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Hey there!

To my person

I'm Astro and I'm a 24 years old student from Austria. (10.10.20) Medical Informatics as a subject is quite interesting and it's all very new to our country with Telemedicine and stuff like that. Who knows, maybe I can do something great for my Nation or the whole Globe in Health terms, who knows? :)

I like OSRS a lot and ofc I played back in the days, runescape made my english insanely better! (I Hope) my elder brother introduced me with his friends first and we all used to play together, but as no native speaker and as a child you don't know much what to do... So we just enjoyed the game and made it until Rune or something, even bought membership twice (Thank you Prepaid Mobil Phone Card).

Over the years I just checked back on my old main account wift a total lvl around 1100 but I never play it on RS3. (But the chocatrice cape is still nice ;) ) I only have two accounts on OSRS my Main ofc and ma HCIM (which is also the first account I ever created back then as a kid, so better not dying!)

My other hobbies are alot of music, mostly stoner/psychedelic rock but I listen to all metal genre whether it's Core, Melodic Death, or Black Metal. I like ambient music and at all I'm no music nazi so I enjoy listening all kinds of music to say so better... I Like Fusion Jazz like the Band "Tauk" or I like "Erik Satie - Gymnopedie" but the main reason for this passion for music comes form my family, cause we all are musicians ourselfs. I mostly pla the guitar but also like playing drums. I'm mostly self taught, but I habd 4 years of Piano lessons. Which I also happen to play sometimes...

Hope I could give you some insight to me as a Person and to what my passions are!



PS: Stay chilled and tune up the sound Do it well and be cool