Upir Likhyi

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Upir Likhyi is a music track that is unlocked during the quest Sins of the Father in the boss fight against Vanstrom Klause.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The track was originally released on 31 August 2011, being played during the quest Branches of Darkmeyer in RuneScape.
  • Upir' Likhyj (Упирь Лихый, in Russian Упырь Лихой, Old Russian Оупирь Лихыи) was the name of an 11th century Old Russian scribe and a priest. Direct translation of his name from the Old Russian would be "Bloodsucker the Foul" or "Bloodsucker the Wicked". Upir' could also be a Cyrillic version of the Swedish/Nordic Öpir or Öper, with Likhyj meaning "wicked/unworthy" in Old Russian, as in "Öpir the Unworthy".