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This official news post is from before the launch of Old School RuneScape and is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 21 November 2006.

Like a seasoned Hunter, skulking behind trees and keeping unseen, the Hunter skill has waited for the right moment and pounced. That's right – after many months of patient tracking - the Hunter skill is upon us!

Those stealthy and bold enough to become a master of the Hunter skill should begin at Yanille or Nardah. Marked by animal-skin icons on the minimap, two Hunter shops have taken up premises, selling the wares necessary to begin. A quick browse and shop for bird snares, teasing sticks and magical imp boxes, amongst others, will put you in fine stead for the adventures ahead! Who knows, you may even encounter Leon, an amateur inventor who has found a bow-dacious use for animal bones...

Ready to hunt and laden with animal traps, you will now be looking for somewhere to start your training. The Hunter skill comes with three brand new and vast areas, all denoted by the animal paw icon on the minimap. A quick scurry past the ogres of Gu'Tanoth and over the Feldip Hills will lead to the Feldip Jungle, teeming with explosive chinchompas, spined larupia and various other beasties. A trek past Rellekka, toward Trollweiss Mountain, will reveal the fearsome sabretooth kyatt and cohorts, while the grounds north of the Gnome Stronghold, now connected to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, will open up - amongst others - Matthias's magnificent falconry area!

Phew! This lengthy list does not even include the Hunter area near Uzer, nor the graahk stomping grounds round Cairn Isle, or the salamander and lizard trapping areas scattered throughout the world. See the Knowledge Base article for an extensive list of where you can test your abilities.

The Hunter skill brings with it not only new areas, but new experiences. Watch your falcon swoop after dashing kebbits. Jump over pits as you lure unwitting sabretooth kyatts into them. Scour the plains for butterflies with a net and jar in tow. Master the patient, yet rewarding, technique of animal tracking. These diverse abilities will be available to you as your Hunter skill develops.

As any esteemed Hunter will tell you, the thrill of the chase is also about the reward, and a career of hunting will provide you with so many. Arm yourself with the chinchompa, an explosive rodent that can be thrown long distances! Aid your battle-weary friends with stat-boosting butterflies! Load your swamp lizard and toast enemies with its flame-throwing abilities! Collect or sell the furs of your catches, possibly even making them into weight-reducing capes, gloves for Thieving or full camouflage gear! Oh, and don't forget the imp-in-a-box, who will reluctantly help you when called upon...

So go hunt, stalk your prey stealthily and feel the call of the wild...