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The interviewer is a human who made contact with several gnomes during the period where the people of Misthalin were first beginning to interact with the gnomish people. They interviewed several gnomes including Dr. Darius Gnomalus, Head of Psychology at the Gnome Institute of Knowledge as part of Gnomic Negotiations, a text on gnomish humour.[1]

During the interview with Dr. Gnomalus, the interviewer was startled, recoiling in horror as the gnome suddenly exploded sending bits of gnomish flesh everywhere. Only for Dr. Gnomalus to reveal the exploded dummy as a joke replica.[1]

After this interview, the interview decided to get in on the humour and attempted to prank an unsuspecting gnome, by throwing a custard flan in their face. Unfortunately this gnome was Glough, who instead of laughing, remained eerily silent.[1]

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