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uncharged reworked blowpipe

reworked charged blowpipe

  • The bp is considered really strong currently so i aim to rebalance it to be more fair, here's a few ideas
  • i added a small penalty to the melee defense stats of the weapon, the reason being the long shape and design make it more awkward to defend yourself, also you are just holding a thin hollow pipe/fang, it won't help really against a strong axe to the head, this gives melee attackers a better chance to harm the bp users, also the penalty is small but it's there isn't it?
  • The blowpipe, zurlah's scales, charges and serpentine helm are no longer protected on death, no matter what it is always lost on death. This makes it more pricey and risky to use everywhere
  • Players using the blowpipe in pvp have a 15% chance of inflicting venom on their opponent, with serpentine helm equipped it is 25% . However, if the opponent is an NPC and the serpentine helm is worn in conjunction with the blowpipe, there is a 90% chance of envenoming them, without the helm, it is 25% on npcs. This makes it less less powerful if multiple steps are required to get the best use out of it and if the helm is needed for the best use. Additionally against npcs it is no longer totally guaranteed to envenom them
  • Toxic Blow pipe and Serpentine visage now both require 55 fletching, 55 hunter and 55 crafting to make them as well as a jar of swamp when making either, this makes it require more skill to create it, gives skillers some more use and makes the jar of swamp more useful then just bragging rights, the use of hunter is due to zulrah's story of hunting the gnomes and to give hunter some love
  • the toxic Blowpipe special now requires 65% special energy to use instead of 50%, so no more using two blowpipe specials back to back, additionally the special now also lowers the user's attack, strength and magic by 15% each time, similar to the dragon battleaxe special, this is to prevent just using the bp for a quick easy heal and then switching to another combat style, granted you can use a restore potion but that's a wasted inventory slot then
  • the toxic blowpipe in pvp and pve no longer has a 1/3 chance to not use scales when fired, it always uses scales no matter what, this makes it more balanced and more pricey to use in pvp and possibly pve, also provides an item sink for the scales
  • to increase the cost and rebalance it, when firing darts from the toxic blowpipe, all darts except black, rune and dragon are always lost on use no matter what, this makes using the bp more pricey, ingame the reason for the darts being lost is the venom dissolves weak metal darts(maybe the dissolving effect is what causes the venom effect on foes, the venom is dissolving foes and causing more dmg that way then poison), additionally it makes the blowpipe similar to the ballista which always destroys the ammo on use and even ava's devices can not retrieve it, this provides a much needed item sink as well for the game and the weapon
  • i chose black darts because in game they are suppose to be made of a strange alloy of steel, additionally they are fairly rare so this gives them a nice niche. The only foe to drop black darts are Burthorpe soldiers, to help make them more appealing though, i suggest the ninja implings, dark beasts, Shadow Hound and black demons now also drop black darts for player use in amounts of 5-200 so they are less rare ingame
  • the chance of the three dart types being lost on use is the following: black darts 45%, rune 30%, dragon 20% as usual
  • These changes would ideally help the toxic blowpipe be more balanced and fair but still a great weapon to use.