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The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex sources:

Official Jagex Sources for Old School RuneScape

Confirmed updates[edit | edit source]

Updates in this section have either passed a poll or have been otherwise officially confirmed.

Equipment Rebalancing[edit | edit source]

It's been expressed how we all want to avoid powercreep and establish new gaps that make better sense regarding the game's pieces of equipment, in order to better balance ourselves around live and future content.

Then there has been the following scoop, found in this this official blog, which dates back to January 2021, where Jagex has stated all the proposed changes on regards of rebalancing many of the different classes and items of player's equipment.

From there on, the team had confirmed that these changes needed to be introduced in separate game updates, and several blog posts would be released as time goes by so as to keep everybody updated on their current plans and decisions.

They've laid a preset schedule they'd like follow in order to launch such changes, while also bringing forward revisited details of their individual aspects.

The pending schedule goes as follows:

  • PvP-oriented rebalancing, including Dinh's bulwark and dragonhide armour, should take place sometime during summer 2021.
  • Tier rebalancing (required-level-to-wear or wield) should come sometime afterwards.
  • Other changes based on player feedback are said to be possible in the future.

Most of these changes will be unpolled, but player feedback will still be taken into account.

Planned updates[edit | edit source]

Updates in this section have been revealed or widely accepted by the Old School Team and are very likely to be polled in the near future.

Integrating 'third-party client exclusive' features into OSRS's official environment[edit | edit source]

Jagex has acknowledged how their clients and game interfaces lack modern quality-of-life features. There is now a drive to match the level of some of the more advanced features that third-party clients offer, which enhance by a lot the visual and audible experience of the game, plus additional tracking tools or accessibility options.

The envisioning of such upgrade would come to life for the Steam platform first, then they'll look to reform the mobile client, and lastly the desktop client.

Some features have already been added to the Steam platform: customizable ground tile markers, regeneration huds/overlays, mouse-over tooltips, chat timestamps, adjustable draw distance, agility helpers, etc, but there's plans for even more additions.

Refreshed looks of Great Kourend[edit | edit source]

Mod West has expressed, in multiple occasions, how they've been meaning to rework and rearrange some locations belonging to Great Kourend, in order for them to feel more inclusive and content-rich. At the moment, Arceuus and Lovakengj are pending.

Moreover, the recent update to Shayzien did not introduce, alongside it, any new concept or redesign of the Catacombs of Kourend, as West had previously proposed through his socials, where his initial concept featured a reduction in the variety of foes, which at the same time would have gotten rid of some NPCs that didn't quite fit, like Cyclopes. No additional posts on this regard have emerged since, therefore it's still possible that the layout of the Catacombs would receive some modifications, although it's due that mods share more details.

The revisit of some Drop Tables[edit | edit source]

Some mods have stated that they're planning to review and rework those drop tables that are either too generous or too lacking. Notice that there's a precedent where some drop table changes went live unpolled because Jagex deemed them as necessary updates for balancing and 'integrity'.

At this time, there aren't any precise notifications about which tables are planned for change, but based on the past, it is popular items that might be looked into first and with more care than the rest, as an effort to aid both short and long-term economies.

Additionally, the team has been open to a few niche, yet fitting drops suggested by the community to be added to existing drop/loot tables, such as something as trivial as adding Feathers to the drop table of Seagulls.

Last but not least, discussions about the "rare drop table" have concluded that they'd like to make it so that RDT items act as tertiary drops, so that they no longer override regular drops (as they've always done since the release of OSRS).

Giant Bosses - continuation[edit | edit source]

There are plans to continue and finish the Giant Bosses series.

Since regular Ice Giants already exist on F2P servers, the Ice Giant boss could simply be added to F2P at anytime. However, the Fire Giant boss would need to see regular Fire giants added to F2P servers first, should Jagex wish to allow F2P players to fight this new boss. This is due to the fact that players may only obtain the respective keys needed to access their lairs by killing the regular mobs.

Group "Ironman" Mode[edit | edit source]

Announced at RuneFest 2019. A theorized new game mode that works just like regular Ironmen, but in group sizes of 2-5 players. See more details here.

Possible updates[edit | edit source]

Updates in this section have been discussed and received some sort of positive reception in Q&As or Social Media but there is no promise they will be offered, however, they are still likely to be polled or added in the future.

Wilderness updates[edit | edit source]

Jagex has expressed how they envision better competitive systems specially designed for PvP.

