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Hi, my name is Apocalypsing, and I have been a RuneScape player since May 2005, across many diferent accounts. I still have possession of my original account, but I never play seriously on it any more. Apocalypsing is now my main account I use. I was playing on and off from then in 2005 until around the end of 2011, when I began to lose a lot of interest on the game.In February 2013, shortly before the announcement of a poll for the release of old school servers, I was considering cancelling my membership subscription with Jagex. Upon hearing about the poll for releasing the old school servers in February 2013, I was confident that the poll would swing in favour of 'yes' to a release of old school servers, so I ended up keeping my subscription. I was pretty lucky there, as I could be playing more for membership now (I've had my current subscription since mid 2009), if I had chose to cancel my subscription.

I've decided to create a Wikia account because I believe that the Old School Wiki would benefit from knowledgeable players like myself. Right now, I cannot think of anything else to add to this page. I do think it could do with more content, such as information on my RuneScape character.