Unnatural Selection (Trailblazer)

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This article is about the relic in Trailblazer League. For the relic in Twisted League, see Unnatural Selection.
Unnatural Selection (Trailblazer) detail.png

Unnatural Selection is a Tier 4 Relic in the Trailblazer League. Selecting Unnatural Selection gives the following benefits:

  • Players can choose which slayer assignment they would like to receive.
  • Superior slayer monsters will have a 1/25 chance of appearing, and will always drop a clue scroll if they are able to drop one. In addition, they will roll their standard variant's drop table six times, though this does not increase the amount of rolls on the superior creature's unique drop table.

Slayer masters will still automatically take your combat level into account, which may cause some slayer tasks to be unavailable from the selection screen. Talk to a slayer master and select that you wish your combat level is ignored, in order to unlock the option to select all possible slayer monsters.