Unholy symbol (Icthlarin's Little Helper)

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Unholy symbol (Icthlarin's Little Helper) detail.png

The Unholy symbol is a quest item obtained upon entering the burial pyramid during the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest. When the wanderer (Amascut) hypnotises the player, she hands over the symbol and says they will know what to do with it when the time comes. During one of the flashbacks, the player learns they placed this item in one of the sarcophagi so Amascut may enter the pyramid at ease. In the end of the quest, this led to her appearing during the ceremony, controlling a priest and attempting to kill/destroy all present at the ceremony. The adventurer defeats the priest and Amascut teleports away.

The symbol represents Amascut, displayed to the left. The symbol is an inverted ankh (☥), a symbol used by the Egyptians. The holy symbol also used during the quest appears to be near identical, except it is upside-down.

It is not possible to cast any kind of Alchemy spell upon the Unholy symbol, as "I can't do that, the mistress wouldn't permit it.". Neither is it possible to drop.