This can lead to further reworking some aspects of Bounty Hunter for the not-so-far future. The main goal is to make the PvP scene consolidate as much as possible. That is, to overcome as much fragmentation as possible, so as to support uprising PvPers - be it through tutorials or new practice modes.

On the other hand, and although rather controversial, there's also been the vision to fully redesign the mechanics of all Wilderness bosses.

F2P gear improvements & additions[edit | edit source]

The OSRS team has expressed how they don't oppose revisiting some F2P gear.

Among the proposed improvements, there is enhancing the drop-chances of Skull sceptre pieces.

Removing the negative bonuses of the Shaman mask & Stronghold of Security boots was also debated.

The current members-only pieces of equipment, that have been considered for F2P addition, are the following:

Construction updates[edit | edit source]

Both J-mods and the community have expressed heavy interest in more Construction updates.

A) To start off, there have been requests for extra teleportation features for the POH. The popular ones have been:

1 - Adding a mounting stand for your Achievement Diary armoury set. Each piece that normally has the ability to teleport you, would also be capable to do so while mounted, similar to how the Cape hanger works with capes of accomplishment.

2 - There has also been discussion about potential mounted silver jewellery. This has also been requested as an add-on to the Jewellery Box, but since its interface is already very packed with other teleport options, it'd be much more likely for silver jewellery to be introduced as mountable furniture instead, if it were to come in some sort of way.

B) Additionally, players have had considerable enthusiasm for new decorative furniture:

1 - Some new wall-kits and themes for your entire house could be introduced.

2 - Garden and Superior Garden hotspots might allow some extra decorative options for their trees & flowers, such as Fossil Island's mushrooms or Buchu leaves.

3 - There was also the idea of mounted Slayer Helms in the Achievement Gallery room (the helms could be taken back, similar to how the Cape Hanger works).

C) There's more ideas for earning Construction XP, although more passive, but outside the POH, that would involve some travelling and adventuring in order to earn this extra XP, these are:

1 - The concept of "buildable Agility shortcuts". These would be located all around the game-world, and would require the player to use the Construction tools to build them and permanently unlock them, all of them would be locked behind a certain Construction level to be constructed, and a certain Agility level to be used. Some places in the game already give hints of where some of these shortcuts could be located at, like that broken bridge located in northern Morytania, the bridge leads to a small island called "The Mausoleum", which actually features some small gravestones and not an actual a mausoleum. The island requires to be visited for a Medium Clue Scroll step, and the only current way of getting there is through the Experiment Cave.

2 - There has also been the supported idea of allowing players to repair some features or items all around the game-world, that look like they need so, this would be done by interacting with the game-world environment. A great example of this would be allowing players to reconstruct some parts of the town of Burgh de Rott or the statues that were lost during and after the Garden of Tranquillity quest (by using some Marble blocks), getting some Construction XP in return.

D) There's the suggestion of adding ways to make Redwood planks in the game, which could be used for Construction training via the old school ways and at the same time introduce some astonishing/useful Redwood furniture.

Barbarian Assault - discouraging quitters & healer role review[edit | edit source]

A frequent frustration in Barbarian Assault is when a member of the 5-man party suddenly leaves with no signs of returning. There have been everlasting talks about how to solve this issue, but a proper solution on how to deter people from leaving their team before the last wave, has yet to been decided - though there are still very high chances of something being done on this regard.

In addition, some players have expressed frustration on the Healer role providing fewer points than the others, due to the points primarily being based on healing — something that does not occur much in the lower waves, if at all. The team has considered changing the formula to provide Healers fairer points.

Additional Desert carpet-riding travel options[edit | edit source]

There was a discussion that pointed out how players need to travel to Pollnivneach before being able to take a carpet ride to Sophanem, therefore, a petition was brought up asking to allow players to take a carpet ride to Sophanem directly from Nardah, (and also allow a vice-versa route). The mods seemed keen on updating this feature to add these new travel options.

Stored axes at Canoe stations[edit | edit source]

A suggestion about giving axes to the different canoe guides, around the River Lum, for them to store and save for you, was discussed and the mods stated that they can actually look into this feature to be added to the game.

Prospecting rocks - revision[edit | edit source]

Upon request, J-mods have discussed on stream that they could indeed rework the functionality of the "prospect" option found on the drop-down menu of rocks all over the game. They'd like to let players see any rock respawn-timer ticking, through this option, although they've said it might not be as quick of a change as one might think.

A quicker way to smith Cannonballs[edit | edit source]

A new manual/faster way to smith Cannonballs has been called-for quite a few times at this point, the team states that they're aware about how frequently this particular topic comes up, thus could look into how to go about such feature.

Skill Guides - more information to be added & uninterrupted overlay[edit | edit source]

Although skill guides aren't used as frequently by advanced players, they play a big role for newer or returning players. Thus why there's constant requests to update some outdated aspects.

Within the skill guides, there's more information that could be added, such as breaking down the Skillcape perks, effects of potions (Herblore guide), and special attacks (combat guides). An example of an already exhaustive guide is the Construction one, since it tells you which materials are needed for everything.

On top of that, there's been a popular request asking to allow these overlays to stay opened when simultaneously doing some other in-game activity.

Overlay additions to the Map[edit | edit source]

Two things related to the world-map are always supported by the vast majority of players when brought up. Those are two different types of textual overlays which can turn out to be very useful: one kind would be placed over the Agility shortcut icons on the map to display the Agility level required for said shortcuts, the other kind would be placed around Fairy Ring icons and would display what the travel-code for said rings are.

The strengthening of some Bank features[edit | edit source]

Little misclicks could be quite disruptive and cause big annoyances within the bank interface. The mods have shared their empathy by suggesting they could add a confirmation pop-up when releasing a bunch of placeholders at once, and another one before collapsing an entire bank tab.

'Peek-all-worlds' feature[edit | edit source]

It can be frustrating when we have to constantly hop worlds in order to find an empty spot to execute some sort of PvM activity, only to keep stumbling upon busy worlds.

Hence Mod Kieren has proposed a solid solution for this: introducing a Peek-all-worlds feature to places that already have a Peek feature. Moreover, this feature was also discussed to apply to places that don't currently have the Peek feature, but really need something similar, like the Catacombs of Kourend. As a result, this would eliminate the necessity for constantly hopping worlds, in hopes that you'll eventually find what you're looking for.

Spectate feature for the Chambers of Xeric[edit | edit source]

The Theatre of Blood has a spectate feature, but the CoX do not. Hence J-mods have discussed about adding the missing one, which could be, most likely, added to the same NPC that allows spectation over the ToB: Abigaila. Additionally, they could look into moving her to the Gypsy's hut at Varrock, in order to facilitate newer/unaware players bumping into her and, therefore, grating more chances of having these players spectate those raids, thus potentially raising their interest into them.

Revenants' cave - grave marker[edit | edit source]

This would be a grave marker that displays your Revenants killcount, proposed to be put just outside the Revenants caves' entrances, much like how this same idea is used for Demonic gorillas and Adamant & Rune dragons. The purpose for this is to serve as a replacement for the Revenants tracker, currently placed on the Slayer log, since Revenants are not exactly Slayer creatures, they're just a potential task.

Extra uses for Slayer creatures' heads[edit | edit source]

The Slayer creatures' souvenirs (the Crawling Hand, Cockatrice, Basilisk, Kurask and Abyssal heads) could potentially be made exchangeable at a Slayer Master for extra Slayer points or for a bit of extra Slayer XP.

Additionally, mounted heads in the POH could also be made interchangeable, just how the Jar display works.

"Eternal" Ring of Wealth[edit | edit source]

There has been some interesting discussion about following up the "Eternal Glory" trend with Dragonstone-based jewellery. There was some good reception for the particular idea of allowing players to sacrifice as many cut dragonstones as they want, into somewhere in the Wilderness, with a rare chance of receiving a "Ring of Eternal Wealth" while doing so. It would have the same teleport options as a regular Ring of Wealth, but this one would, of course, hold infinite charges.

A brand new "Utility ring" slot[edit | edit source]

Due to combat-focused rings (such as the Berserker ring) being much more useful than utility rings (such as the Ring of wealth), the community proposed a secondary ring slot for utility rings, allowing players to wear one combat ring and one utility ring at once.

Utility rings are those that usually give 0 stat bonuses, but can still trigger some sort of effect.

Jagex Moderators have shown strong support for the concept, but expressed that there's some ring combinations that might need to be restricted in order to prevent them from being too powerful and avoid "power creep".

Fossil Island-related Boss[edit | edit source]

A Fossil Island related update could be an underground Museum Boss, which would require the player to sacrifice X amount of Fossils to enter, other mechanics are unclear as of now, but there's strong consideration to put a boss there that works with fossils, so that fight with the boss wouldn't be always available. The team likes the concept of you needing to accumulate certain items (in this case, fossils) before getting into a boss lair, similar to how Skotizo or Giant Bosses work.

On another hand, there's also a Zygomite Boss idea that the team liked, it could also consume fossils to get into its lair, and kills done under a Zygomite slayer task might let the Slayer Helm's bonuses work. New rewards for either of these bosses are undefined as of now but could include a pet chance.

Additionally, for easier access to the island, there's been talks about adding more access points to it, such as the minigame teleport being made available for the Volcanic Mine.

The optimisation of the Telekinetic Grab spell[edit | edit source]

When you telegrab something, there's an aftermath of mandatory extra game ticks that do count toward the telegrab spell itself, this puts you on a short wait status - that can be frustrating enough - until you can use the game ticks for something else. This has been discussed and some J-mods agreed on either getting rid of the delay or shortening it.

Torag's set effect/hammers rework[edit | edit source]

Every so often the team discusses the revision of the Torag armour set effect, as it is often considered the weakest of the Barrows sets. However, there's no clear decision as to what would the current effect be replaced with, if something in this regards goes to the polls.

Changing Torag's hammers has also been discussed to be more unique, the requested changes include enhancing their attack speed or providing two hitsplats every time they're meant to hit, to match with the animation hitting twice.

Poisoned weapons - revision[edit | edit source]

With the high amount of poisoned weapons with different tiers, including poison, poison+ and poison++, many of which are not usually used and instead are popular tools for scamming, J-mods have shown interest in reworking their effects, such as making poison+ (not ++) reduce the opponent's combat stats, instead of Hitpoints.

Lucky implings - revisit[edit | edit source]

The team has shown interest in revisiting the drop table of Lucky implings and did seem keen to improve it several times when brought up by the player-base. As of now, the issue seems to be that their loot will often roll into very bad items as the roll can land on anything that's part of the loot table of any Clue Scroll tier.

The main and generally accepted idea has been to remove the non-unique Clue items from their loot table.

Random events - revisit[edit | edit source]

The mods have faced numerous petitions for them to look into "Random Events". One of them was to bring back the dangerous Random Events, but to also allow players to select which kinds of Randoms Events they want to possibly get, including the 'none' and 'all' options. Another concept was to replenish players' run energy to 100% once any Random Event is completed.

Also, XP lamps that would reward the player with slightly better XP than the Genie's were proposed to be added to the rest of the events, as an incentive for completing them.

Hatius Cosaintus' displacement[edit | edit source]

There have been numerous suggestions to move Hatius Cosaintus away from Lumbridge to somewhere else. One idea has been to move him to the Duel Arena, where he would fit in possibly giving staking information to the players, so they're more self-aware. If he's removed from Lumbridge, it's been suggested that a more appropriate character such as the Lumbridge Guide or Gee could take his current role. His replacement has been polled in the past but likewise, the suggestion keeps emerging to this day, and that's why it could, somewhen, see reconsideration for a rerun.

More decorative rewards from Clue Scrolls[edit | edit source]

A) A suggestion to introduce "Gilded Gloves" floated around and was well-received. These would come from some high tier of clues and introducing them would complete the gilded set. Since the Gilded Platebody requires the same quest completion as the Rune Platebody to be worn (Dragon Slayer I, in that case), wearing a pair of Gilded Gloves would also have to follow the same trend, that is, you'd only be eligible to wear Gilded Gloves if you're eligible to purchase Rune Gloves from the RFD chest.

B) Some of the J-mods liked the idea of adding a set of Ornament kits to turn the three powerful spirit shields, acquired through the Corporal Beast's sigils, into a more decorative variant without altering the stats, perhaps one kit for the regular spirit shield too. The kits would be introduced as rewards from a high tier of Clue reward caskets, as expected - perhaps from a future tier of clues that would be the sequel to Master Clues - although they haven't discussed a new tier of clues yet, but one can only imagine it would be the Grandmaster tier, if this was the case.

More categories on the Hiscores[edit | edit source]

The team would like to add more categories to the Hiscores. Though, since the release of Boss Hiscores, they've found the need to optimize the way their servers handle some heavy loads of page refreshes, so this ambitious idea is quite dependent on first solving the aforementioned issue.

The suggested categories include amounts of: Barbarian Assault's high-gambles, Castle Wars games, Herbiboar harvests, Farming and Construction contracts completed and Brimstone, Grubby & Larran's chests opened.