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Kiina Dmm.
Total level: 1312
Attack 60. Hitpoints 63. Mining 57.
Strength 54. Agility 72. Smithing 52.
Defence 61. Herblore 53. Fishing 65.
Ranged 59. Thieving 99. Cooking 66.
Prayer 48. Crafting 54. Firemaking 61.
Magic 69. Fletching 61. Woodcutting 77.
Runecraft ---- Slayer 44. Farming 49.
Construction 41. Hunter 47.
Combat level 74. Quest point icon.png 225. Music.png ----
Total level: ----
Attack ---- Hitpoints ---- Mining ----
Strength ---- Agility ---- Smithing ----
Defence ---- Herblore ---- Fishing ----
Ranged ---- Thieving ---- Cooking ----
Prayer ---- Crafting ---- Firemaking ----
Magic ---- Fletching ---- Woodcutting ----
Runecraft ---- Slayer ---- Farming ----
Construction ---- Hunter ----
Combat level 3 Quest point icon.png ---- Music.png ----

Hi there!

My name is Teemu. I contribute total of three wikis; the finnish and english version of RS3 and OSRS.

My main is Kiina. I currently play OSRS/dmm. I have a Quest point cape in rs3 and osrs and perm dmm in osrs #proud. 99 thief in DMM. Feel free to edit the userboxes to: 1: Kiina dmm stat box to take stats from my permanent dmm highscores which is and also when clicked at name, it would take there. 2: when clicked at just: Kiina it should take to but its currently taking to aka rs3 version of highscores despite it takes stats from osrs.

HcjExFW.png obtained on 8.9.2020 the edit that gave me this award:

Underground pass furnace via prifddinas:

crystal teleport seed to bank:43 south east one (varies due spot varies)

bank to gate: 46

gate to underground pass entrance: 86

cave entrance to well: 27

well to door: 6

jumps (meaning i clicked at the jump): prior to jump 1:21 prior to jump 2:7 prior to jump 3:42 prior to jump 4:14 prior to jump 5:15 prior to jump 6:6 from 6 to entrance: 13

door to entrance with unicorn: 136

from unicorn to pipe:12

pipe to grate through goblins:

via purely shortcut:124 via purely no shortcut without falling: 143

2nd well to furnace: 37

so far: with shortcut: 43+46+27+6+13+136+12+37=444 and no shortcut: 43+46+27+6+13+136+12+143+37=463

From ardougne might be shorter and this entire thing was pointless

The following can be removed once jagex removes Memoriam device shortcut: Memoriam device shortcut: skips from bank to gate,forest walk, from gate to underground pass,bank to gate,cave entrance to well, well to door,jumps,from 6 to entrance, without memoriam shortcut from ardougne possibly be faster. route used: crystal seed to south east bank->south east bank to memoriam device(crystal seed teleport to south east bank+22 to get to memoriam)->activate memoriam->choose cutscenes->the fragment of seren (or shortcut press e) once cutscene starts click anywhere and you are at underground pass at area where is the witch and demons during underground pass->steps it took to get to entrance at north:185->door to entrance with unicorn->from unicorn to pipe->pipe to grate through goblins->2nd well to furnace. Total amount of steps via this via shortcut: 43+43+22+185+136+12+124+37=602 total amount of steps via this via no shortcut at all:43+43+22+185+136+12+143+37=621.