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This quick guide has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting out[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to King Lathas on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Ardougne Castle. (Chat 11)
  • Talk to Koftik in the westernmost part of West Ardougne next to the cave. (Chat 1)
  • Bring the rest of your supplies now, as after this section there is no turning back unless you want to restart the entire dungeon.
  • Enter the cave and run south at the first junction.
  • Talk to Koftik for a cloth. Use it on an arrow, then use your tinderbox on it or use the arrow on the fire on the ground.
  • Go North to the gated area.
  • Warning: If you dropped any items pick them up before you shoot the rope because you can't pick them up afterwards, unless you pull the lever to go back across the bridge. If dropped close to the bridge they can be telegrabbed
  • Equip your bow and fire arrow (be sure to light the arrow with your tinderbox), then shoot the guide rope attached to the bridge.
  • Once across the bridge, take the plank in the north room (if you didn't bring one).
  • Continue through the cave until you reach a section with water and a pit. Ignore the water, use a rope on the rock above the pit. If you fail, you will lose your rope.
  • Continue through the cave until you reach a large grid.
  • Walk across the grid and use trial and error to find your path. You will fall through some of the tiles.
    • Warning: Keep your hp above 15 when crossing the grid
  • Pull the lever next to the gate.

Orbs of light[edit | edit source]

  • Run west past the zombie camp, there will be odd markings along the walls of the corridor. (You can no longer use the glitch to walk past the traps. You must attempt to disable the wall trap or walk past it.)(grab the plank by the furnace if you don't already have one)
  • You will reach an altar, take the north path using planks on the flat rocks. (You can no longer use the glitch to walk past the traps, you must use a plank.) Take the orb and walk back to the altar.
  • Take the north west path with the ogres and blessed spiders. Take the orb.
  • Take the centre-most west path, traversing the flat rocks using the plank. Take the orb.
  • Take the final path, don't pick up the orb, but search the rock beneath instead and disarm the trap to get the orb.
  • Return to the zombie camp to the east.
  • Use the 4 orbs on the furnace.
  • Return to the altar, and climb down the well.
  • Optional: Search the two stacked crates in the room you landed in to find 2 salmon and 2 meat pies.
Underground Pass - Second area map.png
  • Dig the mud at (2).
  • Cross the ledge at (3).
  • If you have 50 thieving, take the short cut at (5) - avoid the bubbles!
  • If you lack 50 thieving, cross the wooden maze to get to the other side.
  • Squeeze through obstacle pipe at (6).

Cold blooded killing[edit | edit source]

  • Search the unicorn cage.
  • Use the railing on the boulder above the unicorn, south of the cage.
  • Search the cage again to get the Unicorn horn. You can drop the piece of railing.
  • Pass through the tunnel until you reach 3 knights.
  • Optional: Talk to any of the knights (Sir Jerro, Sir Carl, or Sir Harry) for 2 meat pie, 2 bread, a stew, Attack potion(2), and Prayer potion(2).
  • Kill them and take their badges.
    • You can safespot them by standing in the hallway to the south.
  • Continue forward, using your plank on either flat rock, until you see a well.
  • Use the badges and unicorn horn on the well.
  • Open the door.

Iban's cavern[edit | edit source]

Underground Pass - Fourth area map.png

Note You can now drop your spade and plank (and the extra rope, if you brought 2 in the beginning.)

  • Run south as far as you can (see map), and take the stairs (yellow dot on map).
  • Talk to Niloof the dwarf, you will also receive 2 meat pies and a meat pizza.
    • Note: You can also talk to Kamen and either accept his beer (reduces agility level and causes damage) or decline and purchase the food for 75gp. If you accept his beer, you take 5 damage and your Agility level is reduced by 3 each time you do.
  • Talk to Klank the dwarf. (Chat 1) (Make sure to have one inventory slot available to receive his gauntlets.)
  • Go upstairs and search the Witch's window from outside her house (Cross the broken bridge north-east of the house. Use the map pictured to find her).
  • Pick up the Witch's cat (use the map).
  • Use the cat on the Witch's door.
  • Open the chest in her house for a few items. (do not skip chat option on chest)(note: 4 inventory spots needed)
  • Kill the three demons west of the Witch and take their amulets.
  • Open the chest north of the middle demon.
  • Return to the Dwarf encampment on the lower level. Use a bucket on the brew barrel in house to the east on the lower level. There is a bucket in the corner of the larger house to the west if you did not bring one.
  • If you did not bring a tinderbox, grab one from the smaller eastern house now for the next step.
  • Run to the southeast corner of the lower level and use the brew on the tomb. Use tinderbox on tomb.
  • Run north to the spider pit, kill Kalrag the spider and run out of its pit.
  • Ascend through the cave entrance west of Kalrag to reach the half souless area.
  • Wear Klank's gauntlets and search the cage circled on the map for Iban's dove. (It is applied to the doll automatically and will not go into the inventory).
  • Head south from where you obtain Iban's dove until you reach the broken bridge you used to get over, from there head east and then south to the Disciples of Iban.
  • Kill a disciple of Iban in the middle of the maze and pick up his robes.
  • Equip the robes. (Following updates prior to the release of the Song of the Elves quest, you only need to equip the robes to enter the doors)
    • Do not drop anything that you are not willing to lose as using the doll on the well will teleport you to the entrance of the tunnels.
  • Enter Iban's temple, (Following updates prior to the release of the Song of the Elves quest Iban now has a chat dialogue) use this time to click one tile north of the well so that you can avoid any potential damage, Right click use on the doll on the well, do not click investigate. Warning: Iban can deal a lot of damage quickly so be prepared.
  • Speak to Koftik to be transported back through the pass and to speak with King Lathas.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Underground Pass reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Underground Pass is required for the following: