Unfinished bowl (chocolate bomb, historical)

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Unfinished bowl (Chocolate bomb, 1) detail.png
Unfinished bowl (Chocolate bomb, 2) detail.png
Unfinished bowl (Chocolate bomb, 3) detail.png

An unfinished bowl was previously obtained during Gnome cooking when making a Chocolate bomb. It could be made by adding four Chocolate bars and some Equa leaves to a Half baked bowl, then baking it. The following items could then be added:

  1. A pot of cream to make the second unfinished bowl
  2. Another pot of cream to make the third unfinished bowl
  3. Some chocolate dust to complete the chocolate bomb

If a mistake was made at any point, an Odd gnomebowl would be received instead.

As this process was unnecessarily intricate, it was altered with the Gnome Restaurant rework in 2006. Now, the initial ingredients are automatically added to create a Half made bowl, which can then be cooked to produce the new Unfinished bowl. The chocolate and cream garnishes are now added at once.

Because the item was removed before 2007, it has never been present in Old School RuneScape. However, it remains in the game files.