Patch Notes (12 December 2013)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from the Patch Notes Archive which is no longer available. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 12 December 2013.
  • The following Slayer updates have been released:
    • A new Slayer master, Nieve, has been added to the Gnome Stronghold. A combat level of 85 is required to get an assignment from her.
    • When players complete 5 or more Slayer assignments consecutively, they may now be awarded Slayer points. The consecutive run of tasks is reset to zero if the player gets Turael to cancel an assignment. Higher-level masters give greater quantites of points than lower-level masters; Turael himself gives no points.
    • Slayer points may now be exchanged at the Slayer masters to unlock the ability to automatically deal finishing blows to gargoyles, rock slugs, desert lizards and mutated zygomites if you have the required tool when their health is critical.
    • Slayer points may now be exchanged at the Slayer masters to unlock longer Dark Beast tasks.
    • The Slayer gem now opens a log of every Slayer monster you have killed since this update. These are the monsters for which you need a minimum Slayer level to fight them.
  • The following issues with the rooftop Agility courses have been addressed:
    • The Pollnivneach course now has better checks to stop you going the wrong way or skipping obstacles.
    • Tightropes now have bigger clickzones.
    • The Marks of Grace in Seers' Village now spawn a bit further from the obstacles so you're less likely to miss them when clicking.
    • The skill guide and level-up messages now list the new courses.
    • The random lump of cellar wall has been removed from Canifis.