

Players can gain up to around 65,000 experience per hour when using the dragon axe, and 75,000–80,000 experience per hour when using the crystal axe.

Passive training methods[edit | edit source]

Wintertodt[edit | edit source]

Players fighting the Wintertodt

While training Firemaking at the Wintertodt, each bruma root chopped gives 0.3 times the player's Woodcutting level per root. Because of this, a significant portion of a player's early Woodcutting experience can potentially be gained passively while training here.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Firemaking.

Construction[edit | edit source]

After completion of the Bone Voyage quest and with level 35 Farming, it is possible to grow Teak trees from teak seeds on Fossil Island. These trees regrow quickly and can be cut very fast, especially if using tick manipulation to quickly move between trees. Cutting teak logs here and using them in Construction training is a very efficient way to train the skill, and gives a significant amount of Woodcutting experience along the way.

If training construction by making mounted Mythical capes, the player should expect about 70k Woodcutting experience per 100k Construction experience. If the player is training construction by making any other teak furniture (such as teak garden benches), they should expect about 95k Woodcutting experience per 100k Construction experience.

In addition, some players opt to return to Oak trees after the completion of the Enlightened Journey quest and the unlocking of the Varrock balloon route (requires willow logs, so not particularly viable until after 30 Woodcutting). With that route unlocked, cutting oak logs and turning them into oak planks at the Lumber Yard sawmill is a solid method of training Construction, and gives a bit of Woodcutting experience along the way.

For more information, see Ultimate Ironman Guide/Construction.