Urn (Pyramid Plunder)

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Several Urns are found in the Jalsavrah Pyramid during the Pyramid Plunder minigame.

They can be searched, which will give thieving experience. The amount of experience gained increases with the progression through the pyramid. Searching urns is a well-known way of training thieving.

Looting the urn will give artefacts that can be sold to Simon Templeton.

Charming snakes[edit | edit source]

When searching an urn, a snake can appear that will attack the player. This can be prevented by using a snake charm:

  1. Click "Check for Snakes" on the closed urn. The chatbox will say "You find a snake. It stares at you menacingly".
  2. Click "Charm Snake".
  3. Search the urn while the snake is charmed.

However, this method is time-consuming and therefore seldom used.

